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Appearance Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!
Levels 5
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“The most beautiful flowers used to grow around here, but they died back when those awful machines came!”
Bramble, Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!

Mekanos is the fourth world of Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!, but can also be accessed as the third world (and vice versa for Cotton Top Cove). It is an island filled with large factories and pipelines, located in the Northern Kremisphere. The boss of Mekanos is the giant robot, KAOS.

According to Bramble, Mekanos was once a beautiful island filled with plant life, but after the Kremling Krew invaded the Northern Kremisphere, they built machines and factories over it, even deforesting the trees in the area (as seen in the level Ripsaw Rage).[1] Mekanos is similar to Kremkroc Industries, Inc. as both are heavily polluted industrial areas. Mekanos is more forest-based, complete with many warehouses, factories, pipelines, and a logging area. Mekanos also has a dam that separates the central lake from its sea inlet.

Bazooka is the Brothers Bear of Mekanos, and Dixie and Kiddy Kong must visit and provide him with the Bowling Ball in order to reach the secret cave, "Sky High Secret", which is elevated by a large claw.


Name Description Enemies Animal Friends
FireBall Frenzy DKC3.png
Fire-Ball Frenzy
This level takes place in a Kremling factory. The main obstacle are Karbines, which are small owl enemies who hide in the background and launch fireballs from a small cannon that they carry. Dixie and Kiddy must avoid the fireballs along with large fire pits below some rope-scaling areas. Karbine
Demolition Drain-Pipe DKC3.png
Demolition Drain-Pipe
This level takes place inside a large pipe system. Here the Kongs first jump into a rail car connected to the upper pipe, and they ride it throughout the level. The rail car is used to successfully jump over enemies and gaps, and complete the level in one piece. Buzz
Ripsaw Rage DKC3.png
Ripsaw Rage
A giant saw cuts upwards and through trees in this forest level. The Kongs need to jump and dodge the giant saw as they climb upward. Sneeks are the only enemies to appear in the level. Buzz
Blazing Bazukas DKC3.png
Blazing Bazukas
Bazukas are the main feature of this level, which takes place in a factory. They shoot Barrels from their cannons, which allows Dixie and Kiddy to safely cross the lava pits. Squitter and Switch Barrels are also required to complete the level. Bazuka
Low-G Labyrinth DKC3.png
Low-G Labyrinth
This level takes place inside a pipeline filled with a strange green mist that lowers the gravity. In response, the Kongs become slow on foot, but are able to jump high into the air. Quawks first appears in this level. Buzz
Squawks (Bonus Area)
KAOS Karnage DKC3.png
Boss level: Kaos Karnage
The Kongs fight the world boss, KAOS, in a small factory. None None


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese メカノス工場の島
Mekanosu Kōjō no Shima
Mekanos Factory Island
French Mékanos Mekanos
Italian Mekanos -


  • After defeating KAOS for the first time, Dixie and Kiddy use pipes as a shortcut to leave Mekanos, similar to the functionality of Pipes in the Super Mario series.


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