Doorstop Dash

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Doorstop Dash
Doorstop Dash
Level code 1 - 2
World Lake Orangatanga
Game Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!
Music track Mill Fever
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Doorstop Dash is the second level in Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! It is also the second area in Lake Orangatanga. During this mill level, the Kongs find several metal doors blocking their path. In order to open these doorways, they must pull nearby handles to lift them. The longer the handle is held down, the wider the door will open. Unfortunately, the doors only stay open for a limited amount of time, so they have to run through the level's other obstacles to get through them quickly. This level debuts Buzzes, who act as obstacles between handles and doors, and also includes many Sneeks.


At the beginning of the level, the Kongs approach a Banana Bunch as they walk down a slanted bridge, which is followed by a handle that hangs above the letter K. If they pull the handle, they can open a door ahead of them that leads to a Sneek, a DK Barrel, and another handle. Once they pull the handle, a door blocking their path, found after a trail of restless Sneeks, opens, allowing them to access another area, where they can find a bear coin hidden in the top-left corner of the room. After the apes climb up a small ledge near here, they encounter an additional Sneek and a handle, which can be used to open a door on the above floor.

Using a small, wooden platform floating nearby against a wall, they can reach this higher section of the level and find the door, which stands next to the letter O and a trapdoor that can drop the heroes to the lower floor. If they manage to run through this door, they find another Sneek that creeps under a handle that they can pull to open a door ahead. As they approach this door, they must dodge a trio of Buzzes that move back and forth in a vertical path. Once they reach the other side of this door, they can find a rope leading to the third floor and a passage that takes them west to a Bonus Barrel. The barrel is blocked off by a door, which the heroes can open if they pull a handle, which can only be reached by their team up move. After climbing the previously-mentioned rope, the heroes access the third floor, where there is a handle that can open a nearby door, which is placed after a line of six Buzzes that move back and forth in a vertical path. On the other side of this door, they can find a handle in front of the Star Barrel.

Doorstop Dash
The Kongs ride to the fourth floor.

After they pull the handle, a door on the above floor opens. They can use a nearby platform to lift them to the floor, where there is a DK Barrel and a Sneek, who walks over a trapdoor that can drop the heroes down to the third floor. After they race through the door near here, they can find a Barrel Cannon that rotates when they enter it. It can blast them to a higher handle that must be pulled to open a door on a nearby ledge. On the other side of this door, the primates can find a pathway with a rope at the end of it. As they climb the rope, they encounter a Buzz that moves back and forth in a horizontal path. At the top of the rope, they can find a passage to their left and another to their right; the left passage leads to a handle, guarded by a Buzz, that can open a door with a Bonus Barrel on the other side of it, and the passage to the right takes the apes farther into the level, where they can find a Sneek, along with a bear coin, on a pile of bags. A handle hangs near here that they can pull to open a door on the fifth floor of the mill, which they can reach with the aid of a rope. As they climb up this rope, a Buzz flies in their way.

Once they reach the top of the rope, they can find a Banana Bunch, a trapdoor, leading to the lower floor, and the door that they have recently opened. After they pass this door, they discover the letter N, a Sneek, and a pair of Barrel Cannons that must be used to reach a handle in a high, thin passage. A nearby door opens after they pull the level, and on the other side of it, they can find another handle and a rope that is guarded by a Buzz. When they pull the mechanism, a door on a higher floor, which they can reach with the rope, opens. The letter G sits immediately before this door, which is followed by a ledge and another handle that a Buzz hovers under. They can open a door ahead of here by pulling the handle. The two apes can find a deep abyss on the opposite side of the door, which trail of bananas run through. They must jump into the gap to fall to the lowest level of the mill, where they can find the Level Flag. Additionally, as they travel through the gap, they can find a ledge near the left that they can land on to access an area with a Steel Keg, which is behind a door, and the level's Koin.


Name Count
A Sneek in Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!
Sprite of a green Buzz from Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!.
16 (green)

Items and objects[edit]

Sprite Name Count
The sprite of a Banana from the Donkey Kong Country trilogy on Super Nintendo. Banana 113
DK Barrel DK Barrel 2
Sprite of a Barrel in Donkey Kong Country. Star Barrel 1
Bear coin Bear coin 2

Extra Life Balloons[edit]

Sprite Color Count
Red Balloon Red
  1. Right before the first Bonus Barrel.
  2. It is hidden right before the second rope.
Green Balloon Green
  1. Hidden near the end of the level. Kiddy must stand on the edge of the platform (before the Level Flag) and throw Dixie at an up-right angle.
  2. Near the end of the level, at the fall to the bottom of the mill.


Bonus Areas[edit]

Image Type and description
Bonus area in Doorstop Dash Collect the Stars!
The first Bonus Barrel is located to the left of the first rope in the level. In order to get to it, the player must have Dixie throw Kiddy upwards so they can reach a handle above them. Here, the player can simply jump and spin to the area containing a Bonus Barrel and a red Extra Life Balloon. The Bonus Level involves collecting sixty stars in under thirty seconds. They have to use handles to open a door and collect some of the stars. Once all of the stars are collected, a Bonus Coin appears.
Doorstop Dash Find the Coin!
The second Bonus Barrel is to the right of the second rope encountered. The Kongs have to hang onto a handle again to open another door, although they also have to dodge a Buzz that is flying back and forth. In the Bonus Level, the Kongs have to dodge two Buzzes, who fly around as the monkeys hang onto several handles. At the end of the stage, they can find another Bonus Coin.

K-O-N-G Letters[edit]

Letter Location
Letter K in Doorstop Dash Hovering under the first handle in the level
Letter O in Doorstop Dash Above a trapdoor on the second floor of the mill
Letter N in Doorstop Dash Behind a door before the Barrel Cannons that can be found the second DK Barrel
Letter G in Doorstop Dash A rope leads to this letter before the last two doors.

DK Coin[edit]

Sprite Location
Koin in Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! Just before the Level Flag, the Kongs have to jump off of a ledge and fall back to the bottom of the mill. As they fall, they should stay on the left side of the wall and eventually land in a hidden area. In this area, they can find a Koin near a Steel Keg. The Kongs have to pull the above handle to open a door above the Koin. After throwing the Steel Keg into the open door, the Kongs should stay in place and watch it bounce against a wall into the Koin.

Warp Barrel[edit]

Sprite Location
Warp Barrel After reaching the second floor of the mill, Kiddy Kong should use the team up move to toss Dixie northeast into the corner of the area, where a Warp Barrel is hidden. The barrel takes them to the Level Flag when they enter it.


Super Nintendo Entertainment System[edit]

Game Boy Advance[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese シャッターをかけぬけろ
Shattā O Kakenukero
Break Through the Shutters
French Kourse Kale-Porte Doorstop Race
German Türen Allüren Door Affectations
Italian Schiacciaossa From schiacciare (crush) and ossa (bones)
Spanish Carrera Entre Puertas Race Between Doors