Springin' Spiders

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Springin' Spiders
Springin Spider SNES.png
World-Level 2 - 4 (SNES)
2 - 1 (GBA)
World Kremwood Forest
Game Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!
Music Treetop Tumble
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Springin' Spiders is the ninth level of Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! and the fourth level of Kremwood Forest. In the Game Boy Advance remake, Springin' Spider switched positions with Barrel Shield Bust-Up, making it the first level of Kremwood Forest and the sixth level overall.


Similar to Barrel Shield Bust-Up, Dixie and Kiddy must travel to the top of two large hollow trees parallel to each other, although the trees in Springin' Spiders appear to be gray and aging. Instead of using ropes to climb up the trees, the Kongs must stand on numerous Nids throughout. Nid has a small piece of wood on its back, and when the Kongs sit on it, Nid springs into the air. Green and red Buzzes are also in the level. Bristles also make their debut here, along with a single Swoopy.

After the letter K, the Kongs can optionally fall between two branches to land into an Animal Barrel and transform into Squawks the Parrot. They can continue as Squawks until crossing a No Animal Sign about halfway into the level. Squawks can spit coconuts at the green Buzzes along the way, continue up the level without the aid of Nids, and enter a Bonus Level.


The level begins with the Kongs inside of the first tree, which a hole can be found in that they can walk through to reach the tree's branch. This branch, along with the one from the neighboring tree, can be used as a bridge to reach the next tree. A Nid is located on the branches that can aid the primates in reaching some bananas and a DK Barrel. When the Kongs enter the second tree, they are greeted by a Nid that can lift them onto a protruding piece of wood in the same tree. They must climb a few more of these wooden platforms, while dodging a Bristles and a red Buzz, in order to access a passage leading back outside between the two trees, where another Nid can be found. This creature can send them upwards onto a set of branches that lead to another passage that they can take to gain entrance back into to the second tree. Here, there are some wooden platforms protruding from the ground that the heroes can use to climb. On the third platform, they can find a barrel and a Nid that can bounce them higher onto two wooden platforms with a green Buzz between them. If they climb a little higher from here, they make their way through a hole in a wooden structure that blocks most of their path. A Nid bounces from left to right in this area that can be used to reach a higher structure with the letter K above it.

Squawks discovers a Bonus Barrel outside of the tree.

From here, they can find a passage that leads them outside of the tree onto some branches to the right. A small gap is located between the branches that the Kongs can drop down to in order to discover a Nid, who can bring them back onto the branches, and an Animal Barrel containing Squawks. If they enter the barrel, they are turned into Squawks. Once they climb to the previously mentioned branches, they can either, as Squawks, fly upwards into a hidden area through the second tree, which is full of bananas and leads up to the first Bonus Barrel in the level, or continue to the left into the first tree. In this tree, there is a Nid that can bounce them up to some protruding platforms in the interior of the tree. After passing a green Buzz, they reach platform slightly larger than the previous protruding structures with a barrel and a Nid on it, who can bounce them onto some more wooden platforms with a green Buzz among them. To the right of the Buzz, they can discover a Nid that is able to bounce them onto a higher platform with an opening ahead of it that leads outside of the tree onto some branches that are separated by a gap with a green Buzz within it.

In the area below the enemy, the first Bonus Barrel in the level is located. The letter O is also placed into the air above one of the branches, which are followed by a passage that takes the apes into the second tree, where they can find a Nid that they are able to use in order to bounce onto a wooden platform found above a green Buzz. Another Nid stands on a protruding platform above this. The creature can help them reach some higher platforms that they must use in order to reach a No Animal Sign and a passage leading outside between the two trees. If the Kongs have turned into Squawks, they transform back into their normal selves and earn a Bear Coin when they pass the No Animal Sign. On the branches ahead of the sign outside of the trees, the primates can find a wall of green Buzzes in their way, who can be bounced over with the help of a nearby Nid. An opening leading into the first tree is on the other side of the wasp-like foes, and it contains a Nid and a green Buzz that hovers near it. The apes are able to use the Nid to reach a higher, wooden platform with another Nid on it, who they must use to bounce them past a Buzz and onto some higher platforms. A Nid stands on one of the platforms that can raise the Kongs under a red Buzz and to a small platform protruding from the interior of the tree. If they climb slightly higher from here, they reach a solid, wooden platform with an additional Nid on it, who can send them above two red Buzzes and up to a platform with the level's Star Barrel on it.

To the right of the barrel, the Kongs can spot a hole that they can travel through to progress out of the tree and onto some branches between the first and second tree. Here, they find a red Buzz and a Nid that can bounce them over the foe towards a hidden Bear Coin and a Banana Bunch. If they walk through a passage to the right of the Nid, they gain access to the second tree, which is full of wooden platforms for them to climb. The third platform holds a DK Barrel and is followed by several other protruding, wooden platforms. A Nid stands on one of the platforms, and it can send the heroes up to a hole in an area of the tree's interior. However, if they do not jump through the hole fast enough, they are sent into a green Buzz that waits next to it in a corner. On the top part of the hole, the apes can discover another Nid that is able to lift them upwards to a red Buzz that guards the second tree's exit. If they walk through it, they access the area between the level's two trees again, where they can find a small gap between the branches. Green Buzzes surround that small opening, which the Kongs can continue through to reach a lower area with a Nid and a hidden green Extra Life Balloon. They are able to exit the lower area by using the nearby Nid, who can send them back to the higher branches.

The Kongs spot a TNT Barrel on the other side of a wall.

If they head west from here, they travel through a small opening the leads into the first tree, where there is a hole in the ground. Under the hole, they can find an Auto-Fire Barrel that is surrounded by bananas. If they drop into the hole, they are able to collect the items and then reach the higher floor with the Auto-Fire Barrel. They can find some platforms protruding from the walls of the tree's interior above them from here, and after climbing a few of them, they reach a Nid who can lift them to some higher platforms. As these are climbed, the primates approach a passage (which is absent in the game's original version) leading outside of the tree, where a Koin and a TNT Barrel stand on branches. The TNT Barrel can bust a hole into the side of the neighboring tree, where a Steel Keg, used to defeat the Kremling, sits. They cannot reach the previously-made opening from where the barrel sits, so they must drop down and continue back to the Koin from where the most recent red Buzz floats. If the apes proceed up the platforms in the first tree found to the left of the area with the Koin, they make their way to an opening in the left side of the tree near the edge of the screen.

Once they climb up some branches hanging in the area on the other side of the passage, they discover a trail of bananas that leads them into the solid ground of the first tree next to a red Buzz and a Nid. The Nid can lift them to a protruding platform and then up to a hidden branch outside of the tree that hangs next to the letter N. If they ignore the Nid, they can exit the first tree to the right and enter the area between the two trees again, where there is a Knik-Knak that they must bounce on to cross a gap between two broken branches. Once they cross the gap, they can find the entrance to the second tree, which contains a bouncing Nid that can send them up to a pair of higher platforms. The second platform holds a Nid that, when they land on it, carries them past a green Buzz and up to a pair of platforms. A Nid stands on one of them, who has the ability to lift them up to more platforms, or to a red Buzz if they do not jump in time. There are four of these higher platforms, and one holds a barrel, while the other carries a Nid. The helper is able to bounce them up to another platform, or, as before, to a red Buzz if they are unsuccessful in jumping at the correct time. A wooden piece of the tree's interior blocks the Kongs' path above here, but they can continue past it by jumping through a hole located in it. After they get to the top of the hole, they can find a passage leading out of the tree and onto some branches that support a Bristles and a barrel.

A DK Barrel also hovers over the highest of the branches, which is followed by an additional passage with the interior of the first tree on the other side of it. Here, the primates meet a Nid who can send them straight into the air up to a red Buzz and a few platforms. A green Buzz hovers between the platforms, one of which that supports a Nid that can bounce the Kongs to some higher platforms that are guarded by a single green Buzz. A passage leading outside of the first tree and towards a bridge of branches that hold Kiddy and Dixie as they head to the second tree is present in this area. As they cross the branches, a Swoopy dives into the first tree. With their team up move, they can reach the bird, who is able to assist them in reaching a hidden branch with the letter G above it. They can optionally grab the letter and then head into the second tree, where they can find a small gap that they can drop into to find a Bonus Barrel. A Nid stands near the gap, who has the ability to raise them onto a higher set of platforms that a red Buzz flies between. They can use a Nid waiting on one of the platform to be lifted to an additional red Buzz and a Nid on a small, protruding platform. This Nid can lift them to another red Buzz and a passage leading outside of the two trees. In this part of the level, the primates can find some branches that they can climb to discover another small opening in the side of the second tree. On the other side of the opening, they can find a small room with the Level Flag in it. Once they raise the flag, the level is completed.


Name Count
Bristles DKC3.png
Buzz DKC3 green.pngBuzz DKC3 red.png
Green: 12
Red: 14 (2 are in a Bonus Level)
Total: 26
Knik Knak DKC3 red.png
Knik-Knak (red)
Nid DKC3 purple.pngNid DKC3 yellow.png
Purple: 22
Yellow: 9
Total: 31
Sneek DKC3.png
Swoopy DKC3.png

Items and objects[edit]

Sprite Name Count
Bear Coin.png Bear Coin 6
DK Barrel.png DK Barrel 3
Green Extra Life Balloon DKC3.png Green Balloon 1
Red Extra Life Balloon DKC3.png Red Balloon 1
TNT Barrel.png TNT Barrel 2

K-O-N-G Letters[edit]

Letter Location
Letter K.png After the first green Buzz, the Kongs must jump onto another Nid, which bounces them up to a hole in the tree. The letter K is to the right of the hole.
Letter O.png The letter O can only be reached by Squawks. It is obscured by a tree branch to the upper-right of a Buzz blocking the way below to a Bonus Barrel.
Letter N.png There are two letter N's in the level:
  • Shortly after the Koin, the Kongs can ride a Nid to the left of a red Buzz. The Nid at first bounces on a wood platform, then it bounces up to a higher area with a passage leading out the tree and toward the letter N. A Red Balloon is to the left of a long tree branch below the letter N.
  • The other letter N is above the only red Knik-Knak in the level.
Letter G.png Near the end of the level, the Kongs can jump on a Swoopy and have Kiddy throw Dixie on a branch to the upper-right with the letter G.

DK Coin[edit]

Super Nintendo Entertainment System[edit]

Image Location
Springin Spiders DKC3 Koin.png Finding the Koin requires Kiddy to be in the lead. When the Kongs reach the third Nid after the Star Barrel, they must go on it. When the Nid is at the peak of its jump, Kiddy must use team up, then jump off the Nid, and throw Dixie to the upper left to land on a platform with a Steel Barrel. To the upper-left, there is a hole in the side of the tree, and a Koin is standing on some branches with a TNT Barrel on the other side. The Kongs must throw the Steel Barrel into the hole for it to hit the side of the first tree to roll back and hit the Koin. Once Koin is defeated, it releases the DK Coin, and Kiddy can perform team up move with Dixie again to go through the hole and access the area to claim it. With the nearby TNT Barrel, they can bust a hole in the side of the first tree to continue through the level.

Additionally, the Kongs can reach the Koin if they carry a barrel to the left of the Koin's location in the first tree. With the barrel, they can break a hole in the wall and find the Koin, who can be defeated with the nearby Steel Keg on the platform inside of the second tree.

Game Boy Advance[edit]

Image Location
Springin' Spiders GBA Koin.png In the Game Boy Advance version, the DK Coin is collected differently. After the Star Barrel, the Kongs encounter a Koin in a small area between the level's two trees. The Kongs must blast away the wall to the right with a nearby TNT Barrel to find a Steel Barrel on a small platform. They must then go down into a lower area with a Steel Barrel and climb back up to the area with the Koin. The Kongs must stand on the Koin's shield. They must throw the Steel Barrel at the nearest wall for it to bounce back, hit the Koin in the side, and defeat it. The Kongs automatically obtain DK Coin.


Bonus Levels[edit]

Image Type and description
Springin' Spiders Bonus Level 1.png Grab 15 Bananas!
Some time after the letter K, the Kongs find the Animal Barrel of Squawks between two branches. Squawks must continue into the left tree and fly up a passage until reaching and area between the two trees with a green Buzz and the letter O. Squawks must spit a coconut to defeat the Buzz and fly below into a Bonus Barrel. In the Bonus Level, Squawks has 45 seconds to collect 15 green bananas around two red Buzzes within a hollow tree. The bottom Buzz is moving horizontally and is just below a hole. The top Buzz does not move but the bananas usually appear around it. After Squawks obtains 15 green bananas, the Bonus Coin appears at the bottom of the area.
Springin' Spiders GBA Bonus Level 2.png Collect the Stars!
After collecting the letter G, the Kongs find a small gap on the side of the second tree's interior. They must drop into the gap to land inside a Bonus Barrel. In the Bonus Level, the Kongs have 15 seconds to collect 30 stars. They must jump on a Nid to get some stars going up, and once they are on the top branch, the Kongs must jump down to the left, hollow tree to collect the remaining stars. After collecting every star, the Bonus Coin appears at the bottom-right of the area.

Warp Barrel[edit]

Kiddy should throw Dixie straight upwards after they enter the second tree for the first time to reach a hidden Warp Barrel that sends them to the Level Flag.


Super Nintendo Entertainment System[edit]

Game Boy Advance[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ジャンピング スパイダー
Janpingu supaidā
Jumping Spider
Spanish Arañas Saltarinas Jumping Spiders
French Araignées Sauteuses Jumping Spiders
German Springende Spinnen Jumping Spiders
Italian Aracnomolle