Kreeping Klasps

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Kreeping Klasps
Kreeping Klasps.png
World-Level 3 - 3
World Cotton-Top Cove
Game Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!
Music Stilt Village
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Kreeping Klasps is the thirteenth level of Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! It is also the third area of Cotton-Top Cove.

During this stilt level, the Kongs have to make their way over a long wharf and cross large gaps of water. Unfortunately, a Nibbla swims throughout the large river and can attack the monkeys at the moment they fall into the water. So, the heroes need to use long tightropes to cross these area of water. However, even above water, the area can be dangerous. As the monkeys climb along the many tightropes around the level, they meet the explosive enemies, Klasps, who move along the ropes with them. Other enemies in this stilt level include Re-Koils, Kobbles, and Buzzes, whom the heroes also have to watch out for.

Level layout[edit]

Halfway through the level

When the level begins, the Kongs make their way across several boardwalks and soon come up to the first tightrope. After climbing across this rope, they hop over a small gap and grab onto another tightrope. On this long tightrope, they have to avoid a long Klasp, and then jump to another rope above the dangerous water. After moving across this short rope, they make it to a third tightrope. At the end of this rope, they make their way back onto some boardwalks and have to cling onto some more tightropes. Jumping to the rope above them from there, the heroes are up to the challenge of climbing across a Klasp infested tightrope. Moving along the whole rope, they have to avoid several Klasps, and then to a much smaller separate rope. Letting go of this rope throws the Kongs into the Star Barrel.

About halfway into the level, the group head onto another tightrope over the deadly water. Jumping over another Klasp, they soon get onto another long rope. Hopping onto another rope above it, they enter an area with three nearby Klasps. Avoiding each one, they make it back on the boardwalks. On this safe pathway, they walk down a slanted boardwalk and hop to a small tightrope with the letter N on it. After this, the two monkeys need to bounce on a Re-Koil to make it to another tightrope. Once they hop off of the first rope, they find the letter G. Farther on, they hop to a few more ropes, avoiding some Klasps, to make it to a very small tightrope. Jumping off of this rope takes the Kongs to three Re-Koils, all occupying their own platform. After bouncing off of each one and grabbing onto the next tightrope, Kiddy Kong and Dixie Kong have to avoid a Klasp and hop to another rope. On this rope, they are greeted by a second Klasp. Dodging the foe, they soon make it onto more boardwalks. Walking a little farther, the group eventually find a rather small flagpole. If they grab onto the end of the pole, the flag rises and the level ends.



DK Coin[edit]

The Koin with the DK Coin
  • At the end of the level, the heroes see a Koin with the DK Coin. His shield protects him from most attacks, so the heroes need to defeat him with a steel barrel, located right past the flagpole. With the barrel, the Kongs must stand on the Koin and throw the keg at a wall. While the Kremling is distracted, the steel keg bounces back and hit him in the side. This defeats the foe and give the monkeys his DK Coin.

K-O-N-G Letters[edit]

  • K: Above the first rope of the level.
  • O: Underneath a Klasp.
  • N: Between two boardwalks, underneath a short rope.
  • G: Shortly after the "N", the "G" is above a rope, and a Klasp is near by.

Bonus Levels[edit]

  • Shortly after the letter K, the heroes are on a tightrope where they find two Buzzes quickly moving above them. Before being hit by the wasp-like foes, they must jump to the small rope above them and then hop into the Bonus Barrel above that. It leads them into a Bonus Level, where they need to jump back and fourth between two tightrope to grab fifteen Green Bananas. Once fifteen of the strange bananas are collected, the Bonus Coin appears nearby.
  • After the Star Barrel, the heroes make their way to a set of tightropes. There, they find a group of three Klasps climbing through the small area. If the monkeys hop onto the tightrope below them and then drop down from there, they should land in a hidden barrel. This barrel blasts them into a Bonus Barrel, taking them to another Bonus Level. There, they have to climb across a long tightrope, avoiding a few Klasps. At the end of the stage, they find the Bonus Coin on a small boardwalk.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クラスプ ロープ
Kurasupu rōpu
Klasp Rope
Spanish Klasps Trepadores Climbing Klasps
French Klasps Kachés Hidden Klasps
German Kriechende Klasps Creeping Klasps
Italian Klasp Rampicanti Climbing Klasp