Kong-Fused Cliffs

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Kong-Fused Cliffs
Kong-Fused Cliffs.png
World-Level 6 - 2
World Razor Ridge
Game Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!
Music Rockface Rumble
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Kong-Fused Cliffs is the twenty-seventh level in Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! It is also the second area of Razor Ridge.


In this cliff level, Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong climbing up ropes, while the ropes themselves are being burnt from the bottom up; This means they must constantly climbing to outpace the flame and ensure their safety. Buzz and Kopter are the only enemies encountered in the stage, serving as obstacles along the climb upward. Buzz enemies will fly in place or in repeating patterns, while Kopter enemies will descend from above. Some secret areas of the level are found by following Banana trails, leading to acquiring items such as KONG Letters, or finding a Bonus Barrel. The level's Koin enemy is encountered at the very end of the level, where Dixie/Kiddy finally find land, west of the Level Flag.

Going to the end of the level allows the Kongs to access Björn's Chairlifts to the north, as well as Floodlit Fish, in a small pool of water to the south.


When the level begins, the Kongs should climb up the rope lit up by a small flame. As the flame rises, they need to continue to move upwards. The monkeys, after traveling between thin openings in the mountains, get in a barrel to blast to the letter K and back onto the rope. Higher up, they pass several Buzzes and Kopters, moving along the sides of the rope. Soon, the monkeys reach the end of the rope and jump to the second rope. This rope leads them to more enemies. Whilst the Kongs climb this rope, Kopters fly in from both sides. Eventually, they reach the letter O and hop over to the level's third rope. As they climb up this rope, they find the Star Barrel.

About halfway into the level, the apes should continue their journey and climb between a few groups of Buzzes, some circling the area. Soon, they find a Kopter right in their path, so they need to jump into a nearby Barrel Cannon to blast over it. After passing some more Buzzes, Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong find the letter N to the left. They should jump to the letter and be caught by another Barrel Cannon. The barrel then blasts them back onto the flaming rope. After that, the monkeys avoid a Buzz moving in a C shaped pattern, and later, a group of three Buzzes flying back and fourth through the open area is found. Climbing higher, the apes soon encounter some Kopters hovering towards them. They should maneuver around the rope to dodge the enemies and continue to avoid them the rest of the way. Eventually, the Kongs climb all the way to the highest point in the mountain, where they find a flagpole to the right. Jumping off of the rope before getting burnt, they should raise its flag to end the level.


Items and objects[edit]

Sprite Name Count
Banana Bunch DKC SNES.png Banana Bunch 2
Bear Coin.png Bear Coin 2
DK Barrel.png DK Barrel 3

K-O-N-G Letters[edit]

The letter O
Letter Location
Letter K.png Collected by jumping into an Arrow Barrel at the beginning of the level.
Letter O.png Found above two Buzzes circling an area west of the first Bonus Barrel.
Letter N.png A trail of bananas will lead Dixie/Kiddy into the "N" Letter, and an Arrow Barrel is provided to get the heroes back on the rope.
Letter G.png An Auto-Fire Barrel near some Kopters will launch the heroes into the "G" Letter and two Banana Bunches.

DK Coin[edit]

Image Location
At the end, left of the Level Flag, Kiddy must use a Team-up throw to toss Dixie up to a wooden platform jutting out of the mountainside. The Kongs land next to a Steel Keg which they must carry to the hidden Koin to the lower area on the left. The Kongs must stand on Koin and throw the Steel Keg to the nearest wall. The Steel Keg recoils back into Koin, defeating him, and rewards the DK Coin to Dixie and Kiddy.

Bonus Levels[edit]

Image Type and description
Kong-Fused Cliffs Bonus Level 1.png Find the Coin!
A while before the letter O, the Kongs climb up the second rope and find a banana on a steep hill to the right. They should get onto the hill and walk up to find a Bonus Barrel, indicated by a trail of bananas near two Buzzes. In the Bonus Level, Dixie and Kiddy have 15 seconds to get the Bonus Coin at the top. They must climb another flaming rope, and as they progress, the Kongs must jump into Arrow Barrels to shoot around some Buzzes in the center of their path.
Kong-Fused Cliffs GBA Bonus Level 2.png Find the Coin!
Shortly after the letter N, the Kongs find a trail of bananas to the right. They must jump to the bananas to be caught into a hidden Barrel Cannon, which blasts them into a Bonus Barrel. Like the first Bonus Level, the Kongs have 15 seconds to collect the Bonus Coin at the top. They must climb a rapidly-burning rope while dodging several Kopters descending from the left and right.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ファイヤーロープ パニック
Faiyārōpu panikku
Fire Rope Panic
Spanish Kolinas Kong Kong Hills, with a "K" instead of a "C" in the word "Colinas"
French Kollines Kong-Fuses Kong-Fused Hills
German Lunten-Lupf Fuse-Lob
Italian Occhio alla Miccia Eye to the Fuse