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This is a list of quotes from the game Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!, applying to both the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy Advance versions.


  • "Hello there, how's it going, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs? Bachelor is my name, and I've built this fantastic new pad. I could really do with your help, though."
  • "I'm looking for someone to share my wonderful home with. To help me find the girl of my dreams, I need a beautiful rose and a box of chocolates. Could you get them for me?"
  • "If you do, I'll trade you that stupid yellow bird that keeps getting feathers in my hot tub."
  • "Here, take this - it might come in useful.[sic]"
  • "I could really use a rose and chocolates for my hot date tonight!"
  • "Hey there, how's it going? I'm off on another hot date later - haven't got time to talk!"
  • "I miss that stupid yellow bird you know. The house seems empty without it."
  • "Clear off, then. I need to take a bath and prepare myself for my hot date."


First meeting[edit]

  • "Hey! Hi there there, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs, how are you doing? My name is Baffle, the master of code!"
  • "I've got a problem at the moment - I can't break a code I've been working on... maybe I should reflect on it."

No mirror[edit]

  • "I'm sure the answer to my problem is starring me right in the face - but I just can't see it!"
  • "I still can't break this code. I'll have to keep looking into it."
  • "Hello again. What a problem it is, churning out the same thing again and again, do you know what I mean?"
  • "Mmmmmmm. This code is really bugging me. Perhaps I'm looking at this thing the wrong way around."

About the mirror[edit]

  • "Hey, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs, is that mirror you've got there?"
    • "That's a shame. It might have been the answer to my problems" (denied)
    • "Hey, Look at this! It was a riddle written backwards. It says, ' To open the gate, at the two stones that make eight'." (accepted)

  • "Say, Kongs, do you want your mirror back?"
    • "Okay, but I got a feeling you'll be back." (denied)
    • "I think a price of 10 tokens is fair, don't you?" (accepted)
      • "Haven't you got a moral code to think of?" (denied)
      • "Okay, Kongs, here you go." (accepted)


  • "Olleh sgnok! Woh era uoy yadot?" (Hello Kongs! How are you today?)
  • "Ev'uoy tsuj detsaw neetfif sdnoces!" (You've just wasted 15 seconds!)
  • "Hw's t gng gd bdds?" (How's it going good buddies?)
  • "nevah uoy tog gnihtyna retteb ot od?" (Haven't you got anything better to do?)

Banana Queen[edit]

First meeting[edit]

  • "Oh! Thank goodness! At last somebody has found me! That rotten yellow belly K. Rool imprisoned me behind this evil barrier, which he sealed with a dark and powerful magic spell."
  • "Then he commanded a bunch of his wicked Kremlings to hide the only ones that could split the crystal key - my poor children. Only all of them together have the power to break the spell."
  • "Please, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs, find all of my children and bring them back to me as soon as you can. In return I promise to rid this land of K. Rool forever. So keep your eyes peeled and return as soon as you can."

Subsequent meetings[edit]

  • "You're back! But you still need to find 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14/15/16/17/18/19/20 of my children. If anybody can find them, I know you can!"


  • "After I'm finished with K. Rool, he won't even be able to look at a banana again."
  • "K. Rool had better pack his case now, before I get my claws near him."
  • "Once I get out of here, I'm going to give that banana-brain K. Rool a major headache!"
  • "K. Rool won't be splitting his sides laughing once I get at him."

All Banana Birds collected[edit]

  • "Please, you've found all of my children! Go to Wrinkly's cave. She'll tell you what to do!"
  • "Please hurry - don't slip up!"

After talking to Wrinkly Kong[edit]

  • "You did it, you did it! You've found all of my children. At last I can be freed from K. Rool's spell."
  • "Ready Children!! Sing along with me!"
  • "Oh I'm so happy that we're a family again, and it's all thanks to you Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs."
  • "Now, as I promised, it's time to fulfill my half of the bargain and teach K. Rool a lesson he'll never forget!!!"


  • "Hello there, how's it going, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs? Barnacle's me name, and I've set up home here to build me shell collection."
  • "Yes, I used to be a scuba diver but I've given it up. I just take it easy here at home now."
  • "This bird is a friendly fellow, isn't he? He flew in once, so I decided to keep him."
  • "You know, I don't think there's anything which would persuade me to get rid of this bird."
  • "Have you seen my shell collection? It's nearly complete!"
  • "What a beautiful shell! It's just what I need to finish off me collection!"
  • "Say, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs, would you swap that shell for my bird?"
  • "Awww, that's a shame. It would've had pride of place on my shelf."
  • "You would? That's great! Here's the bird - please take care of him."
  • "I miss that bird you know. Never mind, this collection always cheers me up."
  • "Hey there, how's it going? Have you come to look at my world famous shell collection?"


  • "Well good day to you, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs. How are you? The name's Barter. Whoops! Have you seen me washers?"
  • "That posin' Funky fella has been acting a bit weird lately."
  • "I'd swear he's been working on some super secret project. But I reckon it's just some silly pipe dream!"
  • "Grubby? Well my hands might be a bit dirty. But how do I know you're not lying about my face?"
  • "Dirty!? I'd take a look in a mirror if I were you."
  • "I've been doing some home improvements but look at the state of me! How will I know when I'm clean!?"
  • "What a mess I must be in, but what's the point of worrying if you can't tell?"
  • "Is that a mirror? If it is, can I possibly borrow it?"
  • "Thanks for that, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs. Oh no! Look at the state of me - I'm a wreck! Take this wrench, I don't need it now."
  • "Well... thank you very much. Harrumph!"
  • "Hey, look at me now, Kongs! Don't ya think I'm looking drop dead gorgeous? I'm a lean, mean machine!"
  • "Hey Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs, do you what your mirror back?"
  • "Well, if you want it back, it's gonna cost ya. That's right, 10 coins."
  • "Beauty doesn't come cheap you know. Still want it?"
  • "Okay, but I've got a feeling you'll be back."
  • "Hey, you cheatin' Dixie, what are you playing at?"
  • "That's no way to talk to somebody as good - looking as me!"
  • "Well okay then - I was getting bored of being so neat and tidy."
  • "Awww, look at the state of me again. As soon as I sold you that mirror, I fell into the pond!"
  • "I thought you were supposed to smash the mirror to get bad luck - just look at me!"

Baron K. Roolenstein[edit]

Kastle Kaos[edit]

  • "NOOO! What have you done? My wife's going to kill me! I used all of her best pots and pans to make him... And then you just cast him aside as if he were a stack of empty tins!"
  • "WHAT!? How dare you! KAOS was my ticket to world domination... And I'd have gotten away with it, if it weren't for you meddling kids!"
  • "Well, you may have roasted my robot, but I'M the master chef around here, and I reckon it's about time your goose was cooked!"


  • "What the blazes!? So, YOU'RE the one who's been scuttling my super secret submarine! This is the LAST time you'll spoil my plans! I'm gonna bash you good!"
  • "Right!!! Look out, you cheeky monkeys!"


First meeting[edit]

  • "Hello there, young Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs, my name's Bazaar and this is my general store."
  • "All of my brothers are scattered over these islands..."
  • "Pop in and say hello if you meet them on your travels!"

Entering Bazaar's General Store[edit]

  • "So then, how may I be of assistance to you?"
  • "Good morning! What would you like to know?"
  • "What will it be on this fine day, Dixie?"
  • "Good day, Dixie, what can I do for you?"

About the shell[edit]

  • "This shell was found at the bottom of Lake Orangatanga and is pretty rare. At 5 bear coins it's a bargain."
  • "Would you like to purchase this fine specimen?"
  • "It's a deal! I hope you're very happy together." (accepted)
  • "Not interested? Never mind, I'm sure some lucky person will snap it up soon." (denied)

About the mirror[edit]

  • "Yes, but it's no ordinary one though! It was Cranky's great grandfather's! I can't let it go for less than 50 coins."
  • "Can I interest you in buying this fabulous item?"
  • "I can tell you now my friends that you have made a very worthy purchase!" (accepted)
  • "Not interested? I hope you're sure, because I don't think it's going to stay here very long!" (denied)

About the chocolates[edit]

  • "These are the finest chocolates, guaranteed to impress!"
  • "They can be yours for just 20 coins"
  • "Well, I ventured up there once, but if you want to know what I discovered it'll cost you 2 coins!"
  • "So, what do you think? Are you interested?"

About the castle[edit]

  • "Well, once I got to the castle grounds I saw a sign which said 'Keep right off our land!', so I ran off!" (accepted)
  • "Are you sure? Some cheeky lad called Link was in just last week and he asked about the castle too.
    He didn't have enough coins, but he seemed such a nice fellow that I agreed to accept 500 rupees instead.
    After that he left... muttering about my shells being the wrong shape or something. Oh well!
    " (denied)

About the secret caves[edit]

  • "Quite a lot actually but if you want me to tell you, it'll cost 13 coins."
  • "So how about it, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs? Would you like to hear more?"
  • "Well, some are hidden on islands and mountains, you'll need Funky's assistance to get to them."
  • "How's many secret caves are there? The answer's in the number of coins you paid for this information - HA HA!!"
  • "Okay, best of luck, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs. You'll certainly need it." (denied)

Not enough Bear Coins[edit]

  • "Hold on there, young Dixie, I'm afraid you don't have enough."
  • "Just a second, Dixie, you don't have enough for this."
  • "Keep saving, Dixie - I'm sure you'll get enough together."
  • "I'm afraid that I'll have to offend you by refusing credit on this fine item - sorry!"

Leaving Bazaar's General Store[edit]

  • "Catch you later, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs. I'm open 24 hours, you know."
  • "Hey, you just have a really nice day now, Dixie, you hear?"
  • "See you, so long, bye-bye."


  • "Morning, Kongs! Brigadier Bazooka here. All present and correct I see! Marvelous."
  • "I fought in the Kremean War, don't you know, but I've retired from the service along with 'Big Bessie'."
  • "Who's 'Big Bessie'!? She's only the biggest and greatest cannon of all time - What a beauty!"
  • "You want to use my cannon, young Kongs? Not without some sort of ammo I'm afraid."
  • "Have you seen 'Big Bessie'? I haven't fired her for years - no ammunition, y'see."
  • "I have lots of old artillery, you know? But Bessie's my favorite - what a noise!"
  • "It would be splendid to fire her one more time. But she needs some ammo to really get going."
  • "Have you seen 'Big Bessie'? I haven't fired her for years- no ammunition you see."
  • "What have you got there, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs? A heavy ball!? Well you never know, it might just work..."
  • "Shall we load Big Bessie up and fire her off?"
  • "Okay, let's give it a go! Ready... Aim............."
  • "No? I think it was probably a shot in the dark anyway."
  • "What a crackling noise! It was good to hear her again! I say, would you like to have another try, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs?"
  • "Aahhhh, the memories come flooding back , you know?"
  • "We were trapped on a clifftop surrounded by... Oh, sorry."


  • "Good day, crazy Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs, my name is Benny. Me and my brother "Bjorn" run the chairlifts in this region."
  • "You can visit my brother Bjorn if you like, up at the other chairlift."
  • "MY chair-lift is the safest route up the cliffs. So go on, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs, take a chance on me."
  • "Would you like to be using the chairlift?"
  • "Okeydokey, strap yourself in and away you go!"


  • "Ohhhhh Hellooooo! How are you my fine furry Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs? I am being Björn, Benny's brother."
  • "I'm afraid my chairlift is broken. I lent my No.6 wrench to someone, and they didn't return it to me!"
  • "Hey you've found my wrench! Could I have it back?"
  • "Thank you, you top Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs, you may use my ski lift for free from now on"
  • "Well, if that's your attitude then you can get your coat and be on your way!"
  • "Decided to return then, have you? Well this lift is not for free - it's 2 coins a go infact."
  • "People say that Benny and I are like your regular peas in a pod! How funny ha-ha. What does it mean?"
  • "Yes, it's true me and my brother look alike, but we are quite different really. Yes, honestly - we are!"
  • "So, do you want to ride in my chairlift, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs?"
  • "Hey, you're a few tokens short I'm afraid."
  • "Tickets please- steady as you go now, Dixie/KIddy/Kongs."
  • "We'll meet again, you naughty Kongs."


  • "My word! How on earth did you find me up here? Well never mind about that, my name's Blizzard."
  • "I've been up here for weeks getting ready for my attempt to conquer K3."
  • "It looks like I'm going to miss my best friend Blue's birthday"
  • "Say, could you do me a favor, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs?"
  • "That's great! Take this present for me, - please I'd be ever so grateful."
  • "No? Well thanks for nothing, Kongs! I hope you catch a cold out there!"
  • "How ever did you find me? My house was completely buried under the snow!"
  • "I'm amazed you found me, you know. I've been stuck up here since I broke my leg while sledding."
  • "Did he like my present? It took me ages to think of what to get him."
  • "Brrr - it's pretty chilly up here, don't you think? It could freeze the hind leg off your cousin Donkey!"


First meeting[edit]

  • "H-h-hello there, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs, how are you? My name's Blue, p-p-pleased to meet you."


  • "You wouldn't have brought... Oh, I can see you haven't. Never mind."
  • "I-I'm afraid you're a little early for the party, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs. That's if anybody bothers to come at all."
  • "I get lots of post you know, but it's all bills - not a single card."
  • "What's that red circle on the calendar? Oh... sigh... It's nothing of importance."

Received the Present[edit]

  • "A present... for me? Oh! Thank you Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs, you've really made my day! Let's have a look inside!"
  • "Oh it's a bowling ball. Well it's far too heavy for me. I know - why don't you have it, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs?"


  • "Green jelly and ice cream, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs? Enjoy - there's plenty more where that came from."
  • "Hi, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs, stick around if you like and feel free to have some tea and cake!"
  • "Best of luck in your quest, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs!"
  • "Fancy a game of "Pass the Parcel"?"


Entering his booth[edit]

  • "I've been watching your progress for a while, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs. The name's Blunder, but you can call me Mr. Blunder." (first meeting)

  • "So you think you're going to find everything in the game, eh? You don't even know there's a Lost World, do you?"
  • "Back for more clues, eh? Well, if you think I'm telling you the Lost World is in the compass rocks...."
  • "You're still stuck? Tsk! Then again, there's no way you'd ever think of circling around the rocks..."
  • "Still can't find the Lost World eh? You're obviously not going around the rocks fast enough then, are you?!"
  • "How's it going, heroic Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs? I'm not surprised you're stuck - you haven't even searched around the rocks!"
  • "So you've gotten this far, have you? Big deal, you haven't even found the Lost World yet. And that's on the main map!"

  • "So, you found the Lost World then, did you?" (after Krematoa)
  • "I can't believe you found the Lost World on your own! I bet you cheeky so and so's used Nintendo Power's guide!" (no help)

Leaving his booth[edit]

  • "Whoops, I think I just let the cat out of the bag."
  • "Uh-oh... er, you didn't actually hear that, did you?"
  • "Get out! Get out of my shack and stop making a monkey out of me!"
  • "Right that's it, I'm leaving! You're not getting anymore clues from me, so there!"
  • "D'oh! I've done it now."
  • "Oh no! Not again! I can't believe I just said that."

  • "Big deal! You'd never have found it without my invaluable help!" (after Krematoa)
  • "I know I did!" (no help)


  • "Hello there! Boomer's the name, blowing things up is my game. The rest of the folks have stuck me up in here."
  • "Something about me being too dangerous or something"
  • "My brothers might be happy with those dull bear coins, but I'm only interested in the gold ones with 'B' on them!"
  • "If you hand me 15 coins, this beauty will be primed and ready to blow. Then you'll see why they call me Boomer!"
  • "Fancy giving me some coins then? Go on, have a go!"
  • "Good one Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs - that bought you 1/2/3/4/5 of Boomer's specials!"
  • "What the blazes!!? I don't know how you did it, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs, and I don't think I want to know either!"
  • "Is that a cog you've got there? You know, I reckon it'll fit on this strange box which has been here ever since I moved in."
  • "Pop it on an see what happens!"
  • "Looks like you're going to have to find a few more of them to fit it all together."
  • "By the way, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs, did I mention that my last special cost 25 coins? But hey, it'll definitely be worth it"
  • "Hey are you trying to shortchange me? The last person who tried that hasn't landed yet!"
  • "No? Perhaps you should go and play with your dollies instead!"
  • "I see, saving up your coins are you? What for? Spend them here while you can."
  • "That's it, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs, I'm all out of explosives."
  • "Well, they're all in.....Doesn't seem to have done too much though, does it?"
  • "WHAT on earth is that racket? Hey, take a look outside, Kongs - you won't believe it!"
  • "Phew, it's roasting in here! I had to pop down to Bazaars and get this fan. He's not cheap, is he?"


  • "Hah, hello there, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs! Allow me to introduce myself - I am Bramble, the famed botanist."
  • "Yes, I moved up here to get away from the smell of the machines, but it's been too dry to grow anything."
  • "Since I have been unable to grow or study plants, I have taken an interest in collecting animals."
  • "The most beautiful flowers used to grow around here, but they died back when those awful machines came!"
  • "I love plants, don't you? They're so beautiful. This picture reminds me of those I can't grow anymore."
  • "I'm glad those horrible machines are destroyed. Perhaps my beautiful flowers can start to grow again now."
  • "You've got one! A perfect Flupperius Petallus Pongus."
  • "Would you let me have it? I'd be ever so grateful"
  • "You are too generous, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs. Here, have this Bananus Goldus Flutterus. Err uh.. I meant Banana Bird!"
  • "I've finished studing its abilities - some of them are quite magical, I'll have you know!"
  • "Hello there, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs, come to see my flower display?"
  • "Thanks again, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs. You've made my life happy again."
  • "Thanks again, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs. You've made me a very happy bear."


First meeting[edit]

  • "Hey, it's the banana brained Kongs! What do you think you're doing coming into Brash's cabin without asking?"
  • "See that river bank race? I ran that in 01:15:00. You couldn't do it in double that time."

Subsequent meetings[edit]

  • "Call that a decent time on the riverbank? I've given people bigger head-starts than that - and still won!"
  • "Hey Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs, did you stop for a picnic on the river bank or did you just get lost?"
  • "Did you get hurt on the river bank level, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs? That must be why you were sssoooo slowwwww!"
  • "Went for a walk on the river bank level did you? That would explain your pitifully weak time on it."


  • "Just look at all these fine trophies. The only way you'd ever win one is if they gave them away in cereal packets"
  • "Goodness me! If I looked like you, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs, I'd walk backwards just to look a bit more presentable"
  • "Where are your manners? I'm sure I didn't see you wipe your feet on my 'Unwelcome' mat."
  • "Hey did you happen to join Wrinkly's ramblers on their monthly trundle along the river bank? I reckon so!"


  • "Wwwhhhaatt?! Yooouuu can't have beaten my time! I've held that record for the last two years running!"
  • "Yoooou've made me ssssooooo angry! I could............"

  • "I'll get my title back from you, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs, just you wait!"
  • "Don't get too cocky, I've demanded an inquiry!"
  • "If you think I'm talking to you, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs, you can forget it. I don't mind you winning, but showing off is just un-cool!!"
  • "GO ON - GET OUT NOW!"
  • "GO ON NOW - GET OUT!"

Cranky Kong[edit]

  • "So you've reached the bonus game then, have you?"
  • "It's not a simple game of questions and answers this time though!"
  • "Now you've got to beat yours truly if you want to win any prizes!"
  • "Heh heh heh, this is going to be like taking candy from a baby."
  • "If a little girl or a dopy kid can beat me, I'll hang up my gloves!"
  • "If a fool like you can beat me, I'll eat my hat!"
  • "Come and have a go if you think you're good enough."
  • "Here's my strategy guide for you..... Give it up now and save your money!"
  • "At last - I'm out of retirement, now I'll make a monkey out of you!"
  • "I hope you like red, 'cause that's what your face is going to be soon!"
  • "Oh, so you managed a fluke victory, huh? I'd like to see you try again!"
  • "My shots went clean through the target! Honest!!!"
  • "It's not fair! Some of their targets were twice the size of mine!"
  • "You only had to blow on your targets for them to fall over!"
  • "You fraudster! I'm off to consult my lawyer about this!"
  • "Get out of my tent now, you cheeky ape!! Wait 'til I tell your parents!"
  • "Hey hey, you cheeky monkey! Have this as a bonus prize!"
  • "You appreciate of course, that in real terms I was the actual winner!"
  • "Get some tokens and try again, you knucklehead."
  • "Well that was a waste of 2 coins wasn't it. Go on - have another game!"
  • "A draw eh? That's the closest you'll ever get to winning a game!!"
  • "You chimps are chumps, I can't believe you'd even try to beat me!"
  • "You were no contest - go challenge Wrinkly and her friends!"
  • "Next time you fancy a lesson, come and see ME!"
  • "Hey don't take it personally kid - I'm the greatest, you're a chump."
  • "Was that the best you could do? You need to eat more bananas."
  • "You'll need some practice. Oooh, about a year will do it."
  • "I could beat you with both of my arms tied behind my back!"
  • "Look at this! It's my eight ball air juggle! A real killer, isn't it?"
  • "Nope, not really!"
  • "You wouldn't hit a guy with glasses, would ya??"
  • "So you've found one of the secret Banana Bird caves. To release the imprisoned bird, you must watch the sequence of lights, and then repeat it exactly using the directions on the +Control Pad. It seems like a waste of time to me. Why can't these game developers come up with something more interesting?"
  • "Welcome to my training area! I'm fed up with you whippersnappers having all the fun. So I'm improving my skills for my next big adventure in Cranky Kong Country!"
  • "You can help me train if you like, but I'm no charity - I need to raise cash to fund my new project, so I'm going to charge you for the privilege off training with a master."
  • "As it's still early in the game, I'll let you train with me for one of those stupid silver coins. The ones with those freaky bears' heads on."
  • "Help me deflect these spiky critters with my trusty shield. Use the +Control Pad to move my shield into the correct blocking position. You'll get a reward based on your performance!"
  • "Excellent skills! You managed to deflect all those spiky critters. You have completed the master's challenge! Take this bird. I'm sure it will come in useful...somehow."
  • "You are fools to miss this opportunity! I am the master! Oh...bye then"
  • "Very good, Dixie/Kiddy. No more web-spinning for that eight-legged freak. I'm sure Funky will put that patch to good use. Go see him now!"

Diddy Kong[edit]

  • "Hey, don't worry, Donkey... Thanks to Dixie, it's over! I'm impressed!"

Dixie Kong[edit]

  • "Oh! Wrinkly's asleep. I'm sure she won't mind if we save our game, though."
  • "Look! She's asleep! I'm sure she won't mind us saving our game though."
  • "Where's the shell from?"
  • "Is that a mirror?"
  • "Man, I love chocolate!"
  • "Nothing today, thanks."
  • "Are there secret caves?"
  • "Tell me, oh wise one!"
  • "I'll find them myself."
  • "I'm saving for Swanky's."
  • "You gotta be joking."
  • "I thought that's what he was!"
  • "I guess this just isn't your day, is it?"
  • "Right - You go this way, Kiddy, and I'll go that way."
  • "Let's do it, Boomer!"
  • "No way, you crazy bear!"
  • "Aarrrr, that I will."
  • "Nah, I like my shell."
  • "Why certainly!"
  • "Hands off, Buster!"
  • "Well, it is mine!"
  • "You can keep it."
  • "Take a hike, buster!"
  • "Yes, you swindler!"
  • "Err... okay!"
  • "I'll walk, thanks."
  • "It's yours anyway!"
  • "Finders keepers, man!"
  • "Yaaa! You betcha!"
  • "Naaa - not today."
  • "Snow problem!"
  • "Snow way!"
  • "Lock and Load, sir!"
  • "Hold fire, Brigadier!"
  • "Oh, okay then."
  • "No, I want it!"
  • "No problem!"
  • "It's a picture frame!"
  • "Hand it over!"
  • "Not really."
  • "I suppose so."
  • "Take a hike, buddy!"
  • "Let's train!"
  • "Not today, thanks."

Donkey Kong[edit]

  • "Wwooohh Wwooohh!! My head... what happened... One minute I was dreaming... ...about the world's biggest pile of bananas,... ...the next I was a power crazed madman!"
  • "I bet even Cranky would be - after that performance!"


Kaos Karnage[edit]

  • "Bzzzzt... Click... Kongs... ENEMY...."
  • "You must be...DESTROYED!!!!!"
  • "Bzzzt... Bzzzt.... Bzzzt..... KONGS... WIN?????...."
  • "DOES NOT COMPUTE... Next time we meet... KAOS will win!!!!!"

Kastle Kaos[edit]

  • "Whirrr... Click... Click... KONGS... BACK"
  • "Click... Bzzzt... This time KAOS will be VICTORIOUS!!!"

Kiddy Kong[edit]

  • "Whoooaaa - Big Man!"

Funky Kong[edit]

  • "Yo, Dixie, what's happening? I've set up my smokin' new boat shop on this island. But that's not all..."
  • "...I've also brought your excellent cousin Kiddy Kong along for the ride!"
  • "He may be a toddler, but if you let him throw you upwards, you'll almost reach the stars! Oh yeah!"
  • "And if you throw him, his humongous body can smash through the floor of some areas! Trust me!"
  • "What's up! Have you got me anything new I can use?"
  • "Hey hey, Funky's in the zone! Cash is not a problem, Kongs, 'cause my boats you can loan."
  • "I'm the tower of power, too sweet to be sour! Yo, hombres, got anything new yet?"
  • "If you see that loser up at the big house, tell him to keep it down at night. I've got to get my beauty sleep!"
  • "Any idea who that major dweeb who lives at the top of the island is?"
  • "Hey, those heinous boss men have got a hoard of items. If you find anything, bring it on back here, huh?"
  • "Freak out! Freak out! Spare parts for my boats are what it's all about."
  • "Uh uh. Yeah! What we're needing is some sort of spare part situation, you dig?"
  • "Wicked! I only need a few more parts to get my vehicles going."
  • "Keep looking out for those items, Kongs. I'm a few parts short for my new invention!"
  • "A patch? Oh yeah! This is just what I needed!"
  • "Hang on for just a couple of seconds, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs, and I'll get you a cool new tub for you to rub a dub dub!"
  • "Whoa! Bogus docking, Kongs! Get my crate back in here before that clumsy Bazaar parks it on the rocks!"
  • "Hey, Kongs - a ski! Not toooo shabby!"
  • "Problem is, though, I'm going to need its partner before I can get you on your way."
  • "Wahey! You've found two skis! Awesome! I've now got all the parts I need to make you the ultimate ride!"
  • "Wait right there, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs, while I get you my latest and greatest boat yet!"
  • "Bonkers! I've built in a cool turbo feature that'll be sure to take you to new heights! Just press Y Button!!"
  • "Hey! Someone's told you I've been extra busy lately. Well... it's something a bit special."
  • "If you can find all of the DK coins, then you can put them down as a deposit for my ultimate ride. Come back once you've got some more, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs! I'll keep you informed on how close to the jackpot you are."
  • "You're still 1-40 coins short of the deposit for my top gear!"
  • "Unbelievable type of a situation! You've found all the DK coins!"
  • "I'm sorry, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs, I didn't think you'd actually find them all, so I've got nothing new to show you! Hey, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs, just kidding, you know?"
  • "May I introduce you to my finest and coolest creation yet, the Funky-Copter!"
  • "Time to catch some rays."
  • "Don't stay away for too long, huh?"
  • "Bust a move, gotta groove!"
  • "Gotta go, Kongs. Surf's up."
  • "Take it real easy, Kongs."
  • "Hang five, Kongs."
  • "Catch you later, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs."
  • "I'll be seein' ya later, Kongs."

Swanky Kong[edit]

  • "Well would you believe it! Hello, Kongs! Welcome along to my all new Bonus Tent!"
  • "My show's on the road and it's in every land. The cost of this game? Two coins in the hand!"
  • "There are some great prizes on offer today, so come on in and choose to play. Just do that and you're away!"
  • "So come on, Kongs, and have a go! You could well win, you never know!"
  • "Roll up, roll up, it's all the fun of the fair and half the price too!"
  • "Hello, Kongs! Would you like to have a go? You could well win, you never know!"
  • "For just a few coins you can win a king's ransom in top quality prizes!"
  • "Don't worry, your tokens are safe. Do you want to gamble your coins for the Big Prize?"
  • "It'll be a big day today, if you play it the right way!"
  • "Hey, come and play! See what you can win today!"
  • "There are some truly great prizes to be won - or my name's not Swanky!"
  • "Okay, pay attention to Swanky! There's a lot of super prizes on offer for our lucky winners today!"
  • "There are nanas and tokens galore, for the ones who get the best score!"
  • "No age restriction for this game, young Kongs, just pay up and have yourself a ball."
  • "Remember, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs, the bigger the win, the bigger the prize!"
  • "Welcome to my side show! The home of fair play - apart from Cranky that is!"
  • "Watch out for that Cranky Kong! He's a right slippery customer - make no mistake!"
  • "Watch out for Cranky - his curve balls are meant for moving targets , know what I mean?"
  • "Keep an eye on Cranky when you're playing- the contestant is still recovering!"
  • "I can't believe it! Cranky beat you! Here's a consolation prize to go away with!"
  • "Okay, Kongs, it's your choice today. Which game would you like to play?"
  • "Today's contest is a throwing game with a difference! The happiest player at the end wins!"
  • "Today's round is a special throwing game where the winner is the first to score 25 points!"
  • "Today's event will be a throwing game - the longer you last, the bigger the prize!"
  • "Hey, I think you've played this game before, haven't you?!"
  • "That's one of the best performances I've seen in a long, long time!"
  • "You were great! I hope you'll be back again when the prizes will be even bigger and better!"
  • "Let's have a big round of applause for our contestants!"
  • "That performance had me on the edge of my seat! I've never seen a game so close. You really deserved more!!"
  • "There's no way I could split between you two in that titanic battle. Have these for your efforts!"
  • "Have a nice day! Show them Kremlings what you're made of!"
  • "Feel free to come back whenever you feel like a game!"
  • "Sorry Kongs, you're just a few coins short."
  • "Sorry, Kongs, you don't have enough coins to play."
  • "Aww, isn't that a shame - you don't have enough coins."
  • "Oh, you'll need more coins to play this game I'm afraid."
  • "I can only accept 2 coins to play this game I'm afraid."
  • "You just haven't got enough coins to play I'm afraid."
  • "Never mind, with more coins, you can do it next time."
  • "Well, I'm afraid that's not the amount of coins I'm looking for."
  • "Nobody goes empty handed on this show. Here, take some bananas with my compliments"
  • "Awww, that's a real shame, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs! Never mind, you can always try again."
  • "Well, you gave it your best shot. It's just a pity that you missed!"

Wrinkly Kong[edit]

  • "Hello there, it's me - Mrs. Wrinkly Kong!"
  • "I've found life too hectic at school with all those naughty Kremlings pestering me all the time!"
  • "If you need to save your game, Dixie, call here any time..."
  • "...and I'll record your progress on my new vid-me-whatsit machine for you!"
  • "I've found life too hectic at school with all those naughty Kremlings pestering me all the time! So I have decided to find my inner self"
  • "It's so relaxing here. Although it still seems like something is missing. Perhaps you can help?"
  • "Hello, Kongs, how can I help you today?"
  • "If you bump into Cranky, tell him to stop wasting his money on Swanky's bonus games."
  • "If you catch up with Cranky, tell him he still owes me my housekeeping money!"
  • "Have you seen Cranky on your travels? He ate all of my fresh cookies!"
  • "If you spot Cranky on your travels, tell him his dinner's gone cold."
  • "Have you seen my glasses, Kongs? I put them down somewhere, but I can't remember where!"
  • "Make sure you wipe your feet and wash your hands before saving your game, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs."
  • "When crossing the jungle remember to look left, right, and then up for falling monkeys!"
  • "What's that? You want to see the Lost World? Which channel is that on, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs?"
  • "What's that? You want to see the Lost World? Can't help you, sorry."
  • "It's good to have a visit from you, Kongs! All you ever see on television these days is repeats!"
  • "Hurry up and save your game, Kongs, I'm late for my Bingo!"
  • "Memblesh. Mammble Schwerble. Sorry, Kongs, I've just had my new teeth fitted."
  • "How do you like my new hairdo, Kongs? I've just had a new banana rinse."
  • "All these new fangled toys you play with these days. In my day we had a box and a stick... and we'd be happy!"
  • "You're looking tired, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs - put your feet up and save your game."
  • "It's looking cold out there today, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs. I hope you've wrapped up warm."
  • "What was that? You'd like to change your name? Oh, sorry! I misheard - you want to SAVE your game!"
  • "What was that? Why don't I use my hearing aid? If I do that then the batteries will run down, silly!"
  • "Do keep a lookout for any banana birds - they're ever such nice company."
  • "Your banana birds are very well behaved, I don't hear a peep out of them."
  • "I love this bird that you've found! It's an energetic little thing, isn't it?"
  • "These birds are such good company, unlike my wretched husband Cranky."
  • "Aren't you going to give your favorite relative a good-bye kiss?"
  • "Don't worry Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs, I'm always ready to help! Just try not to bother me when I'm exercising!"
  • "Don't worry Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs, I'm always ready to help! Just try not to bother me when I'm meditating!"
  • "All you ever seem to do in these games is shoot this or jump on that. Why don't they make games about knitting?"
  • "I'm glad Cranky doesn't know about this new console. If he did, I'd never be able to get him off it!"
  • "Ssshhhhh, Dixie! I'm on my last life, and you're breaking my concentration!"
  • "Can you help, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs? I can't get off this level - and I've been playing it for weeks!"
  • "Bye-bye, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs. Try to find some of those nice banana birds!"
  • "So, you've defeated K.Rool have you? I'm very proud of you - that's very nice!"
  • "You know, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs, since you've been away, I think these bird are beginning to get a little restless. Is there by any chance you can find out where they want to go? If you need help exploring, try asking Funky!"
  • "My word, they seem very excited! It looks as if they want to take you for a ride!"
  • "Go on, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs, don't worry about your boat - I'll get Cranky to fetch it for you!"