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This is a list of quotes from Mario Party Superstars, listed alphabetically by character.


This game uses the same announcer as Super Mario Party.

In minigames[edit]

  • "Start!" (Most minigames)
  • "3, 2, 1... Go!" (Racing minigames)
  • "Finish!" (All minigames)
  • "Winner!" (Single player)
  • "Winners!" (Team players)
  • "A new record!" (When a human player broke a record)
  • "It's a tie!" (If everyone has the same amount of points)
  • "Got it!" (When getting an item in Item Minigames)
  • "Got item!" (Japanese version only)
  • "Too bad!" (When not getting an item in Item Minigames)
  • "Miss!" (Japanese version only)


  • "Chance Time!" (Chance Time Space)
  • "You got a Star!" (When buying a Star, stealing a Star from Boo, or getting a Star from a Hidden Block)
  • "You got Stars!" (When buying two Stars)
  • "You are the Super Star!" (When announcing the winner in Mario Party mode and at the end of the credits)
  • "Congratulations!"


  • "Gehehheh! I can nab you a Artwork - SUPER STAR (Simple).svg Star or Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins from someone. What'll it be?"
    • "Choose who to steal from." (list of opponents) (Steal Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg for free/Pay 50 Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg for 1 Artwork - SUPER STAR (Simple).svg)
    • "Geheh...heh? Wait a minute...nobody has anything to nab! Try again later!" (if all opponents have no coins)
  • "Did you see that? I nabbed (number) of their Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins! Gehehheh!"
  • "Cough up (number) Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins, and we'll consider letting you on the fun. Sound good?"
    • "That's the spirit! Let's party till the break of dawn!" (Let's Party!)
    • "Your loss! Gehehheh!" (No, Thanks)
  • "Whoa...daytime already? What a party! Let's do it again, if you have the coins!"
  • "You wanna join our party? Do you have (number) Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins? Didn’t think so! Scram!"



  • "Bwahaha! Floating free in the ocean is so relaxing... You should give it a try!" (Yoshi's Tropical Island)
  • "Take this Bowser Tube - the highest-quality flotation device money can buy!"
  • "You heard me say 'money can buy', right? Fork over (number) Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins!"
  • "Well, if you can't afford it, I'll just take all the Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins you've got! Bwahaha!" (Not enough coins)
  • "It popped already? Don't look at me! Buyer beware! No returns! Bwahaha!"
  • "So you like cake, do you? Well, THIS should make you happy!" (Peach's Birthday Cake)
  • "I got up at the crack of dawn to make this. It's going to rock your taste buds!"
  • "Oh...the price? Well, all that hard work... What do you say to (number) Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins?"
  • "What do you mean you don't have the coins? Fine. Gimme what you've got!" (Not enough coins)
  • "Now that that's settled... Don't sit there like a stone! Eat up!"
  • "Did I's made of rocks? Better watch those teeth! BWAHAHA!"
  • "Ooh, I've got something good for you. I hope you saved up... BWAHAHA!" (Cursed Dice Block)
  • "It's an artifact that's been passed down generation after generation..."
  • "I'll let it go for just (number) Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins. At that price, YOU'RE practically robbing ME!"
  • "I know, I know... It's just 3 Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins in the shop. So what? BWAHAHA!"
  • "You don't even have a single Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coin? Get out of here, you! Wasting my time..." (if the player has no coins)
  • "Wait a minute...are you in last place? Oof, that's rough. I feel sorry for you. Almost." (sometimes the player in the last place receives 5 coins for passing by Bowser)
  • "I'm feeling generous today. Take a few coins. I'm just a big softy. I know!"

Big Bowser Coin Beam[edit]

These quotes are reused from Mario Party 2 with some minor edits.

  • "Energy charged to 300 percent! Fire the Big Bowser Coin Beam...NOW!!!" (Bowser will fire this regardless of whether any players are in the path or not)
  • "Direct hit! Direct hit! All Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins are beamed to ME! BWAHAHA!"
  • "Huh?! No sign of life! Reset the counter! I'll remember this!"

Bowser Space[edit]

  • "BWAHAHA!"
  • "Welcome! BWAHAHA!"
  • "So you land on my space... You have no clue what's in store for you, do you?"
  • "So you made it to the Bowser Space... Get ready for tears! BWAHAHA!"
  • "This is the Bowser Space! Are you ready to get some fun? GOOD!"
  • "Here we go! Hand over your Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins!" (Give 10/15/20/30/half of your Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins to Bowser)
  • "Are you kidding? That's not enough! Guess I'd better take them all! BWAHAHA!" (if the player has not enough coins)
  • "WHAT? No Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins at all? Nothing? Get out of here, runt!" (if the player has no coins)
  • "BWAHAHA! Tremble in fear! I'm taking coins from everybody!" (Everyone gives 10 Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins to Bowser)
  • "I'm treating you all the same, so nobody can complain! BWAHAHA!"
  • "BWAHA! Cough up a Artwork - SUPER STAR (Simple).svg Star!" (Lose one Artwork - SUPER STAR (Simple).svg Star)
  • "You're telling me you don't have a single Artwork - SUPER STAR (Simple).svg Star? Of all the... BWAAAH! Get lost!" (if the player has no Stars)
  • "Don't mention it... Literally. Don't mention it. To anyone." (Receive 100 Artwork - SUPER STAR (Simple).svg Stars/1,000 Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins)
  • "Saddle it, chumps! It's time for one of my minigames!" (Bowser Minigame)
  • "Lose, and I'll take your coins!"
    • "No one lost? NO ONE LOST? How am I supposed to have any fun? BWAAAH!" (if all players win)
    • "Well, well, well! Hand over 10 Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins, (character)!"
    • "(character 1) and (character 2)/(character 1), (character 2), and (character 3), I'm looking at you! I want 10 Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins! NOW!"
    • "BWAHAHA! All of you, pay up! I'll take 10 Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins! EACH!"
  • "Huh? You don't have enough Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins... Guess I'll take 'em all! Too bad for you!" (if the losing player has less than 10 coins)
  • "Huh. A little light, aren't you? Well... I guess I can let it slide. This time." (if any losing player has less than 10 coins)
  • "I've been thinking. Everybody's so focused on Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins. But there's more to life..." (Bowser Revolution)
  • "Maybe you'll understand if you're all equal...with the same number of Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins!"
  • "Now show me your Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins. Don't even think about trying to hide any!"
  • "That makes a total of (number) Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins. Now let's split 'em up. Equally!"
  • "Nobody can say I didn't make the world a better place, can they? No! BWAHAHA!"
  • "BWAHAHA! Time to get all mixed up!" (Bowser Shuffle)
  • "Things are about to get interesting... Just try to find your way now!"
  • "Last place? Aw, don't make my cry, now!" (sometimes the player in the last place receives 10 coins for landing on Bowser Space)
  • "Last place is last place... But at least you have some Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins in your pocket!"

Bowser Jr.[edit]


  • "Compete in minigames with players from all over the world!"
  • "Can you maintain the longest win streak in the world? Find out here!"
  • "As long as you keep winning, you can even take a break and resume later."
  • "You can keep on trying, so you'd better not give up without a fight!"
  • "I can't wait to see how you do!"


  • "Here you'll play against opponents online and try to keep your win streak alive!"
  • "Survival starts now!"
  • "Keep going! You can't stop there. You gotta win the next one too!"
  • "Not bad! Better than I thought you'd do. Think you can win the next one too?"
  • "Well, look at you go! You might get further than I thought."
  • "Next up is a 1 vs. 1 Duel Minigame!"
  • "I'm in charge here, so I'm gonna choose the minigame. Let's see how you do!"
  • "How many wins was that? 0? Eh, I'm sure you'll get the hang of it."
  • "You got 1 win. Not your best work, but you're not gonna give up, are you?"
  • "Wow, look at you! That's a new high score. I look forward to seeing you how you rank!"
  • "Someone doesn't know when to give up. OK then, Survival starts now!"

Evil Woody[edit]

  • "Well, well. Look who it is! I guess you deserve some fruit, (character)."
  • "Go ahead and choose the one that looks good to you! Heh heh heh..."
    • "You got the minus-coin fruit."
    • "You received the reverse-dice fruit. You will head back the way you came."
    • "Huh? You felt bad to me? You didn't want to pluck my fruit? How adorable!"
  • "As the result, I'll give you both the minus-coin fruit AND the reverse-dice fruit!"
  • "Back so soon, (character). You must be hungry..." (if the player meets Evil Woody the second time)



  • "Time to play Flower Lottery! That'll be 10 Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins, please, to find your path!"
  • "You don't have enough? Well, I guess I'll take whatever you've got!"
  • "You don't have any Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins? Yikes. Well, this one's on me, I guess..."
  • "Go ahead, choose a seed. One's a winner! The others...aren't."
  • "There's only one seed left, meaning... do you finally have a winner?"
  • "Let's take a look. Here we go!"
    • "Aw, too bad. You don't get to go see King Bowser. Hope you're not disappointed..."
    • "Congratulations! You're the winner. Give King Bowser my best, will you?"
    • "Wow, are you lucky! I'm so jealous! Have fun playing with King Bowser!"

Last Five Turns Event[edit]

  • "(character) has this in the bag for sure! Look at that determined expression!"
  • "(character) is sure to win! Talk about momentum! Wow!"

Green Toad[edit]

  • "This boat will take you to Mt. Minigames."
  • "Who will be joining us today?"
  • "We're just waiting for 3/2/1 more to join." (Offline Play)
  • "Is this everyone?"
  • "Off we Mt. Minigames!"
  • "Players around the world are waiting! Are you ready to take them on?" (Online Play)


Data House[edit]

  • "Eheeheehee! What a surprise seeing you here!"
  • "Welcome to the Data House. Eheeheehee!"
  • "Well, if isn't another visitor to the Data House. Eheeheehee!"
  • "You're new around here. Let me show you something interesting..."
  • "This is a Mario Party Card. It's a mystical card that tracks your adventure..."
  • "You can customize it to your liking right here. Go ahead - give it a personal touch."
  • "I see... All righty then. Don't forget that you can change it here anytime."
  • "All kinds of data are recorded here. Pick up a book to relive the memories!"
  • "It looks like something new were added. Why don't you check what it is?"
  • "Leaving already? Until next time."

Mario Party[edit]


  • "Welcome to the Mystery Mansion. Do you wish to light the Darkness Lamp?"
    • "Well then, what are we waiting for? Let there be night!" (Pay 5 Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg to Light)
    • "Really? Well, suit yourself. Come back when you change your mind." (No, Thanks)
  • "And just like that, darkness has fallen."
  • "You don’t have many Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins, huh? Looks like we have nothing to discuss." (Not enough coins)

Last Five Turns Event[edit]

  • "(character) is the luckiest one in these woods. That's my predicted winner!"
  • "With my magic, I foresee (character) winning the whole thing. Count on it!"

Mt. Minigames[edit]


  • "To clear each stage, you'll have to win in 1 vs. 3 Minigames five times in a row."
  • "Each time you clear a stage, I'll send stronger foes after you!"
  • "Clear a stage, and I'll assign you a rank."
  • "But if you lose, you'll have to start all over again! Do you have what it takes?"
  • "Clear a stage to move on to the next one!"
  • "Don't think this will be easy!"
  • "And that's left is one final stage!"


  • "Battle your foes, and get five wins in a row. How far do you think you can go?"
  • "This foe is even stronger than the one from before! Can you make it?"
  • "I didn't expect you to get so far! Can you reach the end THIS time?"
  • "From here on out, you'll be all by yourself! I don't see you getting many wins now!"
  • "Argh! You're so frustrating to deal with! Let's see how you like these new foes!"
  • "You're nearing the end. I must have underestimated you... But this is it!"
  • "Gah! Why won't you lose? I still have some tricks up my sleeve though!"'
  • "Grr... I'll give you that one. But I'm not through yet!"
  • "How did you make it this far? I can't let you go any further. I won't!"
  • "I guess you're a liitle more skilled than I thought... But you're in for it now!"
  • "I would have been surprised if you DIDN'T win that one. But how will you do now?"
  • "No! I'm not having this! That's it! You leave me no choice. Take this!"
  • "Not bad. Will you be so lucky next time though? Will you? Eheeheehee!"
  • "You've made it much further than I thought you would. But the end is here!"
  • "I hope you're not angry! Eheeheehee! Train a little and challenge me again!"

King Boo[edit]


  • "Well, well, well! Aren't you a bold one to come face-to-face with me, King Boo!"
  • "I'll steal a Artwork - SUPER STAR (Simple).svg Star from each and every one of your unsuspecting opponents!"
  • "Or I can just steal Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins if you prefer those instead. Now, what'll it be?"
  • "What is your deepest desire? Is it coins or Stars? I can steal whatever you need."
    • "All right, lackeys! It's time to earn your keep! Mwah ha ha!" (Steal Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg for free/Pay 150 Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg for 3 Artwork - SUPER STAR (Simple).svg)
  • "Just look at all those Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins! That's (number) Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins in total. You're welcome, by the way!"
  • "Nothing's better than Artwork - SUPER STAR (Simple).svg Stars! Let's see here...looks like we grabbed 3... That's what King Boo can do!"

Last Five Turns Event[edit]

  • "I hereby decree that (character) will win, and the king's word is absolute!"
  • "(character) has this in the bag, and don't you dare question me! Mwah ha ha!"

Koopa Paratroopa[edit]


  • "In 2 vs. 2 Minigames, your teamwork is really put to the test."
  • "Go ahead and decide on the number of Stars you'll need to win."
  • "Good thing you can choose your teammate!"


  • "Work with your partner to secure victory. The first team to get (number) wins, well...wins!"
  • "Which team will come out on top? Let's choose a minigame and see!"
  • "We'll let (character) choose the next minigame."
  • "One more victory will decide it all."
  • "Will this next minigame determine the winner?!"

Koopa Troopa[edit]

Game's opening cutscene[edit]

  • "Finally, I made it. I guess it's all up to me!"
  • "Where is everybody? It's almost time!"
  • "First, I want to say...thank you all for assembling here."
  • "Using this pipe, we can set off on an adventure! Let's decide who will be the Super Star!"
  • "I think we'll be able to go to places you remember... Places we haven't been in a long time!"
  • "There's no time to waste. Let's get going... to the world of Mario Party, old and new!"

Mario Party[edit]


  • "I'm getting excited!"
  • "The adventure to decide the Super Star is about to begin!"
  • "Time for fun!"
  • "Do you know how to play?"
  • "This is the board game, and you'll roll the dice to move." (Explain It)
  • "Blue Spaces are good. But try not to land on Red Spaces."
  • "When you land on a Blue Spaces, you'll receive some Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins. That's nice."
  • "You'll lose some Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins on Red Spaces though, and Bowser Spaces are even worse!"
  • "Spaces that trigger special events are green. And that's it. Hope you got all that!"
  • "A minigame begins as soon as everyone has had a turn, so make sure you're ready!"
  • "The better you do in minigames, the more Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins you earn. You'd better try hard!"
  • "Some spots on the map let you get a Artwork - SUPER STAR (Simple).svg Star by exchanging your Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins."
  • "Whoever has the most Artwork - SUPER STAR (Simple).svg Stars after all turns elapse is the winner, the Super Star!"
  • "I think you have it now. Right?"
  • "You have progress data for a game begun earlier. Resume play from where you left off?"
  • "Who's going on the adventure?" (After saying "Yes", "All Set!" or "Start Over")
  • "You need 4 members to play. Spot remaining: 3/2/1."
  • "Is everybody ready to go?"
  • "Set the difficulty."
  • "Select where you want to adventure." (Online Play)
  • "Explore two islands connected by bridges. Pay attention to which you want to be on!" (Yoshi's Tropical Island)
  • "Venture into the galaxy, but beware of runaway spaceships and Bowser beams!" (Space Land)
  • "Make your way around a delicious cake, and plant strawberries to your advantage!" (Peach's Birthday Cake)
  • "Wander into the woods and follow the signs. Aim for a win, and try not to get lost!" (Woody Woods)
  • "Be careful! This eerie place guarded by ghost is diffirent between day and night." (Horror Land)
  • "I recommend (number) turns if you're playing on (board)."
  • "Bonus Artwork - SUPER STAR (Simple).svg Stars can really turn the tide of a game. I wonder which ones you'll get?" (Bonus Stars: ON)
  • "This nostagic rule set features Rich, Minigame, and Eventful bonus Artwork - SUPER STAR (Simple).svg stars." (Bonus Stars: Classic)
  • "No bonus Artwork - SUPER STAR (Simple).svg Stars it is! Everyone will have to rely solely on skill for this one." (Bonus Stars: OFF)
  • "You'll see intructions and controls before starting a minigame." (Minigame Help: ON)
  • "You will skip the intructions before a minigame starts." (Minigame Help: OFF)
  • "Everyone will start with no Stars." (Handicap: OFF)
  • "Lastly, pick a minigame pack! Each pack holds a different selection of minigames."
    • "This pack has some of everything in it!" (All Types)
    • "This pack has games the whole family can really enjoy, young or old." (Family)
    • "I hope you love action-packed minigames. I've gathered them all up for you!" (Action)
    • "Here I assembled classic minigames that debuted on the Nintendo 64 system." (Nintendo 64)
    • "Here we have memorable minigames from the Nintendo GameCube era." (GameCube)
    • "Want to show off your skills? This pack has minigames I chose just for that!" (Skill)
  • "Looks like we're all set. Ready to begin?"


  • "We've made it! This is (board)!"
  • "Long ago, a passing Super Star met some Yoshis stranded on these very islands." (Yoshi's Tropical Island)
  • "The Super Star stepped up and saved those Yoshis. What a hero!"
  • "The kindness of the Super Star meant a lot to the Yoshis."
  • "It meant so much that they stayed here, hoping for another Super Star to appear..."
  • "They've been waiting a very long time, but today's their lucky day."
  • "It's time to find out who's the next Super Star. Let's get to it!"
  • "A while ago, on this space station, which is kinda far away, a battle commenced..." (Space Land)
  • "A brave Super Star vanquished an evil king and restored peace to the galaxy."
  • "Though the galaxy is at peace, signs of trouble lurk just over the horizon."
  • "That's why, now more than ever, the people of this galaxy need a savior."
  • "Will you step up and become the Super Star that the people need?"
  • "Excellent. I can see you're just the person for the job."
  • "This enomous cake was made for the birthday of a very special princess." (Peach's Birthday Cake)
  • "Even the candles are huge. Lighting them all was quite the task!"
  • "But what are we celebrating today, you ask? A natural question!"
  • "Isn't it obvious? A new Super Star is going to be born! Today, in fact!"
  • "Do you understand what that means? We want you to become Super Stars!"
  • "Looks like you're all fired up! Good. Off you march!"
  • "If you don't watch your step, the forest will send you around in circles!" (Woody Woods)
  • "You see, long ago, these woods were the sites of battle for the title of Super Star."
  • "But it ended without a clear victor..."
  • "And that brings us to today!"
  • "It's a once-in-a-lifetime chance! No - once in a millenium!"
  • "Chart a course through this twisty forest. Show us what it means to be a the Super Star!"
  • "A sinister magician once made a home of these spooky woods..." (Horror Land)
  • "But when the Super Star drove them away, the forest returned to normal."
  • "Since then, some spooky spirits arrived and made everything, was, spooky again."
  • "If only a new Super Star would rise and save the forest from its frightening fate..."
  • "Now... Where oh where might we find a new Super Star?"
  • "Do I have to spell it out to you? Become the Super Star and save our forest!"
  • "But now that we're here, I've got some business to take care of. I'll see you later."
  • "Toad's in charge from here on out."

Start Space[edit]

  • "Good job making it all the way around! Here are 10 Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins for your hard work."
  • "Nice work! Take this 10 Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coin bonus!"
  • "You're doing great. We're very proud of you. Please, take these 10 Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins."

Koopa Bank[edit]

  • "Welcome to the Koopa Bank. I'm sorry, but I must ask for a deposit of 3 Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins." (5 coins in the last 5 turns)
  • "Oh! Looks like you don't have that many Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins. Well, just deposit what you have!" (if the player has not enough coins to deposit)
  • "Thanks for your deposit! The counter shows how many Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins we've received."
  • "Anyone who lands on this space gets all the Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins we're holding!"
  • "Thanks for your cooperation!"
  • "Welcome back to the Koopa Bank. You'll have to deposit 3 Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins this time too." (5 coins in the last 5 turns)
  • "This is the Koopa Bank. You'll have to deposit 3 Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins at this branch too." (5 coins in the last 5 turns)
  • "Welcome to the Koopa Bank. It would be best if you made a deposit, but you don't seem to have any Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins..." (if the player has no coins to deposit)
  • "Oh well. Come again. There are (number) Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins deposited."
  • "Congrats on landing here at the Koopa Bank! You get the deposited Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins!"
  • "You should consider yourself lucky... Ah. I guess it's only (number) coins. Well, enjoy."
  • "Look at that! You get all the Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins from all the Koopa Bank. Spend them wisely!"
  • "You're really coming out on top here. Take these (number) Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins. A very nice little profit."
  • "Take these - Oh. No Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins have been deposited. Please come again." (if there are no coins in the bank)
  • "We're in the homestretch, so...we'd better start wrapping things up here too!" (last 5 turns)
  • "With that in mind, you'll each have to deposit 5 Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins from now on."


Mario Party[edit]


  • "Hey, want to plant a strawberry here? Big or small, you choose!"
    • "Now that's a healthy-looking strawberry if I've ever seen one!" (Small)
    • "When an opponent lands on this space, the strawberry will steal Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins!"
    • "A nice, plump strawberry! The sight of it is positively mouthwatering!" (Large)
    • "When an opponent lands on this space, the strawberry will steal a Artwork - SUPER STAR (Simple).svg Star!"
    • "No, thanks? It's your choice, I guess!" (No, Thanks)
  • "You can grow this small strawberry into a large one for 30 Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins. OK?"
    • "Look at this strawberry grow!" (Grow)
    • "That strawberry will grab a Artwork - SUPER STAR (Simple).svg Star instead of Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins. Can't wait to see that!"
  • "Looks like you don’t have enough Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins. No plant. Too bad."

Last Five Turns Event[edit]

  • "A victory for (character) seems likely. That's how it looks for me, anyway."
  • "Seems like (character) has the best chance. Probably! Let's go with that."

Mt. Minigames[edit]

Daily Challenge[edit]

  • "These sets of minigames change every day. Have fun!"
  • "First-place winners earn Artwork - SUPER STAR (Simple).svg Stars, and you can get up to three from each pack!"
  • "The minigames change every day, so keep coming back to earn more Artwork - SUPER STAR (Simple).svg Stars!"
  • "Why don't you give (pack) a try?"
  • "It's time for a Daily Challenge. Win a minigame to get a Star!"
    • "In this pack, you fight alone or as a team in 1 vs. 3 minigames." (1 vs. 3 Variety)
    • "In this pack, whoever lasts the longest wins." (Battle to Survive)
    • "In this pack, control is key as you aim a perfect score." (Be Precise)
    • "In this pack, collect as many Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins as you can." (Collect Coins)
    • "In this pack, you'll face off in 1 vs. 1 minigames." (Duel It Out)
    • "In this pack, you'll collect Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins in 1 vs. 3 minigames." (Fight for Coins)
    • "In this pack, run, run - as fast as you can!" (Flee Your Foes)
    • "In this pack, clear the games as quickly as possible." (Get First Place)
    • "In this pack, compete in sports with a focus on technique." (Get Sporty)
    • "In this pack, gather more than everyone else." (Grab Everything)
    • "In this pack, jump and jump and jump everywhere!" (Jump for It)
    • "In this pack, you become the rival to beat - or must flee from that toe!" (Just Survive)
    • "In this pack, think on your feet and survive!" (Make It to the End)
    • "In this pack, jostle for a prime position!" (Pushy Pals)
    • "In this pack, reach the finish line as quickly as possible." (Race It Out)
    • "In this pack, run from your rivals!" (Run from Rivals)
    • "In this pack, aim carefully and blast away!" (Shoot 'em Up)
    • "In this pack, keep your eyes peeled and don't miss everything." (Stay Focus)
    • "In this pack, look and think carefully." (Think Hard)
    • "In this pack, you need quick reflexes." (Use Your Reflexes)
    • "In this pack, shove your opponents off, but don't get shoved off yourself." (Watch Your Step)
  • "Let's get started!"
  • "Round 1/Round 2, start!"
  • "And now for the final minigame! Give it all you've got!"

Coin Battle[edit]

  • "Play with three other players, and see who can rack up the most Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins!"
  • "Coin Minigames, Bonus Minigames, and other events can happen sometimes too."
  • "In 1 vs. 3 Minigames, the player who's in the lead faces off against three rivals."
  • "After the dust has settled, whoever has the most Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins wins!"
  • "If you win in minigames, you can earn yourself a whole lot of Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins!"
  • "Without further delay, Coin Battle begins now!"
  • "Here's the first minigame."
  • "Cast your votes, and a minigame will be selected by the roulette wheel."
  • "(player) makes a comeback and take the lead!"
  • "All the Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins you get in the game will be yours to keep!"
  • "Battle it out in a minigames where everyone's Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins are at stake!"
  • "Now, I'll go ahead and collect 10 Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins from each of you."
  • "What's going on here? Do you not have enough Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins?" (if any player has not enough coins)
  • "I guess this is your lucky day. Here's a gift of 10 Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins."
  • "All right, then! Let's play a minigame with (number) Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins at stake!"
  • "The leader, (character), will face the rest! Whichever side wins gets 20 Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins."
  • "We'll even let (character) select the minigame for us."
  • "The Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins you get here will be doubled!"
  • "Last, but not least, it's the final minigame!"

Monty Mole[edit]


  • "Looks like ya want me to change the arrow signs. Do I got that right?"
    • "All righty then! I'll fix those signs for ya. Nothin' can stop me!" (Yes)
    • "Hmm...looked ta me like ya were chompin' at the bit. Oh well." (No)
  • "Ya don’t have the Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins ta do it! Shame. Well, see ya!"

Last Five Turns Event[edit]

  • "(character) has it in the bag. Look at how they use items. Just look at 'em!"
  • "Seein' how they use items, well...I pinnin' my hope on (character) to take it."


Game's opening cutscene[edit]

  • "Looks familiar, doesn't it?"
  • "It all started with this green pipe... The journey to become the Super Star."
  • "Maybe you even forgot all about it. That's OK... It's been such a long time, after all."
  • "Travel through this pipe, and that journey begins again!"
  • "It has been such a long time that it seems the Koopa Troopa's a little bit nervous..."


  • "It looks like the Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coin toll is going to increase with each player who passes." (Yoshi's Tropical Island)
  • "The good news is that you're the first one who wants to pass, so..."
  • "Seems like you'll have to hand over 1 Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coin/(number) Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins if you want to pass."
    • "How many Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins do you want to give the Thwomp?" (Pay)
    • "I think the Thwomp feels a little let down." (Don't Pay)
  • "That's (number) Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coin(s), right?"
  • "The Thwomp agrees to let you pass!"
  • "You can't cross this bridge unless you pay (number) Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins." (if the player has not enough coins to cross the bridge)
  • "The Thwomp's toll has been halved."
  • "It looks like the Snifit are out on patrol..." (Space Land)
  • "Looks like this Piranha Plant can steal Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins one more time!" (Peach's Birthday Cake)
  • "The Piranha Plant passed you some Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins. Was that a smile?"
  • "Since you don't have a Artwork - SUPER STAR (Simple).svg Star to steal, the Piranha Plant ignores you."
  • "What's this? All the arrows have changed direction!" (Woody Woods)
  • "This arrow sign changed direction."
  • "It seems like the Whomp is asking if you'd like it to move so you can pass." (Horror Land)
    • "The Whomp say you're welcome to move on ahead!" (Pay 5 Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg to pass)
    • "The Whomp is saying something along the lines of, 'Then take a hike!' Kinda rude..." (No, Thanks)
  • "Magic is binding this Whomp in its place, making it unable to move at night."
  • "This seems like a great place for a party."
  • "Spooky spirits spend time here during the day."
  • "Spooky spirits spend time here at night."
  • "Looking at you intently, the giant eyeball seems to be saying, 'Will you give me Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins to warp you?'"
    • "The orb gazes deep within you as though it is saying, 'All set? Then let's roll!'" (Pay (number) Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg to Warp)
    • "The glassy sphere peers right through you as if to say, 'Well, that's too bad.'" (No, Thanks)
  • "Mr. I only has eyes for Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins. Come back when you have more." (Not enough coins)
  • "You knocked, but the sound is drowned out by wicked laughter emanating from within."
  • "Things are sure to be a more lively around these parts at night..."
  • "Which item do you want to use?" (list of items)
  • "Custom Dice Block/Double Dice/Mushroom/Triple Dice cancelled the effect of the Cursed Dice Block."
  • "Choose who to steal from." (Boo Bell/Plunder Chest)
  • "Who will you use it on?" (list of players/opponents) (Cursed Dice Block/Dueling Glove/Super Warp Block)
  • "Who do you want to duel?" (list of opponents) (if there are more than two players landed on the same space)
  • "You're out of room! Choose an item to discard." (list of items) (if the player has three items and receives the fourth one)
  • "It's the last turn, so there won't be an Item Minigame."
  • "(Bowser hightailed it.)" (Receive 100 Artwork - SUPER STAR (Simple).svg Stars/1,000 Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins)

Shy Guy[edit]

  • "Come on in. This is the Option House."
  • "Option House operator, at your service."
  • "Welcome to the Option House."
  • "You can tweet a variety of settings here."
  • "Looks like something new got added. Be sure to check it out."
  • "I'd leave you with words of wisdom, but I'm still waiting for hear some myself. See ya."
  • "I guess that's everything, then. Take care."
  • "All righty. Feel free to stop by anytime."

Skeleton Key[edit]

  • "I can unlock this gate, but you know... only if you really want me to."
  • "I'm the only one who can unlock this gate. Tough choice, but it's up to you."
  • "You want to unlock this gate? Sure, sure, but you'll lose me..."
    • "I truly enjoyed the time we shared. I miss the way the inside of your pocket smells." (Unlock)
    • "OK. Fine. I'll unlock the gate. I'm sure gonna miss all our fun times together..."
    • "Wow. I guess I'll go ahead and unlock this gate, then. No, it's fine. You go on ahead."
    • "I think you made the right call. What good is an unlocked gate anyway? None, I say!" (Don't Unlock)
    • "Leaving the gate locked for now? WHEW. I was worried for a second there!"
    • "Oh. Y-You're not unlocking the gate? Great! That means more time together!"



These quotes are reused from Mario Party 2 with some minor edits.

  • "We're the Snifit Patrol. We'll chase down speeders for just 5 Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins!"
    • "Understood. We'll chase them down to the farthest reaches of space!" (Chase 'em)
    • "Oh, really? Well, I've got some paperwork to do, so please excuse me". (Let 'em Go)
  • "Don't you worry. I'll catch those speeders red-handed!"
  • "Eh? You don't have 5 Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins? Umm... I, uh... I need to go investigate something." (Not enough coins)

Last Five Turns Event[edit]

  • "(character) always comes in first in minigames. That's the winner right here!"
  • "(character) has been acing the minigames. That's who'll win for sure!"


Village Square[edit]

  • "View memories from your pass adventures or check your records." (Data House)
  • "Embark on a journey to Mt. Minigames!" (Mt. Minigames)
  • "Set out on an adventure to become a Super Star!" (Mario Party)
  • "Have Shy Guy change up your gameplay experience with various options." (Option House)
  • "It looks like no one's here now. (Maybe you need to go online first.)" (Friend House, offline)
  • "This is where you go to play with friends." (Friend House, online)
  • "If you want to play with someone else, press B Button to end your current session."
  • "Spend the Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins you collected on your adventures and from Mt. Minigames." (Toad's Shop)

Mario Party[edit]


  • "You got it!"
  • "I guess it's up to me to be your guide!"
  • "Is this your first time playing on this board?"
    • "Great! Then let me explain!" (Yes)
  • "This is Cantaloupe Island. It's a tropical paradise just bursting with fruit!" (Yoshi's Tropical Island)
  • "This is Watermelon Island. Look over there! Bowser's catching some rays!"
  • "Two bridges connect the islands. Pay the Thwomp's fee, and you can cross."
  • "There are Yoshis everywhere. They seem to be keeping an eye on us!"
  • "There's a timer that counts down when you pass by... What's that about?" (Space Land)
  • "A Bowser-shaped satellite hovers over the board... Better watch out!"
  • "The Snifit Patrol operates out of two locations. Are they here to fight crime?"
  • "There seems to be a lot going on up here, so don't let your guard down for a second!"
  • "The board looks mighty tasty... But what's up with those pairs of the green-colored spaces?" (Peach's Birthday Cake)
  • "This route takes you past the pudding, but watch for Bowser and Red Spaces!"
  • "Look closely, and you might catch a gimpse of a Goomba near the pudding..."
  • "That Goomba decides which path you'll take, so drop by and say hello!"
  • "Keep an eye on the signposts, but beware! They change directions." (Woody Woods)
  • "One of the trees here is friendly, so seek it out. You might get a nice surprise!"
  • "As you venture into the woods, be careful! I don't like the look of that other tree."
  • "It's like a maze in here! I just hope you don't get lost."
  • "On this board, spooky magic turns day to night and back again after two turns." (Horror Land)
  • "Whomps will move from your path during the day, but they sleep deeply at night."
  • "There are also stones with strange marks on them. They probably hide a secret..."
  • "But just talking about the place give me the creeps, so let's get on with the game!"
  • "First, we'll decide the turn order." (after explaining the board or say "No")
  • "(character 1) is first. (character 2) is second. (character 3) is third. (character 4) is fourth."
  • "Now that the turn order has been decided, here are some Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins to get you all started!"
  • "All right! Now, where's the Artwork - SUPER STAR (Simple).svg Star/first Artwork - SUPER STAR (Simple).svg Star?"
  • "You should be all set, so let's get started!"
  • "OK, everyone! Give it your best shot out there! Good luck, and have fun!"
  • "You can use the item you just got! Do you want to give it a try?"
  • "Whoa! The Artwork - SUPER STAR (Simple).svg Star went flying off somewhere else!" (Chomp Call)
  • "You rolled the same number of both dice! Wow! Here are 10 Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins to celebrate!" (double number)
  • "You rolled the same number of all three?! Take these 20 Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins! You're amazing!" (triple number that are not 7)
  • "I...I can't believe my eyes... Three sevens! You deserve these 50 Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins!" (triple 7s)
  • "Uh-oh! Here comes Boo to steal your Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins! Mash A Button to drive the thief away!"
  • "King Boo's minions are coming to steal your Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins! Mash A Button to keep them away!"
  • "Now, an announcement! This game was planned to end in (number 1) turns, but we're playing for (number 2) turns instead!" (if the number of turns has been increased)
  • "Now that all that's settled, good luck, and keep playing until we get to (number 2) turns!"

Event Space[edit]

  • "Well, would you look at that! Bowser and the Artwork - SUPER STAR (Simple).svg Star switched places!" (Yoshi's Tropical Island)
  • "Uh-oh! Day suddenly turned to night!" (Horror Land)
  • "Whoa! Night suddenly turned to day!"

VS Space[edit]

  • "Battle it out in a minigames where everyone's Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins are on the line!"
  • "You'll get Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins depending on your ranking!"
  • "To start, 3 Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins will be given to (player) for landing on the space."
  • "Now, decide how many Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins to wager!"
  • "All right! I'll collect (number) Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins from each of you!"
    • "Now then, (number) coins are at stake!"
    • "Hm. There are fewer Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins that I expected. Still, (number) Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins are at stake!" (if any player has not enough coins)
  • "Let's see what minigame it'll be..."

Chance Time Space[edit]

  • "All right, folks! The moment you've been waiting for... it's the Chance Time Space!"
  • "Welcome to Chance Time Space! Aim for a reversal of fortune here! Good luck!"
  • "Woo! Welcome to the Chance Time Space! Make your dream of a win...a reality!"
  • "Artwork - SUPER STAR (Simple).svg Stars and Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins will move from player to player exactly as shown on the blocks."
  • "Watch the three spinning blocks carefully, and hit them when you're ready! Go for it!"
  • "(character 1) will give (number) Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins/1 Artwork - SUPER STAR (Simple).svg Star to (character 2)!"
  • "(character 1) will trade all of their Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins/Artwork - SUPER STAR (Simple).svg Stars/Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins and Artwork - SUPER STAR (Simple).svg Stars with (character 2)!"
  • "Oh? It looks like there aren't any Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins/Artwork - SUPER STAR (Simple).svg Stars/Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins or Artwork - SUPER STAR (Simple).svg Stars to trade." (if both characters or character 1 have/has no coins and/or Stars)
  • "Oh? I guess nothing changed." (if both character have the same number of coins and/or stars)
  • "First, let's trade the Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins!"
  • "Next, let's trade the Artwork - SUPER STAR (Simple).svg Stars!"
  • "And that concludes Chance Time! We'll see you next time!"
  • "And that's a warp for Chance Time! Come again if you want to make a comeback!"
  • "With that, Chance Time come to a close. We look forward to seeing you again!"

Hidden Block[edit]

  • "I can't believe it!/Whaaat! (character) found a hidden block!"
  • "Oh, wow! A hidden block! How very, very lucky for (character)!"


  • "Two or more players landed on the same space. That means it's time for a duel!" (last 5 turns)
  • "A duel is a serious 1 vs. 1 face-off. Choose who you want to challenge!"
  • "On second thought, you don't have any Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins. We'll have to cancel the duel..." (if any player of the duel has no coins)
  • "Choose how many Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins to wager based on the total you each have."
  • "OK, (character)! How many Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins will you wager?"
  • "You want to wager (number) Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coin(s)?"
  • "Great! I'll hold on the (number) Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coin(s) from each of you."
    • "A total of (number) Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins were collected! The winner will take it all." (less than 50 coins)
    • "Wow! A total of (number) Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins were collected! Who will take it all?" (50 - 98 coins)
    • "I can't believe it! (number) Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins were collected! This is a huge opporturnity!" (100 coins or higher)
  • "Are you ready? Aaand...BEGIN!"
  • "We have a winner! The (number) Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins go to (character)!"
  • "Look at that! It's a tie! I guess that means I'll return your Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins..." (if both players win or the minigame ends with a tie)

Last Five Turns Event[edit]

  • "We're down to the last five turns! Let's take a look at the current standings."
  • "In first place, it's (character 1)! In second place, we have (character 2)! Third place belongs to (character 3)! And in fourth, it's (character 4)!"
  • "Everyone's really giving it their all! This is almost too exciting to watch!"
  • "What a heat competition! This is anyone's game!"
  • "Wow! There are some real competitiors on this board!"
  • "But who will win? Let's hear a prediction from one of our board correspondents!"
  • "I'm sure you saw this coming, but here's who will be making the prediction today!"
  • "Our predictor this time is someone who everyone knows and loves. Here they are!"
  • "Speaking of predictions, I bet you couldn't predict who we have today! Come on out!"
  • "Let's take a listen to the wisdom of the waves, as delivered by Cheep Cheep!"
  • "This time, let's hear from this spiky character!"
  • "Hmm, "Circumstances being what they are, victory for (character) is assured.""
  • "To be honest, all the splashing is making it hard to hear. Was that...(character)?"
  • "Sound like the Whomp is predicting (player) as the winner this time!"
  • "You heard that right! Come on out, (character)!"
  • "Our predicted winner, (character), will receive a bonus (item)/of (number) Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins!"
  • "Now that we're in the homestretch... Blue Spaces will give you 6 Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins, which is doubled from before!"
  • "The bad news is you'll lose 6 Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins on Red Spaces now, so watch your step!"
  • "Oh, and the Koopa Bank deposit will be increased to 5 Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins!" (not in Mario Party's boards)
  • "Also, if two or more players land on the same space, a duel will begin!"
  • "It's still anyone's game, so keep trying your best and don't give up!"


  • "All turns have ended. Great job, everyone! It's time to announce the results!"
  • "Now who will win at all?"
  • "First, let's go to over the bonuses!" (if the Bonus Setting is set as "ON" or "Classic")
  • "The first bonus is.../The second bonus we've got is.../And last but not least, the third bonus is..." (Bonus appeared)
    • "This bonus is for the fearless player who landed on the most Bowser Spaces!" (Bowser Space Bonus)
    • "This bonus is for the lively player who landed on the most Event Spaces!" (Eventful Bonus)
    • "This bonus is for the resourceful player who used the most items!" (Item Bonus)
    • "This bonus is for the top-tier player who got first place the most in minigames!" (Minigame Bonus)
    • "This bonus is for the fortunate player who collected the most coins!" (Rich Bonus)
    • "This bonus is for the eager player who purchased the most items!" (Shopping Bonus)
    • "This bonus is for the intrepid player who traveled the most spaces!" (Sightseer Bonus)
    • "This bonus is for the placid player who moved less than anyone else!" (Slowpoke Bonus)
    • "This bonus is for the player who landed on the most Red Spaces! Sorry about that!" (Unlucky Bonus)
  • "And the bonus goes to..."
    • "Awww... No one got the bonus this time. Too bad!" (if all players have 0 points in the chosen bonus)
    • "(character)!"
    • "(character 1)... And (character 2)!"
    • "(character 1)... (character 2)... And (character 3)!"
    • "Wow! Everyone gets the bonus!"
  • "And that brings us to our final announcement!" (after the bonuses or the Bonus Setting is set at OFF)
  • "And the winner is... (character)!"
  • "Whaaat? There's more than one winner!"
    • "We have (character 1)... And (character 2)/(character 1)... (character 2)... And (character 3)!"
    • "Incredible! Everyone wins!"
  • "In that case, we'll decide things with a Dice Block!"
  • "Whoever rolls the highest number will be the winner!"
  • "Wow! It looks like we have a winner!"
  • "Once again, our final announcement! The winner is... (character)!"
  • "1st place! I knew you had it in you, (character 1). Congratulations!"
  • "It's my pleasure to announce that (character 1) has taken 1st place!"
  • "(character 1) comes in first! A truly spectacular performance."
  • "2nd place! That was an amazing effort, (character 2)!"
  • "(character 2) ends up in 2nd! You gave it your all and came really close!"
  • "(character 2) takes 2nd place! Not quite 1st, but still a great showing!"
  • "Next is (character 3), who also comes in 2nd place!" (two-way tie for 2nd place)
  • "And last but not least... What's this? (character 4) ALSO comes in 2nd!" (three-way tie for 2nd place)
  • "3rd place goes to (character 3). Can you believe that effort?"
  • "3rd place! (character 3) kept on fighting throughout."
  • "(character 3) comes in 3rd! Great work all the way to the end."
  • "4th place goes to (character 4). You stuck in through to the very end!"
  • "(character 4) comes in 4th. A solid effort all around!"
  • "(character 4) takes 4th place. A passionate player all around!"
  • "If I had to guess, your winning strategy involved coming out on top in minigames!"
  • "It looks like you won more minigames than anyone else. Those are some super-sharp skills!"
  • "It's safe to say your lead in item use also led you to victory!"
  • "No matter what happened, you always had a smile on your face. That's the real Mario Party energy right there!"
  • "Seems like you had a fun time playing lots of Item Minigames!"
  • "The total of your dice rolls was higher than anybody else's. Hope you're not too tuckered out from all that walking!"
  • "Whoa! You stopped on a lot of VS Spaces. Always ready to take on the competition!"
  • "You bought so many items, you ranked first in purchasing power! What's up, Super Shopper?"
  • "You collected more coins than anyone else. Your wallet is bursting, eh?"
  • "You control the game with Event Spaces. It's nice to watch the day - or night - go by!"
  • "You couldn't stay off the Lucky Spaces. Seems you were the luckiest of all!"
  • "You ended up on a lot of Event Spaces. I hope you had a good strawberry harvest!"
  • "You found more hidden blocks than anyone else. You rank first-in luck!"
  • "You landed on more Red Spaces than the rest, but that didn't keep you down!"
  • "You managed to clinch the win while pocketing plenty of coins!"
  • "You must have been up for a challenge based on all the VS Spaces you landed on!"
  • "You stopped on a lot of Chance Spaces. You must have been willing to risk it all!"
  • "You stopped on a lot of Event Spaces. Did you outrun all of those spaceships?"
  • "You stopped on Koopa Bank more than anybody else. You know how to keep a financial institution working for you!"
  • "You stopped on more Blue Spaces than anyone. Those coins are handy, huh?"
  • "You stopped on more Chance Time Spaces than anybody else. That's some risky business!"
  • "You used so many items that I could hardly keep track of them all!"
  • "Your flair for cake decorating got results!"
  • "Anybody could have won that one. What a wild ride! Without further ado, let's check the final results!"
  • "Everyone sure gave it their all!/What an amazing competition! Without further ado, let's check the final results!"

Mt. Minigames[edit]


  • "Welcome to Mt. Minigames!"
  • "Select the course you want to play."
    • "Have fun playing sports or test your mettle with puzzles in Score Attack!" (Sports and Puzzles)
    • "Just one player can play online. Compete with players from around the world for a streak of wins!" (Survival)
    • "Just one player can play online. You can play varied, theme packs of minigames." (Daily Challenge)
    • "Collect as many Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins as you can. Whoever gets the most wins!" (Coin Battle)
    • "Choose whichever minigame you want to play!" (Free Play)
    • "In 2 vs. 2 Minigames, spilt into two teams and go head-to-head!" (Tag Match)
    • "Maintain your win streak in 1 vs. 3 Minigames! Play solo or as a team." (Trio Challenge)
  • "Play Sports and Puzzles minigames. Change the settings to polish your skills!" (Sports and Puzzles)
  • "If you're playing puzzle minigame by yourself, I recommend Score Attack."
  • "How many wins can you rack up battling players from around the world?" (Survival)
  • "Here are today's recommended minigame packs. Give them a whirl!" (Daily Challenge)
  • "There are 100 minigames in total! You're free to choose which one to play." (Free Play)
  • "If you're having trouble finding your next minigame, try selectig by genre!"
  • "Register the minigames you like to your favourites for quick and easy access!"


  • "You can play Sports and Puzzles minigames with custom rules."
  • "Welcome to Free Play! Practice playing any minigames you'd like."


  • "Welcome back! Let's take a look at how well you did this time around."
  • "Way to go! You extended your win-streak record!"
Daily Challenge[edit]
  • "Welcome back! Did you enjoy the (pack) pack?"
  • "Excellent work there! You got (number) Artwork - SUPER STAR (Simple).svg Star(s)!"
  • "That was your first time playing this pack, wasn't it? Thanks for giving it a try!"
  • "Thanks for playing all of today's minigames!"
Coin Battle[edit]
  • "I'm ready to announce who won... (character)!"
Tag Match[edit]
  • "I'm ready to announce who won... (character 1) and (character 2). How exciting!"
Trio Challenge[edit]
  • "Congratulations! You cleared Stage (number)!"
  • "Nice playing! Keep it up, and give the next stage a try!"
  • "Great job! You cleared all the stages from the team side!"
  • "You did it! You cleared every stage!"
  • "Try playing stages you're already cleared and bettering your rank!"


Friend House[edit]

  • "It's good to see you!"
  • "Oh, hey! I've been waiting for you!"
  • "Hi there! How are you?"
  • "You can meet up with faraway friends here!"

Star Exchange[edit]

  • "Here's the Artwork - SUPER STAR (Simple).svg Star!"
  • "Be sure to collect Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins as you make your way over here!"
  • "Be sure to collect Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins as you make your way over here! I'll be waiting for you!"
  • "Wow! You definitely have what it takes to be a Super Star! Get a Artwork - SUPER STAR (Simple).svg Star?"
    • "OK, this Artwork - SUPER STAR (Simple).svg Star is all yours!" (20 Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg → 1 Artwork - SUPER STAR (Simple).svg)
    • "Lucky you! You can have this for half the normal price!" (10 Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg → 1 Artwork - SUPER STAR (Simple).svg)
    • "Lucky you! Hand over that Double Card, and I'll trade you for 2 Artwork - SUPER STAR (Simple).svg Stars!" (Double Star Card)
    • "Whaaat? You mean you don't want a Artwork - SUPER STAR (Simple).svg Star?! Are... Are you sure?" (first time say "No, Thanks")
    • "Like, really, really sure?" (second time say "No, Thanks")
    • "Well, if you say so. I'm sure you've got something else in mind... Right?" (third time say "No, Thanks")
  • "You don't have enough Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins, but keep it up. You'll be a Super Star in no time!" (Not enough coins)
  • "The next Artwork - SUPER STAR (Simple).svg Star location is..."
  • "Here! The Artwork - SUPER STAR (Simple).svg Star's right here!"
  • "The Artwork - SUPER STAR (Simple).svg Star was moved! Come and get it, everyone!" (Chomp Call)
  • "Oh! (character) is back! The others can't keep up with your Super Stardom! Get a Artwork - SUPER STAR (Simple).svg Star?" (if the player buys a Star more than once)
  • "Back already, (character)?! You’re for sure a Super Star in the making! Get a Artwork - SUPER STAR (Simple).svg Star?" (if the player buys a Star on the same turn)
    • "Great work out there, (character)! Here's another Artwork - SUPER STAR (Simple).svg Star for you!" (20 Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg → 1 Artwork - SUPER STAR (Simple).svg)
    • "Hurray! (character) gets another Artwork - SUPER STAR (Simple).svg Star!"
    • "You got multiple Artwork - SUPER STAR (Simple).svg Stars in a single turn? Now I've seen it all!"
    • "You got Artwork - SUPER STAR (Simple).svg Stars in back-to-back turns? I'm impressed, (player)!"



  • "Hi, (character)! Since you've come all the way to see me, take a fruit!"
  • "I have two kind of fruit. Dice fruit lets you roll again. There's also coin fruit.
  • "Choose the one you like best. Here it comes!"
    • "You received the dice fruit. You can now roll again."
    • "You got the coin fruit."
    • "What's this? You don't want either one? There's no need to hold back!"
  • "Come back soon, and you can pick whichever one you like. I want you to!"
  • "Welcome back, (character)! How's it going?" (if the player meets Woody the second time)

Last Five Turns Event[edit]

  • "It takes animal cunning to survive in these woods. (character) has that spirit!"
  • "Whoever can live in harmony with the forest will win. That is (character)!

Yellow Toad[edit]

Toad's Shop[edit]

  • "Welcome!"
  • "Welcome to Toad's Shop!"
  • "We carry stickers, music, encyclopedia pages, and Mario Party Card designs!"
  • "You can earn Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins playing board games and on Mt. Minigames."
  • "Go ahead and take a look around. Browse to your heart's content!"
  • "There are lots of things here. Feel free to take a look around!"
  • "There are new products in stock!"'
  • "Oh... It looks like you don't have enough Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins."
  • "Thank you for your purchase!"
  • "Come back soon!"
  • "I hope to see you again!"
  • "I'll be here if you need me!"

Item Shop[edit]

  • "Welcome to the Item Shop! Would you like to buy something?"
  • "Oh! It looks like you don't have enough Artwork - COIN (Alt. color).svg coins. Please come again!" (Not enough coins)
  • "We updated our inventory. Please take a look!" (if the game is in the second half)
  • "Shop's closed!" (last turn)

Forest Shop[edit]

  • "Welcome to the Forest Shop, where those in the know spend their dough!"
  • "Welcome to the Forest Shop, where we've happy to see your wallet...and you!"
  • "Make good use of our items, and you'll get ahead of the pack!"
  • "We've restocked our items. I dare you not to buy something!" (if the game is in the second half)