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This is a list of quotes from the game Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix, listed alphabetically by character.


  • "Are you ready?"
  • "Here we go!"
  • "Let's step, step!"
  • "Let's reveal your soul!"
  • "OK!"
  • "Wow!"
  • "Perfect!"
  • "Perfect!" (exuberant)
  • "Fantastic!"
  • "You moved smoothly!"
  • "Everybody is watching you!"
  • "Good, good! Keep on going!"
  • "Absolutely wonderful!"
  • "You're doing pretty good!"
  • "100 Combos!"
  • "200 Combos!"
  • "300 Combos!"
  • "Keep steady till the end!"
  • "Watch out!"
  • "Nooooo!!"
  • "Sweating, huh? You're break it out into a sweat!"
  • "Are you watching this sequence okay?"
  • "Calm down!"
  • "Get over it!"
  • "Feel the rhythm of your body!"
  • "Your steps are REALLY unsteady!"
  • "Hey, hey! What's that?!"
  • "Boooo!"
  • "No good."
  • "Great!" (exuberant)
  • "Can I call you a dancing master?" (A grade)
  • "You're a fantastic dancer! You should dance one more time!" (B grade)
  • "Bravo!" (C grade)
  • "Excellent!" (D grade, international)
  • "Aw, you couldn't make it!" (D grade, Japanese version only)
  • "Wha-wha-what?" (F grade)
  • "Sorry. Almost!" (when the player failed for sub-game)


Truffle Towers[edit]

  • "Gwahahaha!"
  • "Of course it was me! Who else!"
  • "Now that I've got the keys, I can perform my greatest feat of treachery ever!"
  • "So all that dancing you did was for nothing! Later! Gwahahaha!"

Bowser's Castle[edit]

  • "Gwahahaha! Time for my evil masterpiece to come to life!"
  • "Precious Music Keys! Lend me your power!"
  • "Huh? Why isn't anything happening?"
  • "My keys! They're gone!"
  • "Who would dare do this? Who would dare steal something I rightfully stole first!"
  • "Never! I won't stand for it!"
  • "There's nothing to do but battle! We will decide who the winner is in battle!"
  • "Beaten again! Why can't I ever catch a break?"
  • "I guess this brings my grand plan to an unfortunate end."
  • "I was going to use the power of the keys my tone deafness. How embarrassing."
  • "I feel funny. I can't keep from dancing, and I feel...happy?"
  • "What's going on?"
  • "That is why we want to dance!"


  • "..."

Hammer Bros.[edit]

  • "Halt! We're the keepers of the gate!"
  • "If you want to go inside... You'll have to dance by us!"


Item Shop[edit]

  • "Welcome to (shop)!"
  • "What's this? It appears that this is your first time buying an item."
  • "Allow me to explain. There are two types of items: Those that you can start to use once you buy them and those you can only use when dancing."
  • "You can hold a maximum of three items that you can use when dancing."
  • "But you have to do more than just carry them around."
  • "Before you start dancing, choose that item and press A Button to confirm. And then you are set!"
  • "The best way to get the hang of using items is just to try them out!"
  • "Thanks!"
  • "That's right. It's a beaut, isn't it?"
  • "I'll give it to you if you do something for me."
  • "All right then, Mario/Luigi and Toad! Come this way!"

World 1[edit]

  • "Those darn kids! They treat my precious garden like a playground!"
  • "If you can get rid of these Koopa Troopas, the key to Truffle Towers is yours!"
  • "Your moves were killer, Mario/Luigi! Those shells will think twice next time they messing with my carrots!"
  • "Like I promised, here is the key to Truffle Towers!"


How to Play[edit]

  • "You play this game on your feet."
  • "Listen to the music. When the arrow moves here, step on it."
  • "When two arrows appear at the same time, jump on both."
  • "Too many misses will empty your dance meter and end your game."

Main Menu[edit]

  • "An adventure in search of Music Keys!" (Story Mode)
  • "Check out all the top records." (Records)
  • "Change the settings for calorie calculation." (Workout)
  • "Change various game settings." (Options)

Story Mode[edit]

  • "Do you want to hear that again?"


  • "Choose either Stereo or Mono." (Sound)
  • "Turn the dancing commentary on or off." (Announcer)
  • "Adjust the timing of the arrows." (Timing)
  • "Adjust the way calories burn are calculated." (Calorie Calculation)

Pirate Lakitu[edit]

  • "Ahoy, matey! Welcome to Pirate's Plunder!"
  • "Thank ye!"
  • "Ehhhh? This be the "Boogie Booster"! It be fer yer ship!"
  • "As long as ye have this lucky charm attached to the stern, ye'll make it through any whirlpool!"
  • "No! Me precious booster be not for sale!"
  • "Ye have a point there, laddie. 'Tis a keen eye ye have. There be only one way to solve this. A duel!"
  • "If ye win, I'll give ye me precious treasure. But ye won't!"
  • "We'll fish to see who gets the booty!"
  • "Shiver me timbers! Ye've bested me! So, I've installed me Boogie Booster on your ship."
  • "It'll keep ye safe from the swirling spirits of the sea!"
  • "I ought to feed ye to the fishes fer taking me treasure..."
  • "But thank ya anyways for your kind patronage. Yarrrr!"
  • "Until we fish again!"


Game's opening cutscene[edit]

  • "Oh me oh my! Oh no!"
  • "We've got to do something before chaos takes over the world!"
  • "I got it! I know who can help!"
  • "With him on our side, there's still hope for us all!"

World 1[edit]

  • "Hey Mario/Luigi! We've got a problem here!"
  • "It's just terrible! Someone stole the Music Keys!"
  • "The Music Keys! You know, the spheres that hold the power of music!"
  • "They were locked up in Truffle Towers for safekeeping."
  • "But someone broke through the seal and stole the keys!"
  • "And then released all the music into the land!"
  • "If you're quiet, you can hear the music. Shhh. Can you hear it?"
  • "Sometimes I suddenly catch myself dancing to the music. It's creepy! But also kind of fun!"
  • "If you don't find the keys, we'll all be doing this dorky dance! Forever!"
  • "Oh yeah, and chaos and discord will rain down on the Mushroom Kingdom and maybe destroy us all."
  • "Will you find the Music Keys so we can contain this wild force?"
  • "I knew we could count on you, Mario/Luigi! Let's go to Truffle Towers!"
  • "Oh no! We can't cross because the river's flooded!"
  • "The power of the music must have done something to the river! Now what are we going to do?"
  • "Oh, wait! Do you remember how that rhyme about the Music Keys goes?"
  • "When they keys make you shake your thing, magic things start happening!"
  • "So... If we dance, maybe something magic will happen and we'll able to cross the river!"
  • "Here it is! Truffle Towers! Shall we?"
  • "What's going on? The door's locked!"
  • "Are you OK? Mario/Luigi!"
  • "Wow, that pipe's pretty deep! I don't think you can jump our from where you are!"
  • "It's gonna take a miracle to get outta here. I got it! Dance your way out!"
  • "Can you handle it?"
  • "You'll need your best moves to get rid of them!"
  • "Yahoo! You did it! Let's go to the towers now!"

Cloud 9[edit]

  • "Hey, what's that over there? Isn't that the key to Truffle Towers?"
  • "How in the world did it get here? It's not for sale, is it?"
  • "I need that key!"

Truffle Towers[edit]

  • "Let's go in!"
  • "You gotta do whatever it takes to get the Music Key from Waluigi and lock it safety away."
  • "You give us the Music Key! Now!"
  • "You did it! You did the Music Key back!"
  • "Amazing, Mario/Luigi!"
  • "But, our journey has just begun! I don't know how to say this, but... There are four Music Keys in all."
  • "Originally, the four keys were kept in Truffle Towers for safekeeping."
  • "But whoever released the music also stole the other three keys and scattered them across the land."
  • "We need to find the three keys and lock them back in Truffle Towers to restore order again."
  • "Please, Mario/Luigi! We're all depending on you to find the keys!"
  • "I've prepared the SS Brass to help us!"
  • "Hop on board and we'll start our journey to find the missing Music Keys!"
  • "And we're off!"
  • "We'll be done just as soon as you put all the keys back inside Truffle Towers."
  • "Mario/Luigi, I'll be going home first."
  • "Someone stole the keys, Mario/Luigi!"
  • "Things were going so well and then this happened! This is just terrible!"
  • "Mario/Luigi, please help! You need to get those keys back from Bowser!"

World 2[edit]

  • "Maybe the second key is over here..."
  • "Look out!"
  • "The cyclone's going to eat us for breakfast! Mario/Luigi, you have to do something!"
  • "Oh, no! We've been caught! H-help! Help!"
  • "Repair will take a long time, and we're in a hurry..."
  • "Wait a second. I got it! Maybe we can fix it by dancing! And by we, I mean you."
  • "We'll never find the key if it fell into the water!"
  • "I can't see anything past the surface..."
  • "W-whoa! Look out! Whirlpool!"
  • "First a twister, now this? What terrible luck we've been having!"
  • "I can't control this thing... So...very...dizzy!"
  • "Is that an island over there? Let's head that way."
  • "Let's rest for a second. I almost lost my lunch out there! What a whirlpool!"
  • "Not even the might SS Brass could survive for very long in a whirlpool of that magnitude!"
  • "What was that? Bananas? Maybe our luck is changing! I love bananas!"
  • "But not this much! Augh! Catch them before they hit us!"
  • "Well, that was fun. But how are we going to get past the whirlpool?"
  • "Maybe someone on the island can help us out."
  • "Do you hear that? The whirlpool is humming a song..."
  • "I bet the Music Keys have something to do with this."
  • "Someone must have used a key to create this whirlpool..."
  • "The path to the key is down into the whirlpool. Yuck, I feel sick already."
  • "I shouldn't have eaten all those bananas... Oof! Here we go!"
  • "Follow that beat, Mario/Luigi!"

Pirate's Plunder[edit]

  • "This is great! With this booster, the whirlpool will have no problem!"
  • "Then why do you have it out on display?"
  • "Thanks!"

Underwater Temple[edit]

  • "Look at that! It's the second Music Key!"
  • "Wha--? What's going on? What's that rumble?"
  • "Ack! He looks mad!"
  • "I don't speak Squidish, but I'm pretty sure he's saying that he won't give us the key."
  • "I'm not sure if dancing will work this time. He's got a lot more legs."
  • "Yahoo! You got the second Music Key! Way to go!"
  • "Where did you learn those moves? That was so cool!"
  • "There are only two keys left. We'll have them all in no time!"

World 3[edit]

  • "I bet the third Music Key is in here!"
  • "Let's go get it."
  • "Man! Blocked at every turn!"
  • "My legs are too stubby to dance. It's up to you, Mario/Luigi!"

Wario's Carnival[edit]

  • "Drop by the shop?"
  • "We made it inside! Now, where's that key?"
  • "Did you see that?"
  • "Some shady character just rode by with a Music Key!"
  • "All right, Mario/Luigi, follow that roller coaster!"
  • "Use the power of dance to pick up speed!"
  • "Dooty doot!"
  • "Hey, Mario/Luigi! Wait for me!"
  • "Ack! Save me!"
  • "What a horrible, stinky fellow!"

Ghost House[edit]

  • "You! Wait!"
  • "He's run off into the house!"
  • "Don't be scared! It's just a regular old house. No way it's haunted. Come on!"
  • "Eek! It's a ghost!"
  • "Mario/Luigi! Save me!"

World 4[edit]

  • "This blizzard's out of control. We better look for the key on foot!"
  • "The fourth Music Key should be around here somewhere... Hey!"
  • "Look up there! There's key at the top of that mountain! Let's go!"

Freeze Mountain[edit]

  • "This path is too slippery too climb."
  • "How about that pipe over there? I wonder where it leads..."
  • "It's an underground tunnel. Maybe it leads to the top of the mountain."
  • "If we dance, we should be able to make it there in no time!"
  • "Brrrrr! It's too cold out here!"
  • "We'll never make it in this weather. Let's warm up in there until this storm passes."
  • "Wow, I feel great now! And the weather is better!"
  • "A little more climbing and we'll be at the top! Let's go!"
  • "What?! An earthquake?"
  • "Oh, no! It's not an earthquake, it's an avalanche!"
  • "You want to stop by the shop?"
  • "We finally made it! Let's get the key back!"
  • "Excuse me, sir, would it be possible if we could get that Music Key back from you?"
  • "You know, the one lodged inside your head?"
  • "Sir? Excuse me, I was talking about that key right there..."
  • "We'd like it back, please..."
  • "Guess you're the strong slient type."
  • "Did you see that? I was ignored! He's so cold! So cold!"
  • "I got it! Mario/Luigi, how about you melt him with your hot dance moves?"
  • "Wow! You were really on fire!"
  • "We've got all the Music Keys. Let's go back to Truffle Towers!"
  • "It'd a lot easier going down this mountain than it was going up. All we gotta do is slide!"
  • "What's all this rumbling?"
  • "Avalanche! Aaaaaugh!"
  • "Mario/Luigi, you gotta dance!"
  • "That was scary!"
  • "Hey! Mario/Luigi! Wait for me!"

World 5[edit]

  • "That's Bowser's Castle over there."
  • "The keys should be there. Let's go get them back!"
  • "Whoa!"
  • "Bullet Bills! We're under attack, Mario/Luigi!"
  • "You know what to do!"

Bowser's Castle[edit]

  • "Mario/Luigi! This is our final battle!"
  • "That would be us!"
  • "We're taking them back to Truffle Towers!"
  • "No one can beat Mario/Luigi on the dance floor!"
  • "What exactly was your grand plan?"
  • "Let's go back to Truffle Towers and lock up the keys!"
  • "What's up, Mario/Luigi?"
  • "What are you doing? What do you want to do with the keys?"
  • "I can't stop my feet either!"
  • "I understand now!"
  • "So this is the way the keys are supposed to be used, eh, Mario/Luigi?"
  • "In capturing the keys, we've transplanted a little music into our souls."
  • "With the keys back in place, and music in our souls, the world is a happier place."
  • "Let's dance! Dance to the music in your soul!"


  • "Hey, what's the deal?! What did you do to my hotel?!"
  • "It looks like a corkscrew now! Nobody wants to vacation in a corkscrew!"
  • "You better fix it! Now!"
  • "See, that didn't take very long, Mr. I'm-in-a-rush! It looks good as new!"
  • "I hear that you guys are looking for some shiny globes?"
  • "I saw them, you know. They flew in that direction of the sea..."
  • "But...the sea is fraught with danger! Fraught, I tell you! Hey, I'm not done talking!"


Game's opening cutscene[edit]

  • "Wahahaha! At last I've found them!"
  • "The Music Keys, the bearers of the power of music!"
  • "I shall release the music from the keys and flood the world with chaos!"
  • "And then... I will hypnotize the rhythmless masses with my moves! And rise to power!"
  • "Wahahaha!"

Truffle Towers[edit]

  • "Wahahaha! I have a surprise for you!"
  • "I, Waluigi, claim this Music Key in the name!"
  • "With this key, I'll be the best dancer in the world! Wahahaha!"
  • "What are you doing here? This is a PRIVATE dance party!"
  • "Wahahaha! The only way you'll get it back is if you defeat me... in a dance-off!"


  • "Wahahahaha! You'll never catch me! Or the key!"
  • "Huh?"
  • "This is my key! If you want it, you'll have to pry it out of my cold, gloved hands!"
  • "I'm going to use the Music Key for my newest attraction!"
  • "It's called "DDR: Wario Mix.""
  • "It's an exploration of greed, stench, and stubby legs through interpretive dance."
  • "You dare groan at me? My show is the best because my moves are the best!"
  • "In fact, they're so good that if you can outdance me, I'll hand over the key!"
  • "But that will never happen! Wahahaha!"
  • "What?! I can't believe it! You'd better watch out, because I'm going to get that key back!"