List of Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix quotes

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This is a list of quotes from the game Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix; the quotes are listed by character.


  • "I feel funny. I can't keep from dancing, and I feel...happy?"


  • "Those darn kids! They treat my precious garden like a playground!"
  • "If you can get rid of these Koopa Troopas, the key to Truffle Towers is yours!"
  • "Your moves were killer, Mario/Luigi! Those shells will think twice next time they messing with my carrots!"

Pirate Lakitu[edit]

  • "Ehhhh? This be the "Boogie Booster"! It be fer yer ship!"
  • "As long as ye have this lucky charm attached to the stern, ye'll make it through any whirlpool!"
  • "No! Me precious booster be not for sale!"
  • "Ye have a point there, laddie. 'Tis a keen eye ye have. There be only one way to solve this. A duel!"
  • "If ye win, I'll give ye me precious treasure. But ye won't!"
  • "We'll fish to see who gets the booty!"
  • "Shiver me timbers! Ye've bested me! So, I've installed me Boogie Booster on your ship."


  • "Hey Mario/Luigi! We've got a problem here!"
  • "It's just terrible! Someone stole the Music Keys!"
  • "The Music Keys! You know, the spheres that hold the power of music!"
  • "If you're quiet, you can hear the music. Shhh. Can you hear it?"
  • "Sometimes I suddenly catch myself dancing to the music. It's creepy! But also kind of fun!"
  • "If you don't find the keys, we'll all be doing this dorky dance! Forever!"
  • "Oh yeah, and chaos and discord will rain down on the Mushroom Kingdom and maybe destroy us all."
  • "When they keys make you shake your thing, magic things start happening!"
  • "Hop on board and we'll start our journey to find the missing Music Keys!"
  • "Wait a second. I got it! Maybe we can fix it by dancing! And by we, I mean you."
  • "First a twister, now this? What terrible luck we've been having!"
  • "Then why do you have it out on display?"
  • "I shouldn't have eaten all those bananas...Oof! Here we go!"
  • "I don't speak Squidish, but I'm pretty sure he's saying that he won't give us the key."
  • "I'm not sure dancing will work this time. He's got a lot more legs."
  • "My legs are too stubby to dance. It's up to you, Mario/Luigi!"
  • "Don't be scared! It's just a regular old house. No way it's haunted. Come on!"
  • "Ack! Save me!"
  • "What a horrible, stinky fellow!"
  • "It'd a lot easier going down this mountain than it was going up. All we gotta do is slide!"
  • "No one can beat Mario/Luigi on the dance floor!"


  • "Hey, what's the deal?! What did you do to my hotel? It looks like a corkscrew now! Nobody wants to vacation in a corkscrew!"
  • "See, that didn't take very long, Mr. I'm-in-a-rush! It looks good as new!"
  • "I hear you guys are looking for some shiny globes?"
  • "I saw them, you know. They flew in that direction."
  • "But...the sea is fraught with danger! Fraught, I tell you! Hey, I'm not done talking!"


  • "Wahahaha! At last I've found them!"
  • "I shall release the music from the keys and flood the world with chaos!"
  • "Wahahaha! I have a surprise for you!"
  • "I, Waluigi, claim this Music Key in the name!"
  • "With this key, I'll be the best dancer in the world! Wahahaha!"
  • "Wahahaha! The only way you'll get it back is if you defeat me..."


  • "Wahahahaha! You'll never catch me! Or the key!"
  • "This is my key! If you want it, you'll have to pry it out of my cold, gloved hands!"
  • "I'm going to use the Music Key for my newest attraction! It's called "DDR: Wario Mix.""
  • "It's an exploration of greed, stench, and stubby legs through interpretive dance."