Destruction Dance

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Destruction Dance
Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix
Origin Bonus Stage (Wrecking Crew)
Stage 1-4
Length 1:45
BPM 130
Note count 19 45 148 188 237
Music sample
Mario and Waluigi in a dance-off in Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix
A dance-off with Waluigi in Story Mode

"Destruction Dance" is a playable song in Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix. It is an arrangement of the theme for Wrecking Crew's bonus stages.

The background for the song is the interior of Truffle Towers, at the bottom and top of a winding staircase that leads up to a second floor balcony. At one point, Bob-ombs walk past on the second floor.

In Mush Mode, Bob-ombs are also positioned behind each player's arrows. Podoboos appear as notes, and missing one ignites a Bob-omb and causes major damage to that player's dance meter. In multiplayer dance-offs, stepping on a Podoboo sends it to the other player.

In Story Mode, this song plays for stage 1-4, Waluigi Battle. After Mario or Luigi gets into Truffle Towers, Waluigi has a dance-off with him for the first Music Key. Waluigi behaves the same way as the game's playable characters, but he cannot be selected by the player in this or any other mode.

Story Mode text[edit]

Who's the better dancer, you or Waluigi? The Bob-ombs will have a say in this dance-off!

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 月夜にぶちこわせ
Tsukiyo ni Buchikowase
Breaking up a Moonlight Night

French La danse destructice
The destructive dance
German Berserker-Boogie
Italian Danza espolisiva
Explosive dance
Spanish Baile explosivo
Explosive dance