Fire Up the SS Brass

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Fire Up the SS Brass

Fire Up the SS Brass is a minigame in Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix, and is unlocked after completing Story Mode EX, which is unlocked after playing through the regular story mode. The game features the player controlling the ship, the SS Brass, and guiding it through a series of 15 tunnels. In the beginning, there will be three closed tunnels, and only one open one, and the player guides the ship through the open one. Past the second tunnel, they will all appear as open until the last second, and three will close, and the player must react quickly and steer the ship into the only one that remained open. The game gets progressively quicker each time. The Dance Pad is used to choose the Up, Left, Right or Down tunnel; a GameCube controller may also be used.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese すすめ!アンサンブルごう
Susume! Ansanburu-gō
Advance! SS Brass