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Whee! is a minigame that is randomly selected after the player completes a world in Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix.


In this minigame, Mario or Luigi stands on a bridge, but it collapses and he starts falling to a trampoline. While the character falls, the player can move him left or right with the Dance Pad. When the character reaches the trampoline, the player must step off the left and right arrows at the right time so he jumps in the air and collects coins. If the player does not step off the left and right arrows at the right time, the character simply jumps in the air and stops right beneath the first coin. If he goes high enough after collecting 67 coins, he gets a coin bag that gives him 33 coins, giving him a total of 100 coins. When he starts to fall again, he is caught by a Lakitu.

In-game text[edit]

  • "You've only got one chance here! Jump high! Look up into the sky and give it all you've got!"
  • How to Play: "Start with your feet on ← and → and watch for the trampoline. Step off both arrows when the timing is right and jump as high as you can!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese とんでトランポリン
Ton de Toranporin
Jump Trampoline
French Youp là! Yup There!
German Klempner-Hochsprung Plumber High Jump
Italian Oplà! Upsadaisy!/Hop on!
Spanish (NOE) Salto al vacío Leap Into the Void