Boogie Booster

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“As long as ye have this lucky charm attached to the stern, ye'll make it through any whirlpool!”
Lakitu, Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix

The Boogie Booster is an item found in the Story Mode of Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix. In World 2, Mario (or Luigi) and Toad encounter a whirlpool while they are looking for a Music Key on the SS Brass. They retreat to a nearby island and find the Boogie Booster within the island's shop. After showing interest in the booster, the Lakitu running the shop declares that it is not for sale. The Lakitu agrees to give it if Mario wins a fishing duel against him. After Mario wins, he and Toad return to the whirlpool with the Boogie Booster installed and dive under the water to find the Music Key.