Choir on the Green

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Choir on the Green
Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix
Origin Aj Lučka, Lučka Široká
Length 1:27
BPM 133
Note count 47 60 124 153 203
Music sample

"Choir on the Green" is a playable song in Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix. It is an arrangement of the Bohemian folk song "Aj Lučka, Lučka Široká" (listed in-game as "Ah, Lovely Meadow"). While other songs include intermittent vocal samples, "Choir on the Green," alongside "Always Smiling," is one of two songs to have lyrics in a traditional sense, though what they are has never been officially confirmed.

"Choir on the Green" does not appear in Story Mode or Story Mode EX, but it may be purchased for 100 coins after World 1 has been beaten.

The song's background shows Mario or Luigi dancing on a cloud that is flying around rainbows high above grass-topped spires poking through a sea of clouds. Shy Guys can be seen dancing on other clouds flying around in the background.

Like with other songs that do not appear in Story Mode or Story Mode EX, Mush Mode is unavailable for "Choir on the Green."


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 緑の上の大合唱
Midori no Ue no Daigasshou
French Chœurs champêtres -
German Wolkenreise -
Italian Balli per aria Dances in the air
Spanish Maquineando -