World 1 (Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix)

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World 1
Mario's House
A view of Mario's house within World 1
Game Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix (2005)
Level(s) 5
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World 1 is the first area in the Story Mode of Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix. It is a grassy area that contains Mario's/Luigi's house and Truffle Towers, a building meant to keep the Music Keys locked up.

After Toad informs Mario or Luigi about someone stealing the Music Keys, the two make their way to Truffle Towers. They are quickly stopped by a flooded river caused by the power of music. They cross the river using a boat and climb a beanstalk that leads to Truffle Towers, only to find that the door is locked. Waluigi then ambushes them with a Bob-omb and causes Mario to fall into a Warp Pipe. After Mario makes his way back up, both he and Toad enter Lakitu's shop, Cloud 9, and see the key to Truffle Towers. Lakitu agrees to give them the key after Mario gets rid of the Koopa Troopas in his garden. Once they use the key and enter the building, they find Waluigi having a dance party. He challenges Mario to a dance-off and loses. Mario and Toad retrieve a Music Key from him and board the SS Brass to find the remaining Music Keys.

After collecting all of the Music Keys, Mario and Toad return to World 1 to put them back in Truffle Towers, but Bowser steals them before they can.


Title (English) Stage Game Original Song Original Composer Japanese Name
Here We Go! 1-1 Super Mario Bros. Ground Theme Koji Kondo ヒア・ウィ・ゴー (Hia Wi Gō)
Underground Mozart* 1-2 Mario Bros. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 土管の中のモーツァルト (Dokan no Naka no Mōtsaruto)
Pipe Pop 1-2EX Piano Sonata No. 11 (Mozart) Turkish March Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart パペットダンス (Papetto Dansu)
Garden Boogie 1-3 Carmen Georges Bizet パラパラカルメン (Parapara Karumen)
Destruction Dance 1-4 Wrecking Crew Bonus Stage Hirokazu Tanaka 月夜にぶちこわせ (Tsukiyo ni Buchikowase)

*The song appears only in the regular Story Mode. In Story Mode EX, it is replaced by the next song.