Hammer Dance

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Hammer Dance
Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix
Origin Ground Theme (Super Mario Bros. 3)
Stage 3-1
Length 1:40
BPM 157
Note count 68 95 152 196 270
Music sample

"Hammer Dance" is a playable song from Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix. It is a ska arrangement of the "Ground Theme" from Super Mario Bros. 3.

The background of the song takes place in front of the closed gates leading to World 3 of the game, a large nighttime carnival. Some alternate camera angles show the neon-lit and shrubbery-lined road leading to the gate, or the castle-like walls encircling the amusement park.

In Story Mode, "Hammer Dance" serves as stage 3-1, Road Block. In it, two Hammer Bros. guard the entrance to the park and refuse to let Toad and Mario (or Luigi) in unless they are beaten in a dance battle. Uniquely, they are both present in the background during Story Mode, but only one is treated like a second player by the game—the second player's camera focuses only on the Hammer Bro to Mario's left. Like other Story Mode dance-off opponents, this Hammer Bro is not a playable character despite behaving like one in this stage.

In Mush Mode, this song's only gimmick is hammers, which are thrown in an arc toward the player's note receptors. In dance-off battles (and in Story Mode), hitting these hammers successfully causes them to rebound and arc toward the other player.

Story Mode text[edit]

The Hammer Bros. won't let you pass! Use your slickest moves to get past them!

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クエ・テ・バヤ・マリオ
Que Te Vaya Mario

French La danse du marteau
The hammer dance
German Hammetanz
Hammer Dance
Italian Ballo del martello
Hammer dance
Spanish La danza del martillo
The hammer dance