Boo Boogie

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Boo Boogie
Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix
Origin Ground Theme (Super Mario Bros. 2)
Stage 3-3
Length 1:26
BPM 130
Note count 60 73 126 149 207
Music sample

"Boo Boogie" is a playable song in Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix. It is an arrangement of the "Ground Theme" from Super Mario Bros. 2.

The song appears in the regular Story Mode as stage 3-3, Boo's Haunted House, wherein Toad and the player character are led into a haunted house while chasing Wario. The background of the song features Mario or Luigi dancing in the haunted house with swinging chandeliers and Boos flying around.

This song's only mechanic in Mush Mode is a giant Boo that moves up the screen to cover oncoming notes when the player misses steps. Stepping on mini-Boos causes the giant Boo to recede.

Story Mode text[edit]

There's nothing to be scared of in this haunted mansion. Use your hot moves to warm the Boos up to you.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ほっぴンちょっぴン
Hoppin Choppin
Hoppin' Chopin

French Boo danse le Boogie
Boo dances the Boogie
German Buu Huu-Boogie
Italian Boogie dance
Spanish Boogui-Boo