Garden Boogie

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Garden Boogie
Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix
Origin Carmen overture
Stage 1-3
Length 1:34
BPM 140
Note count 42 54 154 201 280
Music sample

"Garden Boogie" is a playable song in Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix. It is an arrangement of the overture from the opera Carmen by Georges Bizet.

The background for the song is a small, tilled field with several giant carrots growing out of the ground, located outside a shop on a hill near Truffle Towers. Koopa Troopas can be seen walking around the garden; one in particular is attempting to remove a carrot from the ground. Piranha Plants also appear from four Warp Pipes.

In Story Mode, "Garden Boogie" serves as stage 1-3, Lakitu Garden, where Mario or Luigi must drive away the Koopa Troopas from the garden as a favor for the Lakitu who has the key to Truffle Towers. Fittingly, in Mush Mode, Koopa Troopas appear for the first time in addition to Goombas. They must be stomped twice, which will send their shell to destroy the next note on the column.

Story Mode description[edit]

Those pesky Koopa Troopas loitering in the carrot field! Dance them outta there!

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese パラパラカルメン
Parapara Carmen
French Carott' Boogie -
German Zehn grüne Zehen -
Italian Danza dell'orto Garden dance
Spanish Bugui-bugui hortelano -