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This is a list of quotes from Mario Party 6. They are listed by character, alphabetically.


  • "Gwahaha! It's BOWSER TIME! I love bringing awfulness to the party! I think this time it'll be..."
  • "Oooh, aren't you lucky? You get to hand over whatever the wheel chooses! So...what'll be?!"
  • "What?! You don't have any coins? Gwahaha!"
  • "As your punishment, I'll give you 10 coins. Oooh, I can tell you're terrified!"
  • "Gwahaha! It's a Bob-omb! Will the question be too easy for you? Just to be nice, I'm going to make it even harder!"
  • "It's a Cursed Mushroom Panel! Should I feel bad for enjoying your bad luck? Nope...I'm BOWSER! Gwaha! Answer quickly or your bonus points will fall like a Metal Mario off an airship! Gwahaha!"
  • "Hrmm, it's a Pipe Panel!'s a very fearsome Pipe Panel! Gwarrrr! Answer this question right and you can pilfer points from your opponents!"
  • "GWAHAHA! It's the...Shadow Star Panel! All right, pay attention if you don't want to get stomped! I'm about to ask you a very special question!"
  • "Who's this pathetic weakling?"
  • "Watch carefully to see what happens."
  • "Which one of these things do I want to eat?"
  • "'re right. Better not get used to it!"
  • "Fork over 30 coins!"
  • "Oh this is a juicy prize! Hand over one of your Stars!"
  • "GWAHAH! You have to play one of my dreaded mini-games!"
  • "The losing team will have to hand over all their coins!"
  • "The losers this time must hand over all their coins! Gwahaha!"
  • "The mini-game wheel will choose your almost-certain, very probable DOOM!"
  • "I'm going to make all of the losers hand over all their coins! I almost feel bad about it!"
  • "The losing team has to hand over all their coins!"
  • "Neither team lost? Garrrrrr!"
  • "Nobody lost?! Oh well, I'll let you off this time...but watch your back!"
  • "See you the next time you land on my space! Gwahahahaha!"
  • "Made it to my Battle Yacht, eh? Just for your trouble, you get a Shadow Star! Gwahah!"
  • "Gwahaha! How nice of you to stop and visit! I'll be sure to make your stay as uncomfortable as possible!"
  • "Eh? You don't have any Stars?"
  • "Arrg! I'll still give you a Shadow Star that will steal some of your coins! Gwahaha!"
  • "Enjoy! Gwarrrrharrr!"
  • "I'll send you back to the Start Space, special delivery! Visit anytime! Gwahaha!"
  • "Gwarhaha! It's time for a great redistribution of wealth!"
  • "Bowser Revolution!"
  • "You can now challenge another player to a duel if you stop on the same space as them."
  • "It's too early to give up! It's still anyone's game!"
  • "Gwahahahahaha!"
  • "I'm going to trade you Shadow Stars for your Stars! GWAHAHA!"
  • "Gwahaha! Here's the next Shadow Star Space."
  • "Attention pitiful players: get some Stars and head this way!"
  • "Looks like you made it, chump! As your reward, I'm giving you a Shadow Star!"
  • "The next Shadow Star Space is here!"
  • "Attention pitiful players: get your Stars and head this way!"
  • "WHAT?! You don't have any Stars?"
  • "You still get a Shadow Star that will steal your coins!"
  • "Gwaha! You made it!"
  • "You don't have any Stars?!"
  • "Gwahah! I'll steal make you take this Shadow Star that will steal your coins!"
  • "GWAHAHA! Quiver with fear, wormy! BOWSER has arrived!"
  • "What deliciously doomful deed will I do next? Gwahaha!"
  • "GWAH HA HA! It's time for more painful mini-game fun!"
  • "If you lose to my devious Koopa Kids..."
  • "...I'll borrow your mini-games! Oh...when I say borrow I really mean STEAL!"
  • "...All of your coins will belong to ME!"
  • "The wheel will choose your fate!"
  • "That's all you got, (character)? I've eaten Goomba jerky that was tougher than you!"
  • "I always keep my promises... Especially when I promise to TAKE ALL YOUR MINI-GAMES! GWAHAH!"
  • "Koopa kids, you're a disgrace! That's it... No playing with your Mario action figure for a MONTH!"
  • "BLASTS AND CURSES! I gotta give you a mini-game!"
  • "You're getting off easy this time!"
  • "I'm stealing all of (character)'s coins! I feel bad...wait...never mind...that was just indigestion!"
  • "What, no coins?!? I'll have to take your Orbs instead. Gwahar!"
  • "See you next time, worm!"


  • "I'm Brighton, the incandescent dude of the daytime!"
  • "I'm Brighton, the MC of this mode!"
  • "Welcome to Towering Treetop! On this board, Stars cost 20 coins. Get to the Star Space to buy one! As soon as someone gets the Star from the Star Space, it'll move somewhere else on the board. Use Orbs to get an edge over your rivals, and watch out for special ? Spaces!"
  • "Welcome to Snowflake Lake! Snowflake Lake doesn't have a Star Space. Each player starts with 5 Stars, instead! You'll have to sick Chain Chomps on your rivals to take their Stars! It'll cost you 20 coins to ride a Chain-Chomp however many spaces you get with a Dice Block. When you ride a Chain-Chomp, you'll steal a Star from any rival you pass! You gotta get out there and ride those vicious Chain-Chomps to victory!"
  • "Let's figure out the order everyone will play in. Hit those Dice Blocks!"
  • "The Star is over here! Get there fast to buy it for 20 coins!"
  • "Anyone up for ice skating for free coins? I thought so! I'll toss coins on the ice. You get to keep whatever you grab!"
  • "It's duel time!"
  • "How many coins do you wanna put at stake?"
  • "That's a lot up for grabs! I'll take a Star and 40 coins!"
  • "Well, that's it for the duel!"
  • "How lame! You don't have enough coins or Stars to duel!"
  • "Whoa there! Two players on the same team can't duel!"
  • "Let's kick things off by awarding the Mini-Game Star"
  • "Whoa! Both teams rolled the same number! Too bad! This means neither team wins the Star!"
  • "Which has more?"
  • "Who is it?"
  • "Today's Speak Up champ is..."

Chain Chomp[edit]

  • ""Woooooof! (What's up? Want a ride?)"
  • "Arrrrrf WOOF woof! (Give me some coins and you can ride on me as many spaces as you roll!)"
  • "Haawooooooo!" (Hold on tight!)"
  • "Arf! Arrrf ARF arf! (I stole (number of stars) for you!)"
  • "Arrrrrrrrrf. Grrrrr! (I couldn't steal any Stars for you! Sorry about that!)"

Evil Woody[edit]

  • "Bwaha! Just for bothering me, I'm going to drop a nasty surprise on everyone!"
  • "That'll teach you not to bother me!"


  • "Goomba here! Give the block a hit to see how many coins (character) will get!"
  • "Er...never mind. Nobody gets any coins after all. Sorry!"
  • "That's a wrap!"


  • "What's up? The name's Kamek, and I'm here to give all your Orbs placed on the board to (character)!"

Koopa Troopa[edit]

  • "Step into my Orb hut. If it's Orbs you're after, you've come to the right place!"
  • "Thanks for shopping! You know where to go for the hot deals on the latest and greatest Orbs!"
  • "Looks like you're strapped for cash, chum. Come again when you're not broke!"
  • "Step right up to the Luck Wheel!"
  • "You can give it a spin for five coins! Wanna try?"
  • "No problem, pal. See you later!"


  • "I've-a got it! The Stars will help us end their fight! We'll throw a Mario Party to fill the Star Bank!"

Mini-game Announcer[edit]

  • "Go!"
  • "Finish!"
  • "New Record!"
  • "Tie!"


  • "Ten-hut! Paratroopa here! I'll swap your place with (character) on the double!"
  • "Wait...that's a negative! You're already on the same space as (character). Abort mission!"

Pink Boo[edit]

  • "Like, I totally love to steal stuff! Just give the word and I'll be on it like stomp on Goomba!"
  • "So, what can I know...steal for you? Heh!"
  • "Who's gonna be the unlucky target of my wicked deed?"
  • "Teehee... I'll be right back!"
  • "I stole some coins for you! I am, like, the best Boo ever! Gorgeous AND devious! Teehee!"
  • "You don't have enough coins to take! Teeheehee..."
  • "I stole a Star for you! It feels so awesome to be so evil!"
  • "Visit anytime! I live to stir up trouble! Teeheehee..."
  • "Hey! Nobody told me about a Boo-away Orb! Pshhaa! That is, like, SO unfair!"
  • "Daytime is totally lame! My pale complexion burns, like, really easily. Come back later!"

Professor E. Gadd[edit]

  • "Hey youngster! How about a ride on my new teleportation unit?"
  • "Hang on to your coins by tapping A Button as fast as you can!"
  • "Woooo boy! That's a lot of suction! Come back anytime you want to suction more coins!"
  • "Behold the genius of my Shuffle-o-tron! Use it to shuffle your Orbs!"
  • "See this Orb Morpher? It can transform Orbs into coins!"
  • "(character), behold the fury of the glorious Calamity Launcher!"
  • "You want me to launch X Orbs? If you say so, youngin'!"
  • "Well that's that! Stop by anytime you want to set more!"

Shy Guy[edit]

  • "Welcome to your neighborhood Orb superstore!"
  • "It's a clearance sale! We're slashing prices! C'mon in for some great deals!"
  • "We here at the Orb hut value your business. Come again soon!"


  • "I'm Twila, the dazzling dame of the night!"
  • "Greetings! My name is Twila, and I'll help you select your game preferences. Here you can adjust game settings and see the all-time records."
  • "I do believe it's high time for a snowball fight! Here are the rules: press A Button to throw snowballs at your foes to steal their coins!"
  • "Attention everyone! An evening duel is about to begin!"
  • "How many coins do you want to put at stake?"
  • "Impressive... In total, I'll take 1 Star and 40 coins."
  • "How very disappointing! You don't have enough coins or Stars to duel!"
  • "(character 1) and (character 2) are on the same team? I have to call this duel off!"
  • "There are only a few turns left. Let's see how everyone is faring..."
  • "Anything can happen in the last few turns. Keep giving it your all!"
  • "Poor (4th place character) is in last place! You can spin the bonus wheel!"
  • "What will the bonus be? Spin the wheel to find out!"
  • "This brings us to the last question! (character), your attention, please!"
  • "(character), you're absolutely right! You get x points!"
  • "Bravo, everyone! Let's see the final standings!"


  • "Uki? Ukiki? (Wanna play Coin Catch?)"
  • "Ukii, Ukiiiiii! (Cool! Let’s play!)"
  • "Ukiki? Ukikiii! (Fun times! Drop by again sometime!)"


  • "It'll cost ya 10 coins if yous wants to pass."


  • "Hi there! Thanks for stopping by! I think I'll give everyone some coins!"