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Miracle Book

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Miracle Book.png

The Miracle Book is a twenty-page pop-up book from Mario Party 6. The book itself costs ten stars, but the prices of individual pages vary from twenty to forty stars. When the player opens the book, there are pictures of the playable characters playing various minigames. If the player presses A Button, something happens depending on the page viewed. Filling the Miracle Book is also required to complete the game. Once all the pages are collected, Brighton and Twila see how much work Mario and friends have done to stop their feud. As a reward, the two make up and then send the stars scattering across the skies.


Page name (Minigame shown) Page name (Japanese) Before After
Blooper, Ahoy (Blooper Scooper) ゲッソーはおみとおし BlooperAhoy1.png BlooperAhoy2.png
Card Crazy (Odd Card Out) ☀ほんとうはなかよし🌙 CardCrazy1.png CardCrazy2.png
Amp Attack (Circuit Maximus) ビリビリにきをつけろ! AmpAttack1.png AmpAttack2.png
Poppin' Out of the Pipe (Mole-it!) どかんでビックリ! PoppinOutofthePipe1.png PoppinOutofthePipe2.png
Golden Goomba (Trap Ease Artist) でてこいクリボー! GoldenGoomba1.png GoldenGoomba2.png
Bountiful Harvest (Garden Grab) みんなでしゅうかく BountifulHarvest1.png BountifulHarvest2.png
Prickly Brawl (Pokey Punch-out) サンボがでたぞー! PricklyBrawl1.png PricklyBrawl2.png
Building a Bot (Body Builder) ヤッター、かんせいだ! BuildingaBot1.png BuildingaBot2.png
Fetch (Throw Me a Bone) いくよ、とってこーい! Fetch1.png Fetch2.png
Say Goomba (Freeze Frame) いまだシャッターチャンス SayGoomba1.png SayGoomba2.png
I Wanna Banana (Banana Shake) バナナがたべたいよ~ IWannaBanna1.png IWannaBanna2.png
Yoshi's Revenge (Snow Brawl) ヨッシーききいっぱつ! YoshisRevenge1.png YoshisRevenge2.png
It Came From the Deep (Treasure Trawlers) たからをひきあげろ! ItCameFromtheDeep1.png ItCameFromtheDeep2.png
Spring Cleaning (Dust 'til Dawn) おおそうじはじめるよ~! SpringCleaning1.png SpringCleaning2.png
Ground-pound Boogie (Smashdance) それいけヒップドロップ Ground-poundBoogie1.png Ground-poundBoogie2.png
Misty Surprise (Something's Amist) あしもとにおたからが! MistySurprise1.png MistySurprise2.png
Bowser Breath (Dizzy Rotisserie) ぐるぐるめがまわる~ BowserBreath1.png BowserBreath2.png
Kitchen Monkeys (Strawberry Shortfuse) おいしいケーキができたよ KitchenMonkeys1.png KitchenMonkeys2.png
Special Delivery (Catch You Letter) おねがい!うけとって~ SpecialDelivery1.png SpecialDelivery2.png
Lawn Mowin' Fun (Mowtown) たのしいしばかり LawnMowinFun1.png LawnMowinFun2.png


Miracle Book sprites[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミラクルブック
Mirakuru Bukku
Miracle Book