Treasure Trawlers

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Treasure Trawlers
Treasure Trawlers from Mario Party 6
Appears in Mario Party 6
Type 4-Player mini-game
Time limit 45 seconds
Music track Blissful
Music sample

Treasure Trawlers is a 4-Player minigame in Mario Party 6. The only change between day and night is that it is raining at night.

This minigame is featured on a page of the Miracle Book called "It Came From the Deep." Daisy finds a treasure chest while Luigi finds the Blooper from Blooper Scooper.


The players drive up to the center of the arena in their aquatic vehicles. They then face the screen.


Each character is in some kind of construction crane boat floating on a pool of water. Each player must keep moving around until their controller rumbles (or a "!" appears over their character's head if the Rumble Feature is turned off), then they should press A Button to let down their crane. If the crane pulls up a treasure chest, the player earns one point. If it pulls up a golden treasure chest, it gives them three points. If a Bob-omb is pulled up instead, the player is stunned temporarily. If a player pulls up a treasure chest after time runs out, they will still receive the number of points that chest is worth. The player with the most points at the end of the minigame wins.


The players slightly face the screen from where they are. The crane on the winner's boat then moves up and down.


  • Control Stick – Move
  • A Button – Recover treasure

In-game text[edit]

  • Rules"Find and recover the sunken treasure chests on the seafloor! Your Controller will rumble when you pass over a treasure chest."
  • Advice 1"Each treasure chest is worth one point. Golden treasure chests are worth three points. Bombs will temporarily stun you."
  • Advice 2"If the Rumble Feature is turned off, an "!" will appear instead."


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese うみのたからをひきあげろ
Umi no takara o hikiagero
Salvage Treasures in the Sea
French Pêche au Trésor Treasure Fishing
German Schatzkutter Treasure Cutter
Italian Tesori Sommersi Sunken Treasure
Spanish El tesoro escondido The Hidden Treasure