Star Sprint

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Luigi in Meadow Road course of Star Sprint in the game Mario Party 6.
Luigi with a star in his hand in Meadow Road

The Star Sprint is a mode in Mario Party 6.


The player has to choose a character and three partners to help them. Then the player must race with their character through a level with a star while speaking commands into Nintendo GameCube Microphone. For example: "Run" To increase speed, "Move up" to move up and "Freeze" to stop (the player can say "Pause the game" to pause and see all the commands). The objective of the minigame is to reach the finish line in the lowest time possible. The player can choose from three courses: Meadow Road, Dark Path and Magma Flow. Items found during this mode are Metal Mushrooms and Dash Pads. The player can also use the Nintendo GameCube Controller to play.

At first the player will have to say "Grab the star" to pick up the star. Then they have to say "Run" to speed up. During the road the player will found obstacles that can be passed by saying "Jump", "Move up" or "Move down" depending on the obstacle and the player's speed and location.

For the big obstacle, the partners will say "Mario Party" and then start to help the player. If the player gets stuck in the game, such as if they drop the star, Brighton will tell the player what they have to say.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マイクでゴーゴー
Maiku de Gōgō
Go-Go with Mic

German Sternensprint
Spanish (NOE) No te estrelles
Don't Smash Yourself