Seer Terror

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Seer Terror
MP6 SeerTerror.png
Appears in Mario Party 6
Type Rare mini-game
Time limit 10 seconds
Music Seer Terror

Seer Terror is a Rare minigame in Mario Party 6. Its title is a portmanteau of "seer", another name for a fortune teller, and the phrase "sheer terror", meaning "great fear". It is an extra minigame that can be purchased at the Star Bank for 50 Stars.


Bowser welcomes the player into his chamber, and states that he can predict their future. The camera zooms out to show most of the room, and, as the announcer says, "Go!", four ropes fall from above.


Bowser instructs the player to select one of the four ropes and pull on it, so that he can predict their future. They have ten seconds to do so. A random event then occurs, most often being something that harms the player.

Bowser's Fortunes[edit]

Image Event Description Fortune Quote
MP6 SeerTerror 1.png Bob-omb A Bob-omb falls and explodes, launching the player out of the room
  • "You're going to have a blast! GWAHAHA!"
  • "I see an event of explosive proportions in your future! Gwahahahaha!"
MP6 SeerTerror 2.png Chain Chomp A Chain Chomp rushes into the room and after the player, chasing them out
  • "I see a LARGE pet in your future! Gwahaha!"
  • "Trouble will follow you wherever you go! Gwahahahaha!"
MP6 SeerTerror 3.png Spiny Shells Several Spiny Shells rain down on the player
  • "Your day will and pointy! Gwarrrharrr!"
  • "I predict you will soon be in a prickly mood! Gwarrrharr!"
MP6 SeerTerror 4.png Podoboos Podoboos fall, surround, and blacken the player before vanishing
  • "The weather today will be very, very HOT! Gwahaha!"
  • "You'll soon rekindle an old flame! Gwahaha!"
MP6 SeerTerror 5.png Basin A basin falls and hits onto the player
  • "The sky will fall! Gwaha!"
  • "Something very surprising is bound to happen to you! Gwarrrhaha!"
MP6 SeerTerror 6.png Coins Coins are given to the player
  • "You can expect a great financial windfall. Grrrr!"
  • "You'll have a very rich life. Grrr, a loser like you doesn't deserve good luck like that!"
MP6 SeerTerror 7.png Pit The panel opens up, causing the player to fall into a pit
  • "I predict that you'll soon fall head over heals..."
  • "Your mood will plummet... Gwahahaha!"
MP6 SeerTerror 8.png Spun out of control The panel spins around multiple times, dizzying the player
  • "Your life is about to make a big turnaround! Gwahaha!"
  • "You'll play so many games that your head will spin. Gwahaha!"
MP6 SeerTerror 9.png Gold Bowser Statue A massive gold Bowser statue and squashes the player
  • "Your back will ache from all the good fortune you'll be carrying! Garrharr!"
  • "Tomorrow will be the best day of your (miserable) life! Gwaha!"
MP6 SeerTerror 10.png Mushroom A Mushroom descends and is given to the player
  • "Fungus. I see fungus in your future...mushrooms galore!"
  • "I hope you like mushrooms, because I see lots of them in your future!"
MP6 SeerTerror 11.png Thwomp A Thwomp falls and smashes the player
  • "I predict that you will soon feel very...depressed! Gwahaha!"
  • "You'll feel crushed by stress! Gwaha!"
MP6 SeerTerror 12.png Goombas steal coins Like the coin fortune, but Goombas arrive and rob the player's coins
  • "I see financial DOOM in your future! Gwahahahaha!"
  • "I see your wealth going to someone more deserving! GWAHA!"
MP6 SeerTerror 13.png Spiked barrel A spiked barrel falls onto the player; they move around inside it a bit
  • "Bad things are in your future. Learn to ROLL with it! Gwaha!"
  • "You feel confined by the pressures in your life! Gwahahaha!"
MP6 SeerTerror 14.png Spring trap A spring from the panel activates, launching the player into the air
  • "I see that you'll easily leap over any problem! Gwarr!"
  • "You will soon be able to rise over life's obstacles. Just don't get used to it! Grrr!"
MP6 SeerTerror 15.png Meteor strike A meteorite strikes the ground behind the player, dizzying them
  • "Something unbelievable is bound to happen to you!"
MP6 SeerTerror 16.png Bowser head bomb A Bowser head bomb drops and explodes, blackening Bowser. The player runs away.
  • "Your destiny has rubbed off on ME! ARGGGGGG!!!"
MP6 SeerTerror 17.png Black hole Bowser is sucked into a black hole


Bowser gives the player their fortune, which if it is a bad fortune is a one-liner based upon the event that just occurred. If it is a bad fortune, he laughs at their expense. If it is a good fortune, he looks away in disgust. If it is the meteorite or Bowser bomb fortune, Bowser pumps his fist. If it is the black hole fortune, Bowser yells as he is sucked in.


  • Control Stick – Move cursor
  • A Button – Confirm

In-game text[edit]

  • Rules"Bowser will peer into his crystal ball and predict your future! All you have to do is choose a rope and pull on it."
  • Advice"There are good fortunes and bad fortunes...which will yours be?"


  • Falling basins are a popular motif in Japanese slapstick comedy which likely led to their inclusion in this minigame.
  • In the info box for this mini-game, Bowser says the phrase "Ahh...I can see your future...and THIS is what I see." just before a giant Bowser statue falls on Luigi. Bowser never says this phrase when playing the minigame itself, instead saying the phrase "Ahhh...I can see your pathetic future! It's all coming into focus..."
  • When the player falls down the pit, Bowser might say "I predict you will fall head over heals..." However, the idiom is actually "head over heels".

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クッパのだいよげん
Kuppa no Daiyogen
Bowser's Great Prophecy
Spanish Pánico Panic
French Divination Bowser Bowser Divination (Might be a pun with the Bowser Revolution event)
German Orakel des Grauens Oracle of Horrors
Italian Bowsermanzia "Bowsermancy"