Wrasslin' Rapids

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Wrasslin' Rapids
Wrasslin' Rapids at day from Mario Party 6
Wrasslin' Rapids at night from Mario Party 6
Appears in Mario Party 6
Type Battle mini-game
Music track Fast and Furious
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Wrasslin' Rapids is a Battle minigame in Mario Party 6.

The only differences between day and night are aesthetic.


Four cranes lower each of the four players onto a raft.


The objective of the game is for each player to knock the other ones off the small wooden raft they are on. The players can punch or kick one of the other ones backwards. If the player does not fall off the edge, the player becomes impossible to hit for a small amount of time. However, if the punched or kicked player does fall off the edge, that player is eliminated from the game. The players can also jump on each other to squish them, lightening that player's jumping ability. After the raft passes through a gate, obstacles begin to appear. They include falling nuts and Shy Guys using cannons to shoot the raft while riding on a train as the raft floats down the river. The players have to watch out for other players and the obstacles, as they temporarily stun them. The last player standing, or the players that remain after the raft has come to a standstill, wins.


The winners and losers perform their victory and losing animations, respectively, at the beginning of the river.


  • Control Stick – Move
  • A Button – Jump
  • B Button – Punch
  • A Button B Button – Kick

In-game text[edit]

  • Rules"Push your opponents off the raft as it floats down the river. The last player standing wins!"
  • Advice"Beware of falling nuts and incoming cannon fire!"

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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese イカダでファイト!
Ikada de Faito!
Fight on the Raft

French Expulsions Rapides
Fast Dismissals
German Floss-Catchen
Raft Wrestling
Italian Wrestling su Zattera
Raft Wrestling
Spanish Sálvese quien pueda
Every Man for Himself