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The Snack Orb, originally known as the Bone Capsule, is an item that first appeared in Mario Party 5. It can be thrown to a space on the board or thrown away. Its effect makes Chain Chomp go for a player's Coins or Stars. When the orb is used, the player throws a bone off the side, and Chain Chomp goes after it, leaving the player alone. It is labeled as the Bones Capsule in the Mario Party 5 instruction manual. In Mario Party 6 and Mario Party 7, it is renamed the Snack Orb and is only found on boards with Star-stealing Chain Chomps (Snowflake Lake and Pyramid Park). The effect is the same, except the Snack Orb from Mario Party 7 is for players to use on themselves, and it protects them for three turns, or if a Chain Chomp attacks.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ホネカプセル
Hone kapuseru
Bone Capsule