Shadow Star Space

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Shadow Star Space
Shadow Star Space from Mario Party 6
Purpose Gives out a Shadow Star when passed on
First appearance Mario Party 6 (2004)
“I'm going to trade you Shadow Stars for your Stars! GWAHAHA!”
Bowser, Mario Party 6

Shadow Star Spaces are spaces that appear in Mario Party 6 and is the negative counterpart to the Star Space. They appear exclusively in Castaway Bay and Clockwork Castle, both in which they are controlled by Bowser. In both instances, they are temporary, whereas in Castaway Bay, the Shadow Star Space appears when Bowser and Donkey Kong shift their position around while in Clockwork Castle, Bowser replaces Donkey Kong at night and alters the Shadow Star Space with him when he moves. If players reach the space, Bowser awards them with a Shadow Star, which deducts a Star or 20 coins if they do not have at least one Star. Just as the Star Space, passing this space does not count towards the Dice Block roll.