E. Gadd's Garage

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E. Gadd's Garage
The board of E. Gadd's Garage during the day in Mario Party 6Artwork of E. Gadd's Garage during the nighttime in Mario Party 6
Appears in Mario Party 6
Availability Default
Description "Want to get in touch with your scientific side? Explore E. Gadd's garage!"
Music sample
Day time

Night time
“Welcome to E. Gadd's Garage! Rush to the Star Space with 20 coins to buy a Star. The Star will move to a different location as soon as someone grabs it. You’ll find all kinds of rare Orbs here, so use’em cleverly!”
Brighton, Mario Party 6

E. Gadd's Garage is a board from Mario Party 6. As the name implies, this board is owned by Professor E. Gadd. All of the machines here were created by the professor, denoted by them all having his company's symbol on them (like the one on the back of F.L.U.D.D. and the nozzle boxes from Super Mario Sunshine). He also seems to have a Nintendo GameCube, which can be seen on the bottom-left corner of the board. Also, there are some machines in the background. There is also a duck that floats around near the starting area of the board.

Landing on a ? Space on a conveyor belt causes it to move, sending all players on the conveyor to the space in front of the first junction. Any Character Spaces on this conveyor belt are also destroyed, and its Blue and Red Spaces are switched. The players can obtain coins from this. There are three teleportation units, with a ? Space next to each one. Landing on one of the three makes E. Gadd appear to ask the player if they want to use the teleportation unit. Accepting will let the player go in and be teleported to one of the other two teleporters on the board, depending on which one they use. The teleporters are linked as follows: west to northeast, northeast to southeast, and southeast to west. The ? Space in front of the giant fan makes E. Gadd appear to ask if the player wants to use the Wealth Suckage Apparatus. Accepting lets the player use it to suck coins away from the other players. The other players have to tap A Button quickly in order to save as many coins as possible.

The ? Space next to rocket ship summons E. Gadd to ask the player if they want to use his Calamity Launcher to put Character Spaces on the board for them. If they want to, they have to pay a certain number of coins to determine how many Character Spaces would be placed. The last two ? Spaces are located next to the Shuffle-o-tron / Orb Morpher, a huge structure shaped like Professor E. Gadd. Again, landing on one of these calls the professor down to ask the player if they want to use this machine. During the day, if accepted, the players put all their orbs in the machine, and they are transformed into different Orbs. By night, the orbs are transformed into coins equal to the same price sold at Orb Shops put together. Note that the player has to choose all or none to use the machine — the player cannot choose only one orb. Another thing happens on the board concerning the shifts of day and night. The platform with the two paths in the middle of the board turns around clockwise every time the time of day shifts.


Type of Space Number of Spaces
Blue Space from Mario Party 6
Blue Spaces
Red Space from Mario Party 6
Red Spaces
Happening Space from Mario Party 6
? Spaces
Duel Space from Mario Party 6
Duel Spaces
Miracle Space from Mario Party 6
Miracle Spaces
Donkey Kong Space from Mario Party 6Bowser Space from Mario Party 6
DK or Bowser Spaces
Total of Spaces 69



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese トラップファクトリー
Torappu Fakutorī
Trap Factory

French Hangar K. Tastroff
E. Gadd's Warehouse
German I. Gidds Bastelbude
E. Gadd's Workshop
Italian Officina Strambic
E. Gadd's Workshop
Spanish Garaje del Prof. Fesor
E. Gadd's Garage