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Chance Time Space
The Chance Time Space from Mario Party Superstars
Purpose Triggers a Chance Time event
First appearance Mario Party (1998)
Latest appearance Tetris 99 (27th Maximus Cup, cameo) (2021)
Mario Party Superstars (2021, Super Mario franchise)
“This is a ! Space. When you land here, the Chance Time Mini-Game begins.”
Toad, Mario Party 2

Chance Time Spaces (also known as ! Spaces) are among the rarest type of spaces in the Mario Party series. There are generally only one to three of them on each game board. They are called ! Spaces in the first three Mario Party games, and players who land on it must play Chance Time. Also, in boards where the Star moves after a player purchases one, the ! Space often takes the spot where the Star has been.

In Mario Party 4, they are called Fortune Spaces, and players landing on it played Reversal of Fortune. In the Mario Party 4 Flash game, they will prompt the player the chance to play a Game of Fortune minigame. The player can either accept or decline the offer.

In Mario Party 5, these spaces are Chance Spaces, only appearing if players place a Chance Capsule on a Blue or Red Space, and anyone that lands there must play Chance Roulette. In Mario Party 6, they are referred to as Miracle Spaces. All of these events play differently, but otherwise have the same effect of the Chance Times from before.

The Spin Space in Mario Party 9, the Steal Space from Mario Party 10, and the Event Spaces from Super Mario Party resemble earlier iterations of the Chance Time Space, but both the Spin Space and the Event Spaces have different functions.

Miracle Spaces return in Mario Party Superstars, with their name and function being reverted back to that of the first three games. They were also redesigned to look like two arrows looking to the opposite direction of each other, likely to avoid any confusion with the Event Spaces.


Mario Party 2[edit]

  • Wii Virtual Console manual: "The single-player Chance Time minigame begins"


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミラクルマス (Mario Party 6)
Mirakuru Masu
Miracle Space

Chinese (simplified) 机会格
jī huì gé
Chance space

Chinese (traditional) 機會格
jī huì gé
Chance space

Dutch Superkansvakje
Super chance space
French Espace ! (MP1 and 2)
Case Exclamation[1]
Case ! (MP3)
Case destin (MP4 to 6)
! Space
Exclamation Space
! Space
Fate Space
Italian Spazio Fortuna
Spazio buona fortuna
Luck Space
Good luck space
Portuguese Casa da Hora da Verdade
Moment of Truth Space
Russian Поле «Шанс»
Pole «Shans»

Spanish Casilla sorpresa
Surprise space