Koopa Kard

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The Koopa Kard

The Koopa Kard (spelled Koopa Card in Mario Party 3's instruction manual) is a special item only found in Mario Party 3. It cannot be bought in an item shop or obtained from an item minigame. However, players can get one by buying an Item Bag at an item shop or meeting Toad on an Item Space.

When a player holding a Koopa Kard passes a Bank Space, they can claim all of the bank's coins. If the player lands on a Bank Space while holding the Koopa Kard, they get an option to either use the Koopa Kard or not (saying yes effectively wastes the card).

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ノコノコカード
Nokonoko Kādo
Koopa Troopa Card
French Carte Bleue Koopa Koopa's blue card
German Koopa-Karte Koopa Troopa Card