Basic Space

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Basic Space
MP3 BasicSpace.png
Purpose The first character to land on a Basic Space claims it. Landing on one's own Basic Space yields coins; landing on an opponent's results in paying them coins.
First appearance Mario Party 3 (2000)

The Basic Space is a very common space found only on duel boards in Mario Party 3. If a player lands on a Basic Space, he or she will "own" it, and have their face appear on the space. If another player lands on this space from now on, then they'll lose an amount of coins (depending on game turns) to the player who owns the space. If a player lands on their own space, they will get the same amount of coins.

However, in the manual, the Basic Space was referred to as the "Normal Space".

Name in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Case Normale Normal Space


  • The system of having space ownership was fully implemented in Mario Party 6 and Mario Party 7, during which the players can throw Orbs in spaces making them the user's Character Space. This hinders opposing players while rewarding the owners of that space at least 5 coins.