List of Mario Party 3 pre-release and unused content

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Early image of the character select screen in Mario Party 3
Early screenshot of the character select screen, showing a locked Daisy and Waluigi

Mario Party 3 continues the trend of using a similar debug menu, just like Mario Party and Mario Party 2 before it.

Debug mode[edit]

Debug Menu

The debug mode consists of minigames and a crude character select. It should be worth noting that the pages contain inaccessible entries, labeled in green. Accessible entries are in cyan. All inaccessible entries are blank. Mario's Puzzle Party Pro is the only minigame to not appear in this debug mode.

  • A Button - Select a minigame, confirm a character, etc.
  • B Button - On game list, ask to erase game data.
  • Control Stick - Navigate menus.
  • START Button - Start the mini-game (A Button doesn't do it)
  • R Button - Changes the game mode.
  • Z Button - On the game list, opens the options menu to be more precise about how the game handles input and such. START Button seems to randomize elements, such as PAD0/PAD1/PAD2/PAD3 (represents P1/P2/P3/P4 controller ports respectively). PADN represents what corner is reading what controller port. GRP determines which team a player is on in certain Mini-Games.

Page 1[edit]

Index Japanese name Minigame
201 Pukupuku Fishing Hand, Line and Sinker
202 Hiyahiya Yashinomi Coconut Conk
203 Terashite Search Light Spotlight Swim
204 Gorogoro Iwakorogashi Boulder Ball
205 Bomhei Koukatai Crazy Cogs
206 Doko?Doko? Kakurenbo Hide and Sneak
207 Dotabata Relay Ridiculous Relay
208 Isoge Wanwan Thwomp Pull
209 Suijyou Ski River Raiders
210 Wave*Wave Tidal Toss

Page 2[edit]

Index Japanese name Minigame
211 Mogomogu Pizza House Eatsa Pizza
212 Atechae! Mini Koopa Baby Bowser Broadside
213 Go!Go! Rocket Pump, Pump and Away
214 Bobble Hino Youjin! Hyper Hydrants
215 Burabura Buranko Picking Panic
216 Truck Kiki Ippatsu Cosmic Coaster
217 Pit Race Puddle Paddle
218 Kakonde Kureyon Etch 'n' Catch
219 Makiwari Log Jam
220 Nuigurumi Factory Slot Synch

Page 3[edit]

Index Japanese name Minigame
221 Belcon Dangerous Treadmill Grill
222 Power Kinoko Go!Go! Toadstool Titan
223 Tikitiki Air Fight! Aces High
224 Pyonpyon Battle! Bounce 'n' Trounce
225 Nokonoko Island Ice Rink Risk
226 Nigekome Shelter Locked Out
227 Pittari! Patter Chip Shot Challenge
228 Okkoti Parasol Parasol Plummet
229 Matigai Wo Sagse! Messy Memory
230 Owasete Montage Picture Imperfect

Page 4[edit]

Index Japanese name Minigame
231 Dossun Puzzle Mario's Puzzle Party
232 Tataite Drum The Beat Goes On
233 Quiz Party M.P.I.Q.
234 Atekko Character Curtain Call
235 Motorboat Race Water Whirled
236 Kunekune Road Race Frigid Bridges
237 Aozora Block Race Awful Tower
238 Bataashi Race Cheep Cheep Chase
239 Tatake! Mini Koopa Pipe Cleaners
240 Yukidama Gorogoro! Snowball Summit

Page 5[edit]

Index Japanese name Minigame
241 Kawashite Bobble All Fired Up
242 Capsule Mini Koopa Stacked Deck
243 Hayaoshi House Three Door Monty
244 Mokuba Race Rockin' Raceway
245 Dangerous Roulette Merry-Go-Chomp
246 Mekutte Hayaoshi! Slap Down
247 Amehuri Flower Storm Chasers
248 Aikun Mawashi Eye Sore
249 Tarzan Race Vine with Me
250 Hiraita Gate Ni Pon! Popgun Pick-Off

Page 6[edit]

Index Japanese name Minigame
251 Bousou!? Shuppo- End of the Line
252 Tondeke Koopa Hammer Bowser Toss
253 Itazura Mini Koopa Baby Bowser Bonkers
254 Tube Coaster Motor Rooter
255 Bolt Dash Silly Screws
256 Kono E Ha Naani? Crowd Cover
257 Jump De Clock Tick Tock Hop
258 Kigurumi Koopa Fowl Play
259 Nerae! Item!! Winner's Wheel
260 Item Hitter Hey, Batter, Batter!

Page 7[edit]

Index Japanese name Minigame
261 Neratte Baloon Bobbing Bow-loons
262 Dosshi De Catch! Dorrie Dip
263 Burabura Buranko Swinging with Sharks
264 Item Throwin Swing 'n' Swipe
265 QuestionBlockMP3.png QuestionBlockMP3.png
266 Stardust Battle Stardust Battle
267 Heiho Roullette Game Guy's Roulette
268 Otitara Dameyo Game Guy's Lucky 7
269 Kinopio?Koopa? Game Guy's Magic Boxes
270 Wanwan Battle Game Guy's Sweet Surprise

Page 8[edit]

Index Japanese name Minigame
271 Motorboat Trial Dizzy Dinghies
272 QuestionBlockMP3.png QuestionBlockMP3.png
273 QuestionBlockMP3.png QuestionBlockMP3.png
274 QuestionBlockMP3.png QuestionBlockMP3.png
275 QuestionBlockMP3.png QuestionBlockMP3.png
276 QuestionBlockMP3.png QuestionBlockMP3.png
277 QuestionBlockMP3.png QuestionBlockMP3.png
278 QuestionBlockMP3.png QuestionBlockMP3.png
279 QuestionBlockMP3.png QuestionBlockMP3.png
210 QuestionBlockMP3.png QuestionBlockMP3.png

Page 9[edit]

Index Japanese name Minigame
281 Duel01 Gate Guy
282 Duel02 Arrowhead
283 Duel03 Pipesqueak
284 Duel04 Blowhard
285 QuestionBlockMP3.png QuestionBlockMP3.png
286 QuestionBlockMP3.png QuestionBlockMP3.png
287 QuestionBlockMP3.png QuestionBlockMP3.png
288 QuestionBlockMP3.png QuestionBlockMP3.png
289 QuestionBlockMP3.png QuestionBlockMP3.png
290 QuestionBlockMP3.png QuestionBlockMP3.png

Page 10[edit]

This page doesn't contain any minigames.

Index Japanese name Mode
291 QuestionBlockMP3.png QuestionBlockMP3.png
292 QuestionBlockMP3.png QuestionBlockMP3.png
293 QuestionBlockMP3.png QuestionBlockMP3.png
294 Result3 Freezes game (supposedly a results screen)
295 Chance Chance Time (game crashes if not in board mode)
296 Result2 Result screen, but for what mode?[citation needed]
297 Inst Plays intro for Hand, Line and Sinker (and maybe other minigames?[citation needed])
298 Result Freezes game (supposedly a results screen)
299 Sample Goes to debug menu (inputs restricted)
300 Mchar Goes to a character model debug mode.

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