List of Game & Wario pre-release and unused content

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This is a pre-release and unused content list of the Wii U game Game & Wario.

Early ideas[edit]

  • Game & Wario was not originally going to be a WarioWare title.[1]
  • It was originally set to be pre-installed onto the Wii U.[1]

Early builds of minigames[edit]


Shield Pose[edit]

  • The minigame "Pirate" originally started as a demo to showcase the Wii U at E3 2011.
  • The game consists of the same gameplay and art style as does in Game & Wario except for the fact that it has a sequence where the player is asked to shake the Wii U GamePad rapidly instead of a dancing sequence at the end of a level. The pirate in the game is also just a regular one instead of being Wario in his Captain Wario form.[2]


Measure Up[edit]

  • The minigame "Design" also started as a demo to showcase the Wii U.
  • Both versions have the same concept, levels, and gameplay but are different in art-style, although some graphical elements were kept in the game. Design has a more laboratory look to it whereas Measure Up has a more traditional art-style that games like Wii Fit have. Design also gives a reason for drawing the shapes it asks the player to draw (to program a robot). [3]


  • In an early version of the minigame Gamer, 5-Volt did not have glowing eyes whenever she looked in 9-Volt's room. The game over screen and text showing how much of a close call the player made such as "Great", "Good" and "OK" were not present in this early version. Some microgames also have different music and graphics than they do in the final game. The scoreboard that transitions to another microgame after the player completes one also has different music. Additionally, 9-Volt lays down with his face facing his pillow in this early version, this was changed to him facing to the wall laying down due to how unnatural it would look. [4]


Toy Capsule[edit]

In early versions of the minigames showcased in E3 2012, the toy capsule machine gave messages to players instead of toys after they have completed a minigame. These messages gave information for the upcoming full version of the game and appeared onscreen. All of them end with the message "Thank you for playing". These messages include the following.

  • Arrow (Wario): "There's a rumor that 9-Volt and Dribble are making games too."[5]
  • Ski (Fronk): "I appear in GAME & WARIO too, you know. I'm featured in one of those, like, cameo role things"[6]
  • Shutter (Mona): "There's all kinds of stuff hidden in the SHUTTER town. Look for 'em with the Wii U GamePad if you have the time."[7]
  • Fruit (Wario): "The new me is a whole new kind of awesome! Wahaha!"[8]


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