List of Donkey Kong Land III pre-release and unused content

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This is a list of pre-release and unused content for the game Donkey Kong Land III.

Early build[edit]

Donkey Kong Land III originally had the sub-title "The Race Against Time"[1], which was later removed because the other two installments in the Donkey Kong Land series did not have a sub-title.

Unused data[edit]


The incomplete Rattly, with Dixie's sprites displayed in its place.

Donkey Kong Land III has an unused track in the game. It is an 8-bit version of Rocket Run, the music played in Rocket Rush in the SNES version of Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble![2]

Rattly the Rattlesnake[edit]

A glitched version of Rattly the Rattlesnake is available by hacking (specifically, by using the GameShark code 010600DF)[3]. He has some properties left over from Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest and Donkey Kong Land 2, including jumping high, and being able to jump on any enemy, including enemies that the Kongs cannot jump on (such as Buzz and Bristles). A Rattly icon can also be seen on the bottom of the screen as well, which is taken from Donkey Kong Land 2. However, upon entering or exiting a bonus level, Rattly will become glitchy, turning into an immobile smoke ball, which is the same sprite used when switching Kongs. It is likely that Rattly is simply leftover code from Donkey Kong Land 2, since Donkey Kong Land III's game engine is essentially a modified Donkey Kong Land 2 game engine.