List of Mario Strikers Charged pre-release and unused content

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This is a list of pre-release and unused content for the game Mario Strikers Charged.

Early ideas[edit]

The game was conceived as simply Super Mario Strikers 2 until the first public reveal of the game during the "Wii Prove Our Promise" keynote in August 2006. The initial logo is reused from the pre-release version of the previous game, with Mario's outfit having blue highlights. Ball launchers were an early aesthetic design, where they assisted characters performing Mega Strikes by catapulting multiple balls into the air. They were removed for requiring a longer animation sequence and was deemed as an unnecessary detail.

Concept arts show Toads in mechs that would have decorated at the perimeter of the stages, acting as security and other tasks. Additionally, one Toad has appeared to take control of a Blooper. They were removed due to technical limitations, although a Toad controlling a Blooper appeared in The Wastelands, albeit much less detailed than in the concept art.

The metal soccer ball has underwent 12 revisions, and it has started with a much more complex design: a sphere with many exhaust vents that glow different colors when charged. The final version features a simpler design with less vents and glows only one color when charged.

The drones that serve as broadcasting cameras also have some concept art, although they resemble the released version. The helicopter-like drone in the concept art has an orange extension and a rocket-shaped tip, both which are absent in the released version. The drone that resembles an aircraft in the released version has been conceived with four blades rather than wings.

The characters have also underwent a few design changes. The decision to give them armor took early in development as a result from experimentation by the concept artists. Before receiving armor, characters were designed similar to the first game, with standard soccer attire. Later, concept arts depict characters, notably Kritter, in varying amounts of armor. Kritter's design resembles that of Donkey Kong 64, similar to the original game.

Some stage ideas were also scrapped. One concept art depicts a soccer stadium inside a futuristic city-like setting. Another concept art depicts a soccer stadium on top of helicopter/airplane hybrid. There was a Bowser-theme stage which was a volcano located in a dark, futuristic cityscape. In the volcano was a stadium held by suspension cords. The Bowser head, near the stadium, would spew molten material to burn players. It could be possible that this was an early concept of The Lava Pit, although in the final build, the cityscape was removed and the stadium takes place in the ground of the volcanic pit.

The Sand Tomb was shown to be much more detailed and the setting was more canyon-like with hints of jungle in the background.

Many characters were considered to be included, although they were scrapped as they did not fit the overall vision of the game.[1]

Concept art[edit]

Early builds[edit]

Fire Storm!
Early screenshot of the game. The gadgets, as well as the icons of captains' Super Abilities looked very different.

Screenshots showed that the aesthetic of the gadgets located on the top of the screen, would have a more futuristic design, featuring the captains' emblem of the teams, while the items appeared in other gadgets. Later, gadgets had a rusted appearance, still showing the captain's emblem of the team, which they were replaced by the faces of the captains lately. The Super Abilities of the captains were rendered as particular icons for each one (e.g. the Super Ability of Mario, Super Mario! was shown as a red letter M; Bowser's Fire Storm! was shown as a fireball).

Unused data[edit]

There are unused texture files containing alternate colors for Princess Peach and her team. These alternate colors depict Peach and her team as light blue and yellow.


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