Dirt Drill

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Monty Mole delivering his Skillshot

Dirt Drill is Monty Mole's Skillshot in Mario Strikers Charged. Once the shot is fully charged, Monty Mole digs toward the Goalie. Once close enough, it emerges and charges into the goalie. If Monty Mole is too close, the Goalie will stop it, catch the ball, and throw Monty Mole into the Electric Fence. If too far, it will emerge from the ground too early and will be hit by the Goalie. When the Skillshot succeeds, the Monty Mole will knock the Goalie aside and throw the ball into the goal.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Creuse Boue
Italian Tiro sporco Cheap shot; lit. "Dirty shot"