Crystal Canyon

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Crystal Canyon
Crystal Canyon

Crystal Canyon is an unlockable stadium in Mario Strikers Charged. Like The Sand Tomb, it is set in a desert. However, this desert has Giant Crystals all over the sides of the Stadium. The hot blazing sun will reflect its rays and burn 1 or 2 players from each team, causing them to disappear from the match. After each goal is scored, everyone comes back onto the field, but the crystals continue to burn another few players before each game starts. As such, each team can never have a full team in any part of the game if hazards are not turned off. The stage also has an Electric Fence on the sides.

In Road to the Strikers Cup, the stage can be played in the Finals of the Crystal Cup. Here, the player must beat Diddy Kong on this stage in a best of 3 match and once he is beaten, the Crystal Canyon will be unlocked alongside him.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Canyon Cristal
Crystal Canyon
German Kristallcanyon
Crystal Canyon
Italian Il Canyon Cristallo
The Crystal Canyon
Spanish Cañón Cristalino
Crystalline Canyon