Thunder Island

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Thunder Island inMario Strikers Charged
Panorama of Thunder Island

Thunder Island is a Stadium in Mario Strikers Charged. Tornadoes surround the entire area (although the Tornadoes never come onto the actual Stadium). The stadium has no protective railing on the sides, so a player can be knocked out of bounds and will have to wait a little while to respawn. Additionally, the wind expelled from the Tornado will slow down the players and blow them closer to the edges. In the same manner, the wind also blows debris including cows, tractors and giant Cheep Cheeps onto the field which, if it hits a player, will cause them to fall onto the ground, and become immobile for a few seconds. Each makes a unique noise cue; the cows moo, the tractors beep and make chicken noises, and Cheep Cheeps make a splashing noise. The Stadium is made completely out of Stone, and is rated Lethal. Diddy Kong and Yoshi can be seen in the opening movie, playing a round of soccer on the Thunder Island.

In trailers of the game, lighting can be seen striking the field itself, which was given to The Wastelands in the final game.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Ile éclair Thunder Island
German Gewitterinsel Thunder Island
Italian L'Isola Tuono The Thunder Island
Korean 허리케인 아일랜드
Heorikein Aillaendeu
Hurricane Island
Spanish Isla Tormentosa Stormy Island