Gas Mask!

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Gas Mask!
Wario using Gas Mask!

Gas Mask! is the name of a Super Ability executed by Wario in Mario Strikers Charged. Wario will only be able to use Gas Mask! when he collects his special item, which is shown as his own head. When Wario uses Gas Mask!, he will fart, leaving a trail of toxic gas behind him. A player can use this ability at nearly any time, such as when he's standing up, or when Wario's getting back up from being tripped. Also, when using Gas Mask! while running, Wario runs a little bit faster, like when Waluigi uses Wall-Luigi!. When doing a one-timer and using Gas Mask!, the sound effects will play in slow motion. Any player (besides Wario or Kritter) that walks into this gas will have their controls flipped as if the player were holding their Wii Remote and Nunchuk sideways. This will sometimes lead the players into the Electric Fence, or on Thunder Island, straight off the edge. Wario can use this Super Ability four times in one item. Gas Mask! can be used to trap Wario in a corner, allowing a safe Mega Strike. However, if another player uses a Starman, they can run into the gas and get the ball back without any harmful effects.

If any opposing Captains walk into the gas, they will say something to Wario. For example, Mario will say, "Mamma mia," and start choking, or say, "Oh, Wario," and cough, and Waluigi will tell Wario to change his pants, hold it in, or say, "Oh, Wario, you're killing me!" Wario will even say something about it himself (e.g. "Juicy!", "Excellent vintage!"). If Bowser's Fire Storm! is used near Gas Mask!, a big explosion will occur, and if Wario is nearby, both Wario and Bowser will be sent flying.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ガスマスク!
Gas mask!
Italian Gas stordente Stunning gas
Korean 포이즌 클라우드!
Poizeun Keulaudeu!
Poison Cloud!
Spanish ¡Máscara de gas! Gas mask!