Crystal Smash!

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Daisy performing her Special ability in Mario Strikers Charged.
Daisy performing Crystal Smash!

Crystal Smash! is a Super Ability power-up attributed to Princess Daisy in Mario Strikers Charged. With this Super Ability, Daisy punches the ground, summoning a ring of huge sharp orange crystals that surrounds her for about three seconds, which knocks back all players around the surrounding area. Any player who stays in the zone will be slammed by the quake and will be dazed for a few seconds. It is possible to hit Daisy in the ring if the player wasn't hit by it. Daisy can then move on into her Mega Strike, but other players who were not hit can come in to tackle her. The goalkeeper will also be dazed for a short time if Daisy uses her ability near the goal. The move's ability is somewhat similar to Donkey Kong's Thunder Wham!, except Crystal Smash has a shorter range and takes less time to perform.

While this is one of the first times Daisy's special abilities does not deal with flowers, the aftermath of the attack leaves Daisy's flower symbol engraved into the ground.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
German Kristallring![1] Crystal Ring!
Italian Attacco cristallo Crystal attack
Spanish ¡Añicos! Smithereens!


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