Stormship Stadium

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Stormship Stadium
A panorama of Stormship Stadium.

Stormship Stadium is an unlockable stadium in Mario Strikers Charged. It is unlocked by beating the Strikers Cup. It is set on a giant airship that travels through a thunderstorm.

The stadium is rather treacherous as the field will always tilt, which can make it either slightly easier or more difficult to score a goal, depending on if the tilt goes against the opponent's net or towards it. Another element in the stadium against players is lightning; occasionally, a bolt will strike the field, sending waves of electricity throughout the cracks in the ground. If a player is hit by the thunder or electricity, they will be electrocuted, similar to the effect of touching an electric rail. During the opening movie, Mario and Bowser could be seen skydiving off of this stadium, before going up against each other in The Wastelands.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Le croiseur spatial
Space cruiser
German Sturmschiff Stadion
Stormship Stadium
Italian Stadionave Tempesta
Storm Shipstadium
Spanish Barco Relámpago
Lightning Ship