Crater Field

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Crater Field stadium as it appears in Super Mario Strikers.
A view over Crater Field

Crater Field is a field made out of grass in Super Mario Strikers and later Mario Strikers Charged. It takes place in Yoshi's Island and the capacity is 42,000. It is the Super Mushroom Cup's special field. Instead of having fans sit in normal seats, they sit in glass-covered, egg-shaped sections. Many plants also grow in the stadium.

The structure is furnished with a heatproof material, which could be a protection against the warmth within the crater.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クレーターフィールド
Kurētā Fīrudo
Crater Field
French Le cratère The crater
German Kraterarena Crater Arena
Italian Il Campo Cratere The Crater Field
Spanish El Cráter The Crater