The Wastelands

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Players electrocuted by lightning.

The Wastelands is a stadium in the game Mario Strikers Charged. Although it may say it is set in a Wasteland, the stadium does not actually have this appearance. The main feature is that the ground itself is made of ice, which makes the ground very slippery, and players will find it hard to run on it, except Kritter, who is unaffected by the ice. Even Boo, who floats in mid-air, will be unable to run properly. Additionally, lightning may strike the field on occasion, which will zap anyone in the area it hits. Because the ball is made of metal, the lightning is drawn it, and it will always shock the player with the ball. Sometimes, the lightning will strike twice, so beware. Snow can be seen falling from the skies. During the opening movie, Mario and Bowser could be seen going up against each other in this stadium after they skydived off of Stormship Stadium.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Le Desert The Desert
German Das Ödland The Wastelands
Italian La Terra Desolata The Wastelands
Korean 아이스시티 필드
Aiseusiti Pildeu
Ice City Field
Spanish Yermo Wasteland