The Dump

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The Dump
Aerial view of The Dump

The Dump is an unlockable stadium in Mario Strikers Charged. As its name suggests, the stadium is set in a dump, and it is covered in mud and Pipes. However, the stage is not slippery and does not slow down the players. Instead, there is a big ditch in the center of the stadium, which slows the ball down and make it stop in the ditch. This makes it very hard to pass the ball when in the center, though this is the stadium's only gimmick. The stadium, like most stadiums in the game, has an electric rail, which shocks players who walk into it. The stadium is seen in the opening movie when Luigi and Waluigi play against one another.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
German Das Schlammloch
The Mud Hole
Italian La Discarica
Korean 머드 덤프
Meodeu Deompeu
Mud Dump

Spanish Vertedero