Crystal Cup

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The Crystal Cup on a pedestal

The Crystal Cup is the second tournament in Mario Strikers Charged, in the Road to the Strikers Cup mode. It is available after completing the Fire Cup, and also more difficult than it. It consists of ten preliminary matches, a semi-final match, and the championship game.

First, the player plays against five different randomly selected captains and their teams in five matches. After beating them all, they will then compete against the same five opponents again with different teams. In order to move on to the semi-final round, the player's team must get into the top 4 of the 6 teams via points (3 for each match won, 0 for each match lost, 1 for each match lost at sudden-death). In the semi-finals, team #1 plays #4 while team #2 plays #3, and the winners of those two matches play each other in the championship game.

During the first playthrough of the Crystal Cup, the opponent in the championship game will be Diddy Kong, but during subsequent playthroughs, the defending champion will be randomly selected. The championship game is a three-match series against the champion on Crystal Canyon. If the player wins two of the three matches, they will win the Crystal Cup, and move on to the Striker Cup. However, the player must start the Crystal Cup over entirely if they lose either the semi-final or championship round. Upon winning the Crystal Cup for the first time, Diddy Kong and Crystal Canyon will be unlocked. Earning both the Brick Wall and Golden Foot Awards during the Crystal Cup unlocks The Dump.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Copa Cristal Crystal Cup