Crystal Cup

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The Crystal Cup

The Crystal Cup is the second tournament cup in Mario Strikers Charged.

Once the player beats the Fire Cup, they move onto the Crystal Cup. It is more difficult than the Fire Cup. The player first plays five opponents in five matches. The opponents will be randomized, so the player will not know who their next opponent will be. After beating five opponents, the player will compete against the same five opponents again with different sidekicks. If the player gets into the Top 4 out of 6 teams via points (3 for each win, 0 for each loss, 1 for each sudden-death loss), players will advance to the second stage of the tournament. In the semi-finals, #1 plays #4 while #2 plays #3, and the winners of those two games play each other in the final, the Championship Match. If the player wins their semi-final, they will reach the Championship Match. Players must start over the Crystal Cup tournament if they lose any of the two games. On the player's first time at the Crystal Cup, the opponent in the final will be Diddy Kong. However, when he is beaten, the Champion will be a random character. The player will have to play a three game series against the Champion on Crystal Canyon. If the player manages to win two of the three matches in the series, they will win the Crystal Cup, and will be allowed to move on to the final cup of Mario Strikers Charged, the Striker Cup. Upon winning the Crystal Cup for the first time, Diddy Kong and the Crystal Canyon will be unlocked. Winning both the Brick Wall and Golden Foot Awards unlocks The Dump.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Copa Cristal -