The Sand Tomb

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The Sand Tomb from Mario Strikers Charged
The Sand Tomb

The Sand Tomb is a default Stadium in Mario Strikers Charged. It is set in a scorching desert. This stadium has a few features. The first, and most dangerous, are the Thwomps in the middle of the stadium. The middle is the only spot on the stadium that doesn't slow the player down, so this only makes things more dangerous, as the middle is the quickest path. The next feature is on the sides of the stadium. There is very weak quicksand on the side areas, which will slow all players who run on it, except Kritter. However, this acts as no problem for fast characters, like Daisy, Dry Bones or Toad. Like most other Stadiums in the game, this one has an electric fence on the side, which will temporarily immobilize any player who is smashed into it. If Petey Piranha uses his Mud Slinger! ability on the quicksand, the slowed down movement of both will stack with each other.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Le tombeau The Tomb
German Die Wüstengruft The Desert Tomb / Sand Tomb
Italian La Tomba di Sabbia The Sand Tomb
Korean 샌드 피라미드
Saendeu Piramideu
Sand Pyramid
Spanish (NOA) La Tumba de Arena The Sand Tomb
Spanish (NOE) Tumbarena Portmanteau of "tumba" (grave) and "arena" (sand)