Shocker (Mario Strikers Charged)

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Dry Bones kicks the electrified ball.

The Shocker is Dry Bones's Skillshot in Mario Strikers Charged. Once fully charged, Dry Bones will kick the ball with electricity, which will shock the Goalie and knock the ball toward Dry Bones. This allows it to headbutt the ball into the goal, while the Goalie is still shocked (either a lob shot from far off or a normal shot from up close). It can be used anywhere on the opponent's field. The effect of the move is very similar to Koopa Troopa's Shell Smash, except the ball always flies back to Dry Bones. Other players, however, can block the shot if they stand directly in front of Dry Bones, although they will get shocked. Finally, opponents can counter the shot by tackling or otherwise stunning Dry Bones while the ball rebounds toward it.