The Lava Pit

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The Lava Pit

The Lava Pit is an unlockable stadium in Mario Strikers Charged. The stadium is set in, as its name suggests, a Lava Pit. It is likely this is Dark Land, as a rock formation in the background is shaped as Bowser's head.

The Lava Pit
Fireballs fall into the field to create hot-spot obstacles

The stadium's main gimmick is the Lava Balls that shoot out of the Lava. Once they hit the ground, a large puddle of Lava sticks on the ground, and any player who runs into it will be burnt. This also causes players to drop the ball, if they have it in their possession. In addition, if the ball touches the lava, it is lobbed into the air and the glow instantly changes to white. The stadium also has an electric rail. This stadium is unlocked by beating the Fire Cup at least once. The player must first beat Bowser Jr. here, but once he is defeated, both he and the stadium will be unlocked. In the opening movie, Peach and Wario were challenging each other on this stage.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Le volcan The volcano
German Die Lavagrube The Lava Pit
Italian L'Inferno di Lava The Lava Hell
Korean 마그마 록스
Mageuma Rokseu
Magma Rocks
Spanish Lago de Lava Lava Lake