Mud Slinger!

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Mud Slinger!

Mud Slinger! is the name of Petey Piranha's Super Ability, executed in Mario Strikers Charged. Petey Piranha must first earn his special item, symbolized as his head. Once this is collected, Petey will be able to puke large amounts of mud onto the ground. This greatly lowers the speed of every player and item, except for Petey himself as well as Kritter. He can use this Super Ability at least four times in one move, and the amount of times he has used it is shown on a meter on the top of the screen. The muds effect of slowing down other players stacks with the sand on The Sand Tomb. A player under the effects of a Star will bypass the lowered speed caused by the mud.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Fango a ripetizione Mud galore
Spanish ¡Desagüe de barro! Mud drain!