Sonic Roar!

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Bowser Jr. uses his Sonic Roar! ability in Mario Strikers Charged.
Bowser Jr. using Sonic Roar! in Mario Strikers Charged

Sonic Roar! is Bowser Jr.'s Super Ability in Mario Strikers Charged. However, the move can only be used when Bowser Jr. obtains his special item, which resembles his head. Once executed, Bowser Jr. will roar incredibly loudly, and send a sonic wave in front of him. This shrinks all the players that it hits, both his opponent's team and his own team. Any shrunken player will move much slower, and will be unable to catch up to normal-sized players. Shrunken players are also unable to shoot as well as they do when full-sized. Team Captains that did not fully use their Super Ability meter (in characters such as Bowser) have their meters removed. The effects wear off over time. Sonic Roar acts similarly to Bowser Jr.'s Mega Strike, which also involves a loud burst of sound.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ソニックボイス!
Sonic Voice!

Italian Ruggito sonico
Sonic roar
Spanish ¡Chillido sónico!
Sonic shriek!