List of Donkey Kong Land pre-release and unused content

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This is a list of pre-release and unused content for the game Donkey Kong Land.

Early ideas[edit]

Several creatures and characters who were originally going in this game were abandoned for unknown reasons. These creatures and characters included a fish enemy that was apparently named Pucka (with Fangfish listed as "Pucka Jr."), an unnamed Kong who wore a hat and what appears to be a baby ram named Ram Bunkshus (planned to be an Animal Friend, according to the game's main programmer Paul Machacek).[1] All these unused characters were first advertised in an issue of Nintendo Power, which included renders.[2]

Ram Bunkshus' name is derived from "rambunctious", which means to be entirely hyperactive, and the word includes the prefix "ram". Little is known about Ram Bunkshus, although the issue mentions that he is probably an adept climber and sprouts a healthy set of horns. Ram Bunkshus is also in the free 24-page booklet of Donkey Kong Land from UK's Nintendo Magazine System, in which he is instead named Ram Head. The booklet claims that he is "harder than any Klump or Krusha".[3]

Early screenshot[edit]

A screenshot released during the game's delay seems to depict the Bonus Level of Kong Krazy. However, the layout of the shown portion is slightly different from the final game. In the screenshot, both Mincers are in a slightly different position, with the first being off-screen in the final version, and the floor under the Blast Barrel is either not present or not visible in the screenshot. The direction of the Mincers also appears to be flipped in the screenshot.


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