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Fangfish from Donkey Kong Land
Artwork of a Fangfish from Donkey Kong Land
First appearance Donkey Kong Land (1995)
“This must be the one that got away! Some of the new aquatic enemies are even bigger than Chomps the ape-eating shark. This makes them even tougher to avoid!”
Donkey Kong Land manual, page 21

Fangfish[1], known in a pre-release stage of development as Pucka Jr.,[2] are large predatory[3] fish enemies encountered in many of the underwater levels of Donkey Kong Land.

These large enemies appear in the few underwater levels of Kremlantis and a single Chimpanzee Clouds and Big Ape City level. They are not particularly fast enemies, but they usually appear swimming in a waving motion, sometimes going back and forth, blocking much of the Kongs' path. Fangfishes can also swim behind walls, causing them to be invisible to the player temporarily. Because of their large body mass, Fangfish are quite similar to Chomps, although Fangfish are slightly bigger than Chomps and have more erratic movement behavior.

Smaller relatives of Fangfish also appear commonly in the same areas, known as Gloop.

Level appearances[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ファングフィッシュ[4]
Italian Fangfish[5] -


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